Cheating Girlfriend Sex Story: Phoebe likes my cock better than her boyfriend’s

cheating girlfriend sex story

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This story is from my first year of grad school. I noticed one girl seemed to be in a lot of my classes and I thought she was really cute. Well, if I’m going to be spending hours a day with this person, I might as well get to know her. One of the early days of the semester, I sat down next to her and introduced myself, “Hey, I’ve seen you in a few of my classes, I’m Jake.” She smiled at me, “I’m Phoebe, nice to meet you Jake.” Let me reiterate, Phoebe was fucking cute. Brunette, about 5-5, with a gorgeous face, she was very thin, with a sexy, toned stomach and legs, plus a pair of spectacular tits that just burst right out of anything she wore. I would happily take the time to get to know her better.

The next day, and pretty much every day after, when Phoebe walked into class, she smiled at me and came over and sat down next to me. I got to know her better and started to really like her. We’d commiserate over being hungover for 8:30am Friday morning class and made plans to study together.

I was devastated to learn that she had a long distance boyfriend when she added me on Facebook. I still went to study with her, and after, I had to rush home and jerk off like three times. We had class a couple of times that week, but she didn’t come, so the next time I heard from her was a text on Sunday, “Hey! Same study time this week?” Fine, what kind of adult hasn’t had to repress some desire for someone at some point or another?

Studying together became a weekly thing, and she always looked great, she’d come in like leggings and a tight top that her tits burst right out of. Goddamn, her boyfriend was a lucky guy. That Friday, some of the guys in our program were throwing a house party, and Phoebe told me I should come. I wasn’t planning on it, but I guess I’d go. I mean, I had reservations about being in the friendzone with her, it was kinda emasculating, but I didn’t have other plans, so fuck it. “You better be there,” Phoebe told me, looking at me with big eyes. Fine, I’d go.

I got there a little late, and when I walked in, Phoebe saw me and ran over, giving me a big hug. I felt her tits squeeze up against me. She wore a loose off-white dress and knee-high suede boots, and her legs looked great. “You made it!”, she said. “Let’s take a shot!” Shit, I was already very sexually frustrated with this girl, the last thing I needed was alcohol and a party setting. Fuck, I was gonna end the night at home jerking off unless I could take my mind off of her somehow. Alcohol helps, so does finding another girl to go home with.

I bounced around the party for a while, had plenty to drink, and found myself talking to one girl in particular for a while, Maddy. Maddy was one of the more attractive girls in our program (though nowhere near Phoebe-level). She was flirting hard with me, standing really close, laughing way too hard at my jokes, and reaching out and touching my arm, like a lot. Okay, this isn’t so bad, tonight wasn’t a total lost cause.

While I was talking to Maddy, I noted that Phoebe was in the next room over staring at us, and her eyes were throwing straight daggers towards Maddy and me. I swear I didn’t start talking to Maddy to make Phoebe jealous, I straight-up just wanted to get laid and let off some of this sexual frustration. But there we were. Phoebe got up from the couch she was sitting on and walked over to us. “Hey, I’m Phoebe,” she said to Maddy, standing right next to me. They made casual conversation, but within about 30 seconds, the dynamic had changed completely. “Nice to meet you Maddy,” Phoebe said with incredibly obvious passive aggression, as she walked away a couple of minutes later. Maddy quickly said goodbye as well and I was left with nothing again.

I was PISSED. How dare Phoebe think she owns me like that when she has a boyfriend? I just left, I’d been friendzoned before, by my friend Jess from college (from a previous story), but that was totally different. Jess actively tried and did get me laid, this was some bullshit. I got home and got a text from Phoebe, “Where’d you go????” I told her I bounced, she replied back, “Too bad… It was nice seeing you there tonight :)” I didn’t respond, wtf was I supposed to say to that?

The next night, Saturday, I had plans with friends to go out, and I really needed to get laid. We got nice and hammered at our pregame, then we headed to the bar across the street from one friend’s place that always had a good crowd at it. We were in there, and I was talking to a cute girl out front when I saw Phoebe there. No fucking way. She saw me, smiled, walked right over to me, and pulled the same move from the night before, with the same result. No fucking way she was gonna cockblock me two nights in a row.

I went and found her, “Come with me outside,” I told her. We walked around the corner to the parking lot, standing up against the wall of the bar. She wore a low-cut pink blouse, white pants (love that), and a different pair of knee-high boots from the night before. She looked good, real good, especially her tits. But that’s not what I ws there for. “What is your fucking problem?”, I asked her. “That’s two nights in a row you’re pulled that bullshit.” Phoebe played dumb, “What are you talking about? I just said hi.”

“Don’t play dumb with me, I’m not fucking stupid,” I told her. “That bullshit is you interrupting me talking to some girl.” Phoebe raised her eyebrows, “Maybe they just don’t like you.” I decided aggression wasn’t going to get me what I wanted, I switched tone. I smirked, “No, I don’t think so. You know, you keep interrupting me talking to other girls, I’m thinking you want me.” Phoebe raised her eyebrows again, “I have a boyfriend,” as if that explained jack shit. Famous last words, those.

I took a step towards Phoebe, now I was almost right up against her. “So you keep telling me.” I took another step forward, now I was right up against her, pressing her against the wall. I could feel her tits against my chest. Phoebe didn’t stop me, she just looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her, and she kissed me back. Her lips were soft and her tongue danced perfectly in my mouth. Her crotch started to grind against mine. She broke away, “Wait, stop, my boyfriend…”

I pressed her against the wall, I’m sure she could feel my muscular frame up against her. “Do you want me to stop?” Phoebe bit her lip and shook her head. “I didn’t think so. You jealous bitch.” I kissed her again, this time reaching up and grabbing her boobs as I did. I was hard through my pants, and she must’ve felt it up against her. Breaking my mouth away, I said, “Let’s get out of here.” I grabbed her hand and led her to a cab.

