Airbnb Hook Up I Fucked My Guest And It Was Super Hot

airbnb hook up had sex with my guest

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My husband was transferred in the Air Force from being in the reserves out of Charleston AFB to now being active duty and working out of JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) up in the Pacific Northwest. We hauled the whole family up to Washington and moved into a large rental home outside of JBLM. One of the reasons we picked the home we did is because of the basement apartment. We had great luck making some extra money via VRBO and Airbnb when we lived in Asheville. Of course I have to mention I had great fun fucking and sucking some very hot guests. It certainly was a double reward in many cases. It’s always nice to have a man in the house since my cuckold husband is spending a bit of time each week in Alaska and would likely love to hear a story or two of my slutty ways. He’s very encouraging and our open relationship allows for all of this fun!

At the beginning of January we finished making up the apartment and soon had our first guests. For the first three weeks we had a small family staying in the basement. They too had just moved to JBLM and were waiting on their permanent home on the base. So no hanky panky but certainly fun getting to know them as I know nobody up here and their son was a similar age to my youngest.

This past week they moved and we were flooded with requests for the space. It seems living outside a transient place like JBLM is a great place to host an Airbnb space. I responded to a guy who explained he was transferring to Ft Benning from JBLM and needed a place to stay for two weeks as he’d already moved out of his home. I’m honestly more then likely to rent to someone in the military so went ahead and told him sure thing. Besides it would be nice to have a man in the house since my husband was up in Alaska a few days a week.

This past Friday there was a knock at my door and I hurried over to answer it breaking away from the yoga DVD I was working through. There in front of me stood a surprisingly tall man in his Army Combat Uniform and Tan Beret. The beret quickly gave away that he has part of the 2nd Ranger Battalion that my husband is often helping to ferrying around the world on the C-17s he loads. I also quickly noticed here stood a Staff Sergeant. He looked to be in his early 30s and was clearly a warrior. An E-6 in the Rangers has certainly experienced every bit of warfare across the globe and this man certainly had a bearing that immediately made you feel protected in his presence. I invited my new protector in and asked if he’d like something to drink, to which he said he’d love a beer if I had one. Alrighty then, a warrior who likes to party. I like this guy already.

Another thing I noticed is that while I was checking out his uniform and handsome form he was also checking me out. When I was walking to the kitchen to grab him a beer, I quickly turned and asked what type he liked? When I did this I caught him staring right at my ass and my form fitting yoga pants. I’ve been told I’m a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) and he obviously was taking notice. I also noticed that when I was opening the fridge and reaching for a beer my nipples were aching a little and saw they were in full, thick erect-mode. Hmm I can live with that. I decided to up the ante and push my Lululemon yoga pants up into my pussy a little and enhance an already visible cameltoe. This was easy as I wasn’t wearing any panties. I suspect I looked like a modern beer maid returning to my war fighter with my hard nipples, cameltoe and PAWG body.

The gladiator quickly broke from his hardened form and transformed into someone so smooth he would have given James Bond competition for being so suave, funny and confident. We talked about my move from NC to JBLM and his reverse move back to NC. He grew up in the mountains of Georgia and again we bonded in our love of Appalachia. He also attended the Univ of South Carolina for a couple years and loved to visit Asheville for fishing trip. By the time he finished his first beer he was telling me another thing we shared in common. He told me he loved yoga pants. On others of course. My big butt and cameltoe had not been missed. With that I decided to forego finishing my yoga tape and have a glass of wine as I served my newest friend a second beer.

With my kids upstairs playing video games I invited SSG Ranger down to see the basement apartment. The stairs in our home lead to the basement but I also pointed out he could enter the apartment from the rear. He kidded by saying that sounds tempting. I blushed but also felt my asshole tingle. The tingle lead to a little pain as I was reminded of the ass fucking I’d received just a couple weeks ago from black cock of the Seahawk practice team player. I thought twice about teasing my ass any further.

As we toured the small one bedroom apartment and kitchen I pointed out that if he wanted to ever join us for dinner or for a beer he was always welcome. He kidded that he would never want to leave with hospitality like that. I kidded back that I had a habit of making my guests very welcome and with my husband gone so often my loneliness took the better of me. The wine on a stomach with no food was quickly taking over. SSG Ranger picked up on this quickly and asked what type of things I did when I was lonely and without my delay I told him I’d gotten to know a couple of my renters very intimately.

A cheshire cat grin came across SSG Ranger’s face and he placed his empty 2nd beer on the table. He asked if he’d be so lucky to receive my attention? I could tell he was on the perfect two beer high and was now being bold. The Gamecock in him was out and he started saying things where it was clear he had absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain. He told me the other renters I’d hooked up with must have loved what appeared to be some big nips and amazing ass. He also said the camel toe I was sporting looked to be cover a delicious looking pussy. He wasn’t mincing words and didn’t apologize at all for his boldness. SSG Ranger knew his weapons of words, hot body and chiseled jaw worked well for him. He also clearly knew a slut when he saw one.

