Bisexual Wife Sex Story: This Is The Type Of Erotic Tales I Send My Husband All The Time

bisexual wife sex story

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I was falling asleep when I felt Jen start inching closer to me, I thought she was wanting to cuddle so I nestled my butt into her to spoon. She tapped my shoulder and asked me if I wanted music on bc she wasn’t ready to sleep, I rolled over and said “sure” and as I did my face met hers and we began kissing, we immediately had our arms draped over each other feeling around our backsides getting more and more passionate.

I quickly realized she was completely naked, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me and she retaliated by sliding her hands down my pants and grabbing mine and pulling me in closer as well. We moved our hands all over each other’s soft, warm bodies and I could feel my clit start to pulse and my pussy get wet. I rolled onto my back and we both pulled my pants off, she climbed ontop of me and slid her wet pussy up and down on mine, while I grabbed her big tits and sucked on her nipples.

I flipped her over onto her back and ripped my shirt off, she grabbed at my tits and we were both moaning, then I gently kissed down her body and found my way to her wet, warm pussy. I started gently kissing her clit and tracing the outside of her wet hole with my finger. She was moving up and down, rubbing her clit on my tongue harder and faster. She started moaning louder and I slipped a finger deep inside her, I started fucking her with my finger and sucking her clit and tracing circles around it with my tongue, I could feel my own pussy starting to drip with excitement. I crawled back up to her and we started kissing and grabbing each other’s tits and sliding our hot, dripping pussies against each other, we are both moaning and it feels so fucking good.

I roll off her and just start playing with her pussy with my fingers as well as mine, we are both so wet and it’s so fucking sexy. She climbs on top of me and starts gently kissing her way down my body, finally she finds my clit and starts sucking vigorously on it and then alternates with sliding her tongue all the way up and down my hot, wet slit, sucking, licking, sucking…. It feels so good and now I’m moaning loudly.

Then she starts to crawl up my body and I’m grabbing two handfuls of her huge tits and we are making out again, now she’s rubbing herself on me faster and harder, I have one leg up, pinned and the other spread wide open, she’s sitting sideways on me, with her pussy just sliding all over mine, she goes hard and fast and all you can hear are hot, sexy moans, then she throws her head back and she’s cumming, we are both soaking wet and she’s lying ontop of me.

She rolls off and we kiss a bit and just gently and softly play with each other’s wetness. Obviously the break ends quickly and I’m back ontop of her sucking her tits and sliding a finger in her, it’s so fucking sexy feeling how wet she is, knowing it’s part her cum and part my sweet pussy juices. I find my way down to her already swollen clit and I spit on it and gently start kissing it while I slide two fingers in her and start fucking her. She starts to thrust towards me harder again, grinding her wet hole all over my mouth. I start alternating between fucking her with my fingers and then sliding them out and tracing her clit and slit.

After fingering Her for a while I make my way back up kissing her again and sucking on her nipples. I slide my finger out and pull her leg up and now our pussies are pressed against each other and I’ve got one hand holding her leg up and one holding her tit and we are grinding into each other, so wet and slippery. Almost simultaneously we roll over until she is ontop of me, still rubbing dripping cunts all over each other, both moaning and wanting more… she then slides her way down me, I can feel her leaving traces of her wetness down my body and she starts licking my slit up and down and side to side, it’s so fucking hot and she’s getting both of us all over her mouth and face. Then she starts sucking on my clit again, just sucking it and licking it and making it pulse and harden, I’m grabbing my tits and massaging them and moaning, thinking I might actually cum!
She makes her way back up and we lay facing each other, playing so softly with each other’s holes and kissing softly…. then we slowly just stop and fall asleep… two dripping wet pussies, side by side, tits pressed together and arms around each other.


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