I Had An Affair With a Married Man, This Is The First Time We Had Sex

affair with married man

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It all started online when I saw his face. I wanted him instantly. He had messaged me about starting something non-monogamous. I was annoyed he had contacted me for something as menial as a fuck buddy. But he readily explain he was actually in the market for a steady girlfriend. I asked him why doesn’t he do monogamous. He admitted he was married. This led to a conversation that was very free flowing and easy and I liked him instantly.

We texted constantly and started to connect on another level. Then we upped the ante and we skyped. I was nervous because reality often has a way of disassembling your imagined vision of someone so completely that sometimes you’re left wondering how you ever became attracted to them in the first place. But he was handsome and composed with a silver speckled beard and penetrating eyes. He looked slightly nervous. His voice seemed mature, I wasn’t used to dating 40 year olds. He was a business executive for a PR firm. He was ambitious and sought to live life to the fullest. Nothing was sexier.

It’s true what they say, first before you connect with a person physically you must connect with them emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Immediately after our skype conversation, what I assume to be a candid moment he texts me, “Jesus, you’re gorgeous!” I’m a young beautiful Latina woman, who’s blessed with a thick body, pretty face, killer smile, and the self confidence to use it.

On our first date I decided to wear a semi sheer black bodysuit without a bra, a leather jacket, tight jeans and heels with my hair down in curly waves and big earrings. He picked me up his Porsche which he said he liked to race around the racetrack as a hobby. I’d never been in a Porsche before and he said something which implied he’d introduce me to a lot of new things.

Our first date was simple, tea and talk. I later found he found it difficult to keep his eyes simply on my face although I must admit, he was a gentleman and I noticed only him looking at my chest only once or twice. But he also said every time I smiled it made his heart ache and he would give me this funny little lovestruck smile.

Our first date was very intimate. We talked about things that normal people don’t talk about. Like our failures and our setbacks and things we have overcome in our lives and we found out we were vastly similar and we uniquely connected in a way I haven’t done with anyone in a long time. And it excited me. He gave me a small peck on the lips before we parted.

Our first real kiss happened on our second date which happened so naturally and blended into the general flirtatious atmosphere between us that I can barely separate it from the evening.

We were at one of his properties when he called me over to the couch. I don’t remember what he said but I wasn’t nervous like most men make me. But when our lips met and our tongues stroked back and forth, the chemistry was palpable.

FINALLY! I thought. A good kisser! And the feeling was mutual. We just clicked instantly. By our third date we were super flirtatious. We were touching each other, stealing looks, we were each wondering what the other looked like naked.

I remember our makeout session was so hot, although still restrained by my desire to not have sex so early. We were on the couch all our clothes on and I remember tasting him and licking him and carassing him but still holding back because of my own standards and ideas of what I thought I should be experiencing.

I was afraid if I had sex with him too early he wouldn’t respect me so I waited. But after a week of sitting on it, I figured if he didn’t respect me then, then we weren’t right for each other. So for our next date I dressed up in a curve fitting dress and high heels.

I remember sitting down and the dress riding up to expose my thighs as he placed a hand on my inner thigh and began to rub it. He wanted to relax and show me something on his computer that he’d been working on. He gave me the option of the bedroom or the couch. I chose the bedroom.

I remember him propped up against the pillows with his laptop on his lap, ready to share as if I cared what was on that computer. Nope. Still don’t remember what he was trying to show me. I cuddled up next to him real close and looked deep into his eyes and then at his lips. My hands rubbing his thigh coaxing him to make his move.

Without a word he slowly puts away his laptop computer, grabbed me by the nape of my neck and went in for a light kiss, teasing me with his lips and tongue. I grew ravenous and grabbed his back, and pushed my chest up against his. He gave me whispers of kisses on my lips. I grew bold and went in for a deeper kiss despite his teasing and he broke. Kissing him was like a dam that had finally give way to a waterfall; it was so all consuming and so thoroughly permeating. Our lips melded into each other, our tongues coalesced. I held him by his cheek as I licked his lips, kissed his chin and kissed his jaw right where I could feel his artery pumping blood beneath my tongue.

He kissed my cheek and made his way down to my neck, he unbuttoned the top of my dress and kissed the tops of my beautiful breasts, cupping them. His eyes grew big and asked what size they were. I laughed saying “D”.

I pulled off his shirt and laid lavish kisses on his chest and shoulders. We were strewn out by this time, entangled in arms and legs. We were a flutter of caresses, touches and teasing. By now my dress was hiked up around my hips exposing my black lacey thong. He couldn’t get enough of my ass.

Touching it, squeezing it, caressing it. At this point my self control was a ruse. I threw off my dress and told him to remove his pants. When he got down to his boxer briefs I suggested he take those off too.

So when he took off his underwear I realize he had the perfect cock. He was perfectly formed, about seven inches and very thick. There’s always a moment between getting to know someone and seeing their cock for the first time that a girl has some anxiety that nothing weird, wrong, or disappointing is amiss. So when everything turns out to be alright, it’s pleasing. And his dick was exquisite.

We were laying down next to each other and I started to rub his cock while I kissed him. I could feel his precum over the head of the penis. He looked delicious so I put him in my mouth and started sucking.I bent between his legs and I started to lick his taint, his scrotum, up his shaft and around the head. He tasted sweet. I did this a couple times and he looked like he was ecstasy.

Then I used both hands twisting in opposite directions, mouth cupped over the top, tongue spinning wildly–I gave him the best blow job he ever had. He made me stop right before he was about to cum. He jumped up and pushed me down onto the bed and grabbed me by my hips so they were just off the bed.

He pulled off my sopping wet panties. He started to eat me out like it was his last meal. He put two fingers inside me and massaged me from the inside, making me fucking swoon. He hit my g-spot like he put it there. To be completely honest I wasn’t paying attention to his technique, all I know is that no one has ever made me cum so hard from going down on me.

He was so into it and absolutely delighted in every moan and gasp and cry I made. When I orgasmed my entire body quivered with pleasure. I grabbed his shoulders, his neck, his hair, I barely remember. I do remember just laying there completely spent from a mindblowing orgasm, my body in shock. I slowly got up and gave him the most gracious kiss…

There is a lot more to this story and it doesn’t stay vanilla. I think I’ll add a part 2 if you guys like it….


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