Soon enough, we were at my place. As soon as I closed the door behind her, I pushed her back against the wall, in the same position we were kissing before. My broad, muscular 6-2 frame towered over her, and she looked up at me in anticipation. This girl clearly had a submissive side, now I’m not normally dominant, but I was still fucking pissed at her bullshit games. If she was gonna make me take her body, I was going to fucking take it. I pressed her up against the wall, leaning down to kiss her. I squeezed her tits, hard, and I could feel her nipples harden through her thin blouse. I twisted them, a bit harder than I normally would, and she yelped in surprised pleasure.

I held her hands over her head and pulled her blouse over her head. Her tits looked spectacular, I rather suspected that they were fake, given how much bigger they were than her frame, but I gave no fucks, they were sexy. So was her belly button piercing and a small tattoo on her left ribcage, next to her armpit. I stepped back from her, “Take off your clothes,” I told her. She took off her boots and slid down her pants, leaving her in only panties. “All the way,” I was still fully clothed. “Get down on your knees,” I commanded her, and Phoebe dropped down. I kicked off my shoes and socks, and slid my shirt over my head, exposing my muscular body.

“Take my cock out,” I instructed her next. Phoebe undid by belt and pulled out my cock, 7” fully hard from the power of taking what I wanted from this sexy girl. I leaned over her, with my hands on the wall, my cock sliding into her mouth. Phoebe took me slowly at first, teasing me, licking up and down. God, it felt great, she could handle a cock like a pro. But it would not do. I pulled my cock back and slid it into her mouth again, pushing it slowly but deeply into her throat. Phoebe gagged and the tiniest bit of saliva came out of her mouth. I did it again, sliding myself in and out of her throat, picking up the pace as I went. I could hear her moaning, and I looked down and she was ferociously fingering herself while I fucked her face.

“You like that?”, I asked rudely, “Sucking a cock that isn’t your boyfriend’s?” I wasn’t asking in a sexy, porn-y way, I was legitimately still angry. Phoebe just sucked my cock harder in response, apparently she did. God fucking damn this moment was sexy, and her mouth felt so good. I pulled myself out of her mouth, reached down, pulled her up to me, and kissed her. If her kisses before were eager, this one was on another level, she was clearly very much enjoying this. I confirmed how turned on she was when I reached down and slid my hand over her shaved pussy. She was absolutely dripping.

I wasn’t really mad at Phoebe anymore, but I was finding dominance surprisingly sexy, and she was definitely into it. I didn’t know what I was doing, though, so I just made shit up on the fly. “Go into my room,” I told her. “When I come in, I want you to be touching yourself thinking of my cock.” Was that stupid? Idk, it sounded like a bad porno. But Phoebe just nodded and walked into my room, I enjoyed checking out her toned ass and legs on the way.

When I came in, Phoebe was indeed lying on her back vigorously rubbing her pussy. I walked over to her, and she reached out for my cock, “Gimme that.” I slapped her hand away, “Don’t stop, make yourself cum and you can have it again.” Now with a goal, Phoebe went back at it, and holy shit she looked sexy, rubbing her clit, and sliding two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. Her moans grew louder and faster, and she came, arching her back, closing her eyes and scrunching her face up, her legs quivering for about ten seconds. I was real lucky she had her eyes closed, cause had she seen me in that moment, it would’ve ruined this little game I had going, I looked like a kid in a candy store watching her cum.

Phoebe leaned over and kissed me, as hard as the last time. “Fuck, that was hot,” she said, reaching for my cock and stroking it. “Good girl, I’m glad you listened” I told her. I grabbed a condom from the dresser and slid it on me. She lay back and I positioned myself at the edge of her pussy, running my cock up and down it a few times. She moaned loudly every time. Finally, I slammed myself all the way inside her, going 0-100 immediately. Phoebe took in a very sharp breath, “Fucckkkkk.” I didn’t go slowly, I started out pounding her with everything I had, my cock slamming in and out of her pussy. She was moaning loudly, “Fuck, Jake, fuck me.” I put my hand around her neck and squeezed lightly. Her moans were muted a little, but they seemed to get more intense.

I reached down and pulled her legs up to my shoulders, entering her again. “Fuck that’s so deep,” she yelled as I thrust in and out of her. This scenario was too hot, I could feel myself getting close. I sped up, I wanted her to feel every inch of me. I was ready. “Fucccccckkkkk,” I grunted as I filled her with my cum, squirting it deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her, “Fuck, Phoebe, that was hot.” Phoebe smiled, her beautiful tits glistening with sweat.

Wait, I was still mad at her, she had jerked me around for weeks, acting like she owned me. Tonight threw a wrench into that, but what if things went right back, now that she knew she could have me any time. “Does your boyfriend fuck you like that?”, I asked her. She sighed. Interesting… Plus, he wasn’t in town. I raised my eyebrows, “Oh, he doesn’t fuck you like I just did.” Phoebe shook her head wistfully. Fuck it, time to take a big risk. Honestly, what did I have to lose? “You miss your boyfriend’s cock?” She nodded, “Yeah.” I smirked, “You won’t. I’m gonna fuck you again next week,” daring her to stop me. She didn’t, “Okay,” was all she said back. Hmm, this dominant thing hadn’t been my thing before, but I guess it wasn’t so bad after all.


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