Caught my sexy neighbor touching herself today

Caught Mastrubating sexy neighbor touches herself

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I always dream about publishing my own sex story and sexual fantasies, what can I tell you? I have a very prolific imagination, and to a certain degree, a lot of personal experience to fuel my writing. So yea,  when I stumbled on this website, I decided what the hell, why not give it a chance! I doubt my own story will be as hot as some of the ones written by Mistress Vegas, must accept her writing is really good (yea, they made me very horny when reading them), but I will certainly try my best here…

So here’s my own personal sex story,  hope you guys enjoy reading it!

It was just another boring Tuesday night, and like many nights before, as I walked around my apartment , I couldn’t help but let my thoughts wonder and drift towards my beautiful neighbor.  I just couldn’t help myself, and trust me, if you know how sexy this beautiful tiny brunette really is, you wouldn’t able to help yourself either… so I walked slowly to my kitchen and dared to sneak a peek into her apartment through the glass window.

Now, it was dark in my apartment so she couldn’t see that I was standing there, admiring her beauty…. I was extremely lucky this particular night, she was standing in her living room, only candle lights illuminated her, totally naked except for her red bottom lingerie. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing, her beautiful curves, those gorgeous, perky tits… I was besides myself and then things turned even better. She lays down on the couch now, pulls down her panties, and starts touching herself… slowly at first, but I could see how she started to rub her pussy stronger with each stroke, I saw the pleasure in her slowly contorting body, the way she squeezes her nipples as she kept rubbing and touching that glorious sweet triangle of soft pubic hair… eyes closed now, I could almost her soft moans as her fingers started penetrating the soft warmness of that beautiful pussy, man I was already burning inside just looking at this spectacle.

By this point I’m already extremely hard, there’s no other option for me that to pull my own pants down, I grab my dick and start jerking off just imaging that is that beautiful neighbour of mine giving me a hand, as she keeps touching herself I also attempt to find some relief, she makes me so horny.  She is still there playing with herself, but now I notice she reaches out for something on the table,  a big pink dildo makes it’s appearance now… you can imagine my excitement at this point as she shoves that pink stick of pleasure deep inside of her.Oh, the way she twisted with pleasure, her silent moans in the distance…. it was just heavenly!

As she trusts that dildo in and out of her wet pussy, twisting with pleasure every time it goes in,  I’m burning with passion. All of the sudden she stops her thrusting, slowly pulling the dildo from her warm insides, she proceeded to bring it to her mouth, I stare in disbelief as she sucks that plastic dick as if it was the real thing, with passion she wets that pleasure toy and then brings it to her clit, slowly rubbing her pleasure spot… you know she is about to come as she grabs and squeezes her tits with force with one hand while the other rubs away at her pubic area… She contorts again with ecstasies,  her body asking for more.

This view makes me now to accelerate my  own in a masturbation movement.. I close my eyes briefly, enjoying the touch as if it was her doing the job. I picture her wet pussy running up and down my throbbing dick, those soft warm vaginal walls lubricating , spilling their sweet juices all over my manhood. I am so incredibly horny now. I masturbate in a slower pace imagining her soft moans as I penetrate her softly and lovingly, she enjoys every single inch of me…

I then look up, seeking one final view of that gorgeous woman, just one more look so I can come with all the force and the passion trapped inside of me, the burning fire she  lights in me.  She is now at it again, the pink dildo going in and out of that gorgeous pussy,  I understand the body language that orgasm is approaching, the twisting, the accelerating thrusting motions, in and out, faster and faster as the inevitable climax approaches… I start matching my hand movements with hers, I want to fell like we can both come at the same time, almost as if we were doing this together.

Oh God, as I’m getting closer to my own climax I see exactly what I been waiting for, as she penetrates herself almost ferociously, all of the sudden, a magical shock goes through her body, a spasm of pleasure forces her to arch her back, throwing her arms back against the couch I swear I can hear her  moan as the climax explodes all over her body. I can’t hold it anymore, almost immediately, I come with what i can only describe as a divine force, my own juices now shoot out of my dick and my knees weaken from the ecstatic that now spreads from my abdomen to every part of my body. I lean against the wall as I close my eyes and picture her one last time enjoy this amazing feeling.

I stand there for a moment and imagine further before I open my eyelids, my sperm lays in small pools on the kitchen floor as little drops fall from the tip of my now softening penis… once again I look into her window as she starts pulling her panties up and walks away, I suppose to the bathroom to clean herself up, or maybe into the shower to go for a second round, I’m allowed to dream a little bit don’t you think?

That’s how it all ended up, I also proceed to the bathroom to clean my own mess… To this day I can’t believe I was lucky enough to witness such beautiful and hot spectacle, I can’t help to think that maybe, just maybe, I could one day have the guts to talk to her, the things I wouldn’t give to spend one night with that beautiful neighbour of mine and get to feel the real her, inside of me as we both pleasure each other for real…

Again, thank you guys for reading the story! If I can be honest, at first it was slightly embarrassing to write this, but I will tell you now that I read the complete written story… it has been a truly liberating experience for me. If you like it please let me know in the comment section below, I will probably be back to this website to write a few more, but I could certainly use some of your feedback and encouragement!

Until the next tale my friends!


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