College Sex Stories: I Finally Hooked Up With My Hot High School Crush

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This about a girl named Lily that I had great sexual relationship with.

I first met Lily in high school and didn’t actually get to know her very well until senior year when we had several classes together. Started getting a fondness for her due to the fact that we disliked a lot of the same things and people.

My fondness became more of a crush because she is a very hot chick. Huge ass, firm body and a great smile. I swear, she was shaped like a delicious pear.

We always flirted with each other, back and forth. Teasing with shoulder shrugs, leg strokes, arm squeezing and playful winks. But we never dated.

It was always awkward for us because we were never single at the same time. That didn’t stop her from being a huge tease, flaunting her ass at me during quiet moments alone. I’ll admit I’ve given a squeeze to that huge booty more than one occasion and she’s always someone who reciprocate a squeeze.

We had a falling out after highschool. I tried to have her break up with her then boyfriend because I wanted to be with her. Lily decided to stay with him and I didn’t take the news well.

We reconnected a couple of years later during my undergrad years. It ultimately led up to us spending all of Christmas together one year.

What a day that was.

We met up at Denny’s for breakfast where we confirmed that were finally both single at time. The whole breakfast was nothing but foreplay. She squeezed my arm noticing I have been working out. I stroked her hair, impressed that she decided to grow her hair long. As much as I would have loved to make out with her, I couldn’t find it in myself to do it in a Denny’s.

She must have read my mind as she proposed we leave and go to her place which was not far.

We were on each other before the front door closed. I tore her blouse in my eagerness to get to her smooth, caramel skin. As that blouse came off her body I saw her turquoise colored bra, holding in her perky breasts. I ran my hands from her hips, upwards her chest, running over her breasts until they reached base of her neck.

Our tongues clashed as we both struggled to get each other clothes off. We managed to get into the bedroom where I tossed her onto her bed. Looking down, we both managed to unbuckle each other’s belt and pants during the scuffle. I only won slightly as she was shirtless. Lily writhed on her back, begging me to undress her.

I obliged and took her jeans off her. That when I saw it, her panties had matched that same turquoise color of her bra. I realized in that moment that Lily had counted on this to happen; she wanted me to fuck her.

I reached down to her, discovering that she was wet and ready to go. I rubbed her pussy before sliding a finger into her. I was knuckle deep into her as she moaned and pulled me closer to her. I took her panties off and buried my face into her pussy. She moaned even louder as she pulled me into her.

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Satisfied with me licking and playing with her clit, Lily pushed me off and said she was ready to fuck me. She took off my clothes and reached down to my hard as concrete dick. Always the tease, she only gave me a single lick on the tip before guiding it into her.

Penetrating her drenched pussy is something I still remember today. Warm, moist and very welcoming of my dick. She let out a gasp as I fully entered her and she gave a look with her eyes that wanted it to keep going.

I rolled my hands on her legs which were freshly shaved. I told her that I was always wanted to fuck her and she felt the same way. I worked my hands towards her ass, pulling her hip upward as I went deeper into her. Her ass was bigger than I remember, both of my hands sunk onto those cheeks. After a good feel and leaving her aching for a rhythm, I quickly went to work on her.

I went back and forth into her in the missionary position forcing her right hand over her head with my right hand placed firmly on her hip for leverage. Her left hand was braced on my shoulder blade. She pulled me in, close and tight as we continued to bang. Her sex face was amazing. Her eyes were locked onto me unless they rolled upwards while biting her lip from the pleasure. It turned me on knowing that she was definitely enjoying having sex with me.

She came pretty quickly and unexpectedly. Her hips buckled and begged me stop after climaxing because the feeling got too intense for her. She was embarrassed for coming so quickly, she said it was because she hasn’t had sex for a whole and gotten too excited of the possibility of finally having sex with me on Christmas day.

I always liked that about Lily, her openness. But I was still frustrated from not cumming and badly needed a release and she wouldn’t let me bang her anymore. She compensated though by placing me on my back and giving me a blowjob.

I was a little ashamed that I came very quickly. But between that amazing pussy, tight body, hot lips and excitement of having sex with Lily, I couldn’t hold my load any further.

After the sex she had made us a chocolate protein shake and made me watch Fraiser. She told me not to put any clothes on as she wanted to fuck me harder later, and boy did she did.

She rode me on her couch with the TV going on in the background. This time we lasted longer than the first time. Lily buried me into her perky tits as told me to lick her nipples, something that she loved. She being on top of me was fucking insane. The look of her face, the moans she made, her ass in my hands, it was all just so hot.

We spent the whole day like bunnies on that couch, fucking each other raw. We fucked so much throughout the day that getting an erection even hurt.

Trying to avoid being on top of each other, we decided to go out in public. Ended up seeing a movie and finished the night at Denny’s as we both have a love for breakfast for dinner.

Lily and I continued to see each other within the next year and a half just to have meals and sex. We had an agreement that we would just stay friends with benefits; we were never really supportive of each other in a way that would allow a healthy dating relationship.

The sex was just too hot to let go and even though I’m not having sex with her anymore, it was awesome when we’re were and I reminisce about it fondly.


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