With one finger he called me over and lightly grabbed me. He hugged me and bent over to kiss me as he squeezed my ass. He commented on how good I felt and how much he wanted to do that exact thing since he saw me. I whispered in his ear that I’ve wanted to suck his cock from the second I saw him and that I love to suck cock. With that I slid down onto my knees, unfastening his belt and unbuttoning his ACUs. I began to raise his shirt as i kissed his belly and took ahold of the big thick cock I suspected he had. Big cocks and confidence seemed to go together and SSG Ranger was no different.

I had him sit in a chair, sitting on the edge and laying back a bit to make himself comfortable. I was on my knees between his legs, allowing me to get real close. Using my hands and lips, I began to rub ad kiss his legs and thighs up and down. My god they were strong. I spent extra time touching and kissing the insides of the thighs which appeared to bring him great pleasure. I began to gently touch his heavy balls with my fingers, lifting them, weighing them, massaging them, rubbing my face all around on them. I was pulling his sack gently down toward the floor and kissing the elongated tender skin, licking it and enjoying the taste of this brave man. With my other hand I ran my fingertips up and down the shaft. OMG he had the most beautiful cock. I looked up at him and he was nodded his head telling me I looked like a good slut who knew what she was doing. I nodded back and removed my top letting him see the big hard nipples he’d been eye balling since he sipped his first beer.

I made an “OK” sign to him and in a quick gesture wrapped it around his shaft and started to stroke very slowly. I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it and that made me smile and wet all at the same time. Slowly I gave his cock about 20 strokes all the way from the base of his shaft to just under the head. The entire time I was telling him what a hot cock he had and how much I was enjoying stroking it for him. The pre-cum was oozing out more than I’ve ever seen.

I sat up higher and brought my tits up to rubbing my big nipples all over his cock teasing each nipple while at the same time teasing his cock using some of those drops of precum to lubricate my nipples. I took his cock by the base with my thumb and first two fingers and with my other hand held out one of my tits. I used his cock like a hammer to slap my nipples like I would be driving in a nail with firm slaps. He smiled at me as I looked at him telling me I was one horny bitch.

I then immediately took one of his huge balls in my mouth, kissing them, sucking them, feeling their heat. I then ran my tongue up his shaft and all around it, lightly but firmly, stopping to kiss him here and there. I told him again how much I love sucking cock and that I’d love to suck his anytime he’d like.

I then began tenderly, lovingly sucking and tonguing his cockhead. With my wet tongue I licked along the bottom length of his hard shaft. I alternated this with cupping and flicking his balls with my tongue. I gently sucked each ball into my mouth, and with light suction pulled back until it popped out from between my moist lips.

My movements were slow and languid, but enthusiastically noisy and wet. I adored his swollen cockhead with my tongue, then deeply sucked him in and purring, looked up to watch him watch me. I varied my movements, aware of the throbbing pulse of his very hard cock in my mouth. I went as deeply as I could, shaking my head to take him in deeper, my hands on his knees at times to give him the sensation of a ‘no-hands ‘b.j.’ I loved to hearing his breathing catch, then quicken.

I then sucked his cock back into my mouth but this time I did it quickly and took it deep, all the way, until his head was pressing against the back of my throat. I made myself keep going, to a point just short of gagging (thank God for my lack of gag reflex!), until my lips were wrapped tightly around the base. I pushed my head forward a couple of times, grinding his cock into my throat, feeling it spasm around the familiar pleasant invasion. As I forced my tongue out, licking his balls, I could hear him give an audible moan, and, at the same time, he pushed his hips up into my face, pressing even more tightly into my throat.

His sounds of pleasure, combined with the fact that sucking his cock turns me on more than almost anything else, made me start to squirm. Unable to resist, I put a hand into my yoga pants, and, felt the immense wetness and heat, I am compelled to give my pussy a long stroke. As I tease myself, I work even harder on him. I settled into an easy routine, sucking in quickly and deeply, each time deepthroating this thick cock, as I stroked my clit. Then, I pull away slowly, but sucking hard, as I fingered my pussy with a single finger, which is enough to feel good, but leaving me craving more.

Then all of a sudden he cums. Grabbing the base of his own cock he starts to stroke it hard shooting thick hot streams of cum over my face, up my nose, into my eyes and into my mouth as I take him deeply down my throat one last time.

“FUCK YOU ARE ONE HOT COCK SUCKING SLUT”, he barks at me as the last stream of cum lands on my tongue and I swallow his delicious seed.

I tell him, “Welcome to your new home Ranger” and he just shakes his head like he can’t believe what he just found.

I then kissed and licked the tip of his cock and stand up smiling my cum drenched face back at him. I put my top back on and turn to head back upstairs. Not before he slaps and squeezes my ass saying I’m getting that next. I smile back and say, “gladly, I’m a patriot”!


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