Ass licking: My first time ass play experience with a hot lesbian

ass licking sex with lesbian girlfriend

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Ever since I first considered writing my stories for you guys I’ve wanted to tell this one. It’s the wildest thing that ever happened to me and actually changed me in so many ways.

I met Steph through a friend. More of a co-worker than a friend really. I was working at a trendy clothing store in our local mall. Everyone there was at least 10 years younger than me. Their lives were all so different than mine but especially this guy Jeremias. He was openly gay and the stories he’d tell about what he did over a weekend or even just any regular week night were crazy! At first I really thought he was full of shit, but after a while other friends of his would come into our store. It started to become clear that he really was living this super crazy life like nothing I’d ever seen up close before.

One of his friends coming around regularly was Steph. Maybe it’s not cool to judge like this, but I took one look at Steph and figured she was a lesbian. She wore her hair really short and styled like a boy’s haircut. She was always in guy’s jeans and like concert t-shirts. Other than that stuff she was the cutest, girliest little thing. Her hands were tiny and feminine. She had a beautiful face and the brightest, prettiest smile. She got my attention right away.

I thought of myself as experienced. I was the only one of any of my friends at the time to have kissed another girl or anything like that. I was pretty proud of being the wild one in my circle. Hearing the stories of Jeremias and Steph and their friends made me so jealous though. It made me feel old and like all my “wild” stuff was tame compared to what these kids were into now.

After about a month of listening to them make inside jokes from whatever recent thing had happened and me pretending not to be dying of jealousy, I made a comment to Jeremias about how cute I thought Steph was. It was really just the jealousy. I did think she was cute but far more just wanted to let them know I was still cool. It’s pathetic but that’s the truth. Well, Jeremias freaked. out. He was almost shrieking he was so excited. He said Steph always talked about me and that she would love to hook up with me and on and on. It was way more than I was expecting.

Of course he texted her immediately and started giving me an over-excited play by play of everything they were texting to each other back and forth. How annoyed I was by the whole thing was another sign of just how much older I was I think, Ha!! I didn’t really have time to think about what the hell I was doing. What did I want to happen? What was I willing to do? I hadn’t consider any of it.

I deflected any suggestions of a full on date. “Just something light and fun” I kept saying, sounding ridiculous, I’m sure. Finally it was decided that there was a great party coming up. I would meet Steph and Jeremias and one other guy somewhere and we’d all go to the party together. That seemed harmless enough so I said I’d do it. By the time the party came I was a wreck. I must have changed my clothes a thousand times. Each thing I changed into was an attempt to make myself look as carefree and laid back as possible. Finally, I ended up with jeans and a faded t-shirt. I also put on a zip up hoodie and it didn’t occur to me till I’d already left the house that I got it from the store where Jeremias and I worked. For some reason that made me feel really stupid.

So, we met up at a Taco Bell before going to this party. Lol! They were already there when I pulled up. I could see through the window that Jeremias was hyper as hell and almost wanted to bail on the whole thing. I felt old and silly walking up to the door and seeing them all in there waiting for me. This was going to be my first time ever actually talking to Steph. We’d been around each other a bunch of times but never really engaged one another directly.

Oh my god, it was so awkward at first. Jeremias kept saying the stupidest shit that obviously made Steph uncomfortable. She kept trying to laugh it off and would turn to me and say stuff like, “ignore him.” That actually started to help break the ice between the two of us though. We got into a rhythm – he would say something dumb, she would roll her eyes or scold him in some way, and then we would look at each other and smile and laugh. Her smile really was amazing. I loved the way her eyes flashed. I told her I was mesmerized by her perfect white teeth. She sort of bounced her eyebrows at me and ran her tongue across them. Then she blushed super hard and cracked up laughing at herself. It was absolutely adorable.

We hung out in Taco Bell doing basically nothing but being loud and annoying to everyone else in there for like an hour. Finally we decided three of us would leave our cars in the lot and all ride together in one car, Jeremias’s friend’s little SUV. It was about a 30 minute drive to the party. Steph and I got in the back and Jeremias rode shotgun. The music was pretty loud so there was no real attempt at talking to each other. After a while of sitting quietly and staring out my window, I felt Steph’s soft little hand slide onto my lap and reach to take my hand. When I looked at her, her face was serious and I could tell she was nervous. I let my hand slip into her’s and we locked our fingers together like a high school girlfriend and boyfriend. It was so cute and it did turn me on that she was nervous to hold my hand.

The beginning of any relationship is always the best. The tension is high. Everything is new and every sensation is the first of its kind. This had all that multiplied with the extra nervous energy that it was another girl. It’s crazy, I’d made out with girls before but never just held hands like this. It felt even more intimate than drunkenly bumping tongues with another straight girl. We would look at each other and smile but it was different now. No silliness. I was starting to dread that we were going to a party. This little closeness, just me and Steph, was really nice.

