Birthday Sex Stories: The one present I did not expect, her name is Alice.

Birthday Sex Stories this is Alice

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So I never expected anything else worth writing about would happen to me again after my anonymous motel fuck… I was sooo wrong…

This all started on March 10th at my Birthday party but the day before my actual birthday. I turned the big 3-0. One tradition among my friends is for your 30th you have to do an “on the spot”… this means you sit in a chair and everyone gets to ask you a question you cannot not answer “truthfully”.

Well after my birthday dinner of course I was plonked down on a chair and the names went in a hat. Everyone’s name goes in plus 2 that say follow-up… if that gets picked the previous person gets to ask another question. The subject is liquored up a bit before hand of course…

So the first couple questions immediately go to sex…

“How old were you for first time?”


“Ever been in a threesome?”


“Who in this room have you had sex with?”

“Carol” (A friend who Id known since high school… and dated for 2 years)

Then Carol’s turn came… at HER 30th I’d asked her how many people she’d slept with… a question she HATED answering… but she of course returned the favor…

The answer was 31

And of course she pulled a “follow-up”…

“Ok how many of those 31 did you fuck bareback?”

OH shit was all that went through my head… “Ummm… none”

“I don’t believe it… none???”

“Yes I’ve never had sex without a condom ok?”

The party moved on to more questions but after i was done Carol asked me if i was serious and I confirmed it, she then apologized for asking it and I told her it was ok.

The party broke up about midnight, most of my guy friends proved me about some of my answers but it was all fun… the last 2 to leave were Carol who just hugged me and left, and my other female friend, Alice, who I’d been friends with since 2nd year of College and played role-playing games with (along with 3 other guys) once a month. Alice has always been a bit nerdy with glasses and always in big sweater in the winter or silly summer dresses when it’s warmer. She told me she forgot my gift at home and to come pick it up the next day, my actual birthday the 11th. I said sure, I’d be around in the afternoon. She gave me a kind of funny look then hugged me and left.

the next day

So I headed over to Alice’s place about 1 in the afternoon. She let me in and then had me sit down on her sofa then gave me my card first. It was huge but she always writes everyone a letter for their birthday, by hand in careful calligraphy… Anyways I start reading and it’s her typical review of her fun times with me over the past year, page 2 started off talking about in some rather long detail she hoped she’d always be my friend for various reasons, but at the bottom was a pull tab hiding something. I looked at Alice when i noticed it but she just said open it when you’ve read the rest… so I did, the last couple paragraphs were her talking about a few regrets she had about us but did get specific and then i got to “With that said… pull the tab” So i tore off the tab and under it “be my friend forever, but let’s be friends with benefits”

“Whoa Alice… what…?”

“I’ve thought about it for a long time… I’ve always wondered… and we’ve been single for months… well over 2 years for me… and… well… I know we’d have fun sex?”

“But we agreed to never date…”

“We won’t she replied… we’ll ┬ájust fuck”

“Alice… I…”

“Come on… ok think about it for a few minutes, I’ll go grab us coffee, and when i come back just say yes or no”


“Please think about it, really?”

“Ok fine…”

So she put her jacket on and left me sitting on her couch… I just re-read that last bit of the letter-card over and over… She really meant it I could tell. Really I’d felt some sexual tension between us for years but never thought she felt the same. So when she came back and asked me my answer I could only really say “Yes”

She got so happy. She came over and kissed me, first just friendly then it became a hard makeout session.

She took her glasses off and carefully put them away. “Ok birthday boy, so I’m your present, you can stay here as long as you want and I’ll be your little sex kitten” and then she stood up, pulled her sweater over her head, pushed her pants down, then pulled her shirt off as well and before I could even really form a thought to stop her she undid her bra and shed it too. She stood there wearing only a pair of blue panties and I could only take in her body… I’d never known she was so hot, she never really wore tight clothes… Her tits were firm globes and she had no fat on her. She pulled her brown hair back and tied it in a pony tail then just stood there with the hands behind her head for a minute.