When we did pull up to the party, we had to park down the street a little ways and walk up to the house. Jeremias and his friend were suddenly all over each other. I didn’t even know they were together like that till now. They were kissing and grabbing each other all the way up to the house. That was really my first clue to what I was getting myself into!

There were a lot of people there but it wasn’t terribly full. I remember being a little surprised at how empty the front room of the house was. There was a couch and a tv stand with a tv on it and then like 5 or 6 plastic folding chairs in the room. The movie Constantine was playing on the tv, lol! There was also music playing and only one small lamp turned on in the front room. I walked back toward the light from the kitchen to try to find a drink. On my way to the kitchen I passed two guys like hardcore making out. One of the guys had his hand down the front of the other guy’s pants. The kitchen was full of girls all playing some sort of drinking game. They were so loud!

Steph came in from behind me and took on the task of getting us drinks. She mixed Tito’s vodka, Sprite, and lemonade from a pitcher into red plastic cups. “Is this cool?” She said as she handed me my cup. “Yep!” I chirped. I tried to drink fast. I’m kinda a lightweight so I knew if I drank this first one pretty fast I’d be already buzzed. That’s what I needed to start loosening up. We stood in the kitchen for a while having our drinks. Steph knew several of the girls at the table. She introduced me around and we made a little small talk before they all got back to their super loud game.

As the volume amped back up in the kitchen Steph led me out and toward the living room. It was also mostly dark and empty. This is where the music was coming from and there were people dancing. All around the perimeter of the room, up against walls or on furniture that was pushed up against walls, people were heavily making out with each other. I was starting to get buzzed and my eyes were darting all over the dark room, trying to take it all in. There was a girl with her head in a guy’s lap and a few people standing behind him. It looked like they were watching her try to go all the way down on his dick. I didn’t want to stare but I’d never seen anything like this in real life!

Steph pulled me out of my stunned stupor. She said, loud close to my ear so I’d hear over the music and noise of people, “all those girls in the kitchen are dykes!” Haha! I had no idea what to say back to that. “You want to dance?” She asked. “Ugh… I’m not a good dancer,” I said. She laughed really hard “no one is!” She said. I guzzled the rest of my drink and let Steph pull me toward the middle of the room where people were mashed together dancing. As we got out there a song I actually knew was on and I did get pretty comfortable dancing to it. At certain parts I would do like an over the top lipsync of the line right at Steph. She seemed to get a kick out of that. The vodka was working and it was starting to be a pretty good time.

After a couple more songs, dancing, joking, flirting, Steph rubbed up really close to me and pulled me to her with her hand on my lower back. “I’m so fucking into you” she said. It was seriously hot. Which is why I regret having such a lame response even more. I kinda laughed and said, “good!” She said “let’s go upstairs”, and took my hand, leading me through the crowded living room.

I don’t recall seeing any actual nudity as we moved through the house but there were people at various stages of sex all over the place. What I didn’t realize at the time was that these kind of parties were pretty common for gay and lesbian young people because in our area at least, they didn’t typically feel comfortable being affectionate with each other out in public like a “normal” couple would. So when they got someplace they felt like they could be themselves, they really cut loose. I’d been to lots of parties or clubs where people had sex but there was always at least some attempt to get some privacy. These kids were just going for it!

We ended up in sort of landing / bonus room area at the top of the stairs. There was a little love seat up there that no one had claimed yet. I knew Steph was wanting to make out and stuff. I was still pretty buzzed and the whole scene had me feeling electric. I decided not to be bashful – I sat on the couch and pulled Steph down on top of me and kissed her. She kissed back wildly. Moaning into my mouth, pressing her tongue into to my mouth, and grabbing the sides of my face and rubbing her hands into my hair. The kisses were so good. I’ve always liked kissing with girls so much better than guys.

Her face was so soft and her lips and tongue were amazing. I was still kinda in my own head, thinking about where to put my hands, trying to be a good kisser. Steph seemed like she was just into it. Just into me. It was really sexy. She’d brake the kiss for a few seconds at a time and look me right in the eyes and say things like, “fuck, you’re so hot” or “your tongue is making me so fucking wet. Give me more of that tongue.” She made me stick my tongue out while she licked it over and over again. Then she sucked it in and out of her mouth. No one had ever done anything like that to me before.

As we moved around on this little couch, trying to touch each other and kissing all over each other’s lips, necks, and faces Steph ended up sort of half on the floor beside me as I sat on the seat. She undid my jeans and was trying to get her hand down the front of my pants. I really wanted her to touch me. I kept trying to raise my hips and make room for her but nothing was really working. My jeans were too tight and the seated position just wouldn’t let her in.

She started gently caressing my belly and getting her hand down my panties as far as my mound. Her touching was driving me crazy. Finally deciding I had to feel her touch me, I lifted my ass all the way off the seat and just pulled my jeans down to my knees. We were pretty out in the open, just sitting in this area at the top of the stairs – not a lot of privacy but fuck it! I can be young and wild too!

I was wearing black Victoria’s Secret panties. They had lace at the top and they sat low on my hips. Pulling my tight jeans down also pulled my panties down part way. Steph pounced on me like an animal! She almost growled, “oh fuuuuck!” She slid all the way off the couch and onto her knees on the floor. She grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me toward her as she was burying her face in my lap. She was wildly kissing my thighs and my hips and my tummy, just above my little patch of dark hair.

This was the furthest I’d ever been with another girl. I’d never had another girl’s hand in pants or head in my lap. I’d never felt another girl’s soft cheeks rubbing the insides of my thighs as she kissed me and licked me. It was fucking intense and I was loving it so much. I was breathing so hard and making all kinds of sexy noises. I couldn’t control myself. Steph’s fingers or her lips and face kept brushing against my pussy. I felt like I was on fire.

She would just blurt out dirty things that made me so fucking horny. No girls I was hanging out with at that time talked like her. I loved hearing her sweet little voice say filthy things to me. Like right after I pulled my pants off she was touching all over me and saying, “You fucking goddess! Those little black panties barely cover your cunt, you fucking slut.” I was melting! No girls I knew ever said “cunt” like that. She told me she could smell how wet I was getting and then she buried her face between my legs and inhaled deeply. It was fucking crazy! She was so aggressive in ways no guy had ever been.

In this fog of arousal, I honestly can’t even remember how it all happened – it’s like a dream – Steph had me flip over so I was facing the back of the couch, with my upper body facedown on the seat of the couch and my ass sticking out. If I was with a guy, I would’ve known he was about to fuck me from behind. I really didn’t know what she was going to do to me! She kissed my lower back, soft sweet kisses that sent goosebumps all over my skin. Then she pulled my panties down. I was bent over on this couch in some stranger’s house, completely on display, and anyone could have walked up there at any time! And my little ass is too skinny to leave anything to the imagination. Just being in that position had me completely spread.

It was so dirty, so crazy, and so fucking erotic. Steph was kneeling at my left side and her hands were all over me. She was kissing my back and side while she was rubbing the backs of my thighs. Finally, after what felt like eternity, she slowly ran her unbelievably soft little hand up my thighs and pressed it between my legs. Oh fuck. She leaned forward to get close to my ear and with her hand covering my pussy she said, “You’re such a fucking slut. You’re all wet and gooey for me aren’t you?” Oh god I totally was. I can’t believe how much it turned me on to be bent over so lewdly and so out in the open like that!

Steph was so good at touching my pussy. She was using the perfect amount of pressure and the perfect tempo. She was pressing with the palm of her hand in a steady rhythm that put such delicious pressure on my clit. Every stroke squished down on my messy, wet lips. I was moaning like a whore, completely oblivious to my surroundings. She kept kissing my back and my ass and saying dirty things to me. She loved the noises I was making and she kept telling me how hot it was making her to play with me.

At first I thought it was just an accident. Steph had been kissing all around my butt and like I said, it’s so skinny in that position I was totally spread open. The first little flick of her tongue across my asshole made me shriek. I flinched hard and sort of lurched forward into the couch. She wrapped her arm under my tummy and around my waist and pulled me back toward her mouth. With her right hand still perfectly working my pussy, this time she made it clear it was no accident. She kept her tongue broad and soft and pressed it to my tight little hole. Then like waves, she kept rubbing it again and again and again. Never taking her tongue off me, she matched the rhythm of her hand on my pussy with the pressure of her tongue against my ass. My moaning and ecstasy went into a whole new level. I started calling her name and shuddering with the hardest orgasm of my life.

Steph read my body perfectly, slowing her pressure as I came down until finally she moved her hand away from my super sensitive clit completely. I was totally spent, still splayed out on this couch for the moment, when she took two fingers and gently but steadily pressed them inside me. It felt so good to be penetrated while still coming down from the intensity of getting off so hard. And she was so gentle inside me, not banging or wiggling around. She slowly drew her fingers out of my pussy and it made all those sexy wet noises. Then she took those same two fingers and started rubbing the honey from my pussy all over my asshole. I was panting. It felt so fucking good, but had me so nervous because I thought she was going to finger my ass. I didn’t know if I’d be able to handle that.

She covered my little hole in my grool. Then Steph leaned in and again started to lick my ass. Instead of pressing and letting her tongue rub over and over me, this time she was licking me like a kitten, lapping the pussy juice off my asshole. Holy fuck! This is the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. In fact ever since this moment, I started regularly rubbing my grool on my ass when I touch myself. I never thought I’d enjoy any sort of ass play before.

This is one of my favorite things to think back about. Going back into the details of it for all you guys has really turned me on! Sure hope you enjoy 🙂


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