“I think you like what you see?”

I nodded…

“mmm, now lets take care of you”

She got to her knees and undid my belt, then tugged my jeans and boxers down together letting my cock spring out. I was getting hard already. She took my pants right off and tossed them aside, then yanked my sox off too. She started stroking my cock and got my fully hard.

“Good, you’re not some pencil dick, we will have some fun” and she gave me a sexy smile as she lowered her face down. She started licking me up and down then slipped her mouth over and almost all the way down my cock in one motion. Her blowjob was good, but she stopped after a few minutes and stood up again. She held her hand out and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She had me lay down and slipped her panties off and modeled her bare slit a little for me as she got up on the bed, then she started the blowjob again.

She kept it up for a bit more then stopped again. Then she got up and straddled me…

“No Alice, put a condom on me”

“Nope… I trust you, and you’ve never had this, and I want to be your first… I’m on birth control you won’t knock me up promise!”


“Shhh, really, I’m doing this… now just enjoy”

And she lowered herself on my cock. Well the feeling of her wet soft pussy was a gift. She started to ride me and the feeling as incredible. I was already close to cumming but held back as long as i could. She pulled my hands up to her breasts and I squeezed and teased them as she rode… they were so firm and soft. It started to be too much and I told her, she stopped and just sat there with my cock buried inside her for a few minutes, long enough to let my arousal die down a bit then started up again… this time she started going faster and faster… It didn’t take long for the itching pressure to come back…

“Alice I’m too close I can’t hold back”

“Good, cum in me, do it!”

Well what could I do… I let go and had one of the best cums in my life, I just kept pumping inside her. Finally it stopped but she stayed still with my cock still in her until it fell out by itself and I saw my first own creampie dribble out of her… it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. She leaned back and spread herself, the pushed cum out and let it dribble down and onto my cock and balls.

She finally excused herself and went to wash up. I couldn’t really move i felt like jelly. She came back with a damp towel and cleaned me up then lay down next to me.

“Well? Was it better without?”

“Oh yea, that was great”

“Good, now whatever you want, just ask, if i won’t do it i’ll just tell you but there’s not much on that list”

We just lay there together talking for an hour, then she started stroking me hard again.

“How do you want me this time”

I asked her to let me go down on her first, she happily obliged and I sampled her pussy until she came, then we moved to 69 and I kept licking her as she sucked me… she sucked me until I came in her mouth… she made a show of getting off me then showing me the cum in her mouth then swallowing it.

Third round was about 20 minutes later, I got myself hard telling her how I was going to fuck her all weekend. Then took her missionary… I entered her VERY slowly, feeling her wet pussy open and slide over my surprisingly very hard cock (I’d never had 3 hard on’s so close together). I fucked her deep and slow, enjoying watching her body ripple and breasts roll around as I pounded. After a good 10 minutes of that I had her flip over into doggy and just went wild, pounding her fast then stopping buried deep, then starting again for a couple minutes then stopping… over and over, it drove her mad. To finish I had her lay on her side and pull her knees up into her chest at the edge of the bed, the height was perfect and I just pistoned into her like that, she started crying out as I got close to cumming again and then she came to my surprise. I kept going a couple more minutes then gave her another load in her pussy. This time she reached down and started pushing her fingers in then sucking them off… so hot!

I stayed until Monday afternoon… we probably fucked 20 times total but not anything really strange or unusual… yes I came in her pussy about half the time, the others in her mouth, on her tits and face or one shot on her back… She wasn’t ready to give me anal but says she will sometime soon, that was the only kinky thing i asked for and the only thing she didn’t do. She certainly has a fetish for playing with cum as every shot became a show of some kind.

We’ve agreed to have a regular encounter Sunday afternoons for now… though so far we’ve only met once and it was again pretty basic but fun sex… this coming Sunday she’d coming to my place for the first time for it… and I think it’s time I asked for more.


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