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Considering my last story was well received, I’ll go ahead and tell about another one that happened to me. I work at a lot of comic/anime cons, so most of my really crazy experiences happen at these. Anyone who has been to enough cons can tell you that if freaky sex shit is going to happen to you, this is where it’s most likely to happen.

The first year I was working one of my cons, I was completely alone in my hotel room. The room came free with the work, and I didn’t think to parse out space for friends or for merch money. The first night (Thursday) I spent alone. The second day, the weather was absolutely brutal (nearly 100 degrees, with plenty of humidity.) Everyone in costume was absolutely dripping with sweat, and having 30,000 people in space designed for half of that wasn’t helping anyone.

I was working an info booth at the time, and just passing the time until I was off shift to go do something fun, like hit the bar with some friends. When there was about 30 minutes left to my shift, a pair of cosplayers (Rei and Asuka, in EVA suits as it happened) came up, looking a touch worse for the wear, and asked me if I knew if there was anywhere around that they could go and touch up their outfits and get out of the heat for a while. Not realizing what I was saying at the moment, I blurted out “Not really, but I have a room by myself, and you’re welcome to the shower.” This was before cosplay lounges existed, so it was the first thing that came to mind. I immediately felt stupid, but that was quickly replaces with shock when the reply was “Perfect, which hotel and which room?”

Cut to 30 minutes later, I’m walking back to my room, fully expecting to never see these two again. Sure enough, I turn into my hallway and there the two of them are, waiting outside my door. I quickly decide that I have clearly lost my mind, and that this was some kind of mirage. I got to the door, and let them in. Now these two had to be no older that 18 or 19, and both of them were absolutely beautiful. I’m now sitting in my hotel room with two beautiful women, and I’m completely at a loss for words. I introduce myself, and they tell me that their names are Haley (Asuka) and Megan (Rei). I offer them each a glass of water, and a drink (Irish Whiskey on the rocks, it’s what I had.)

Megan passes on the drink, and Haley accepts. Megan says she’s going to go take a shower, and let her outfit air out a little. I ask her if I should leave and let them have some privacy (I’m an idiot sometimes), and both of them tell me it’s fine. Haley and I are sitting in the two chairs in the room, making what small talk we could muster, when Megan walks out of the bathroom/dressing area in nothing but a towel, costume in hand. She lays the costume over the luggage rack and darts back into the bathroom. The shower turns on and Haley and I keep chatting.

About 20 minutes later (a virtual eternity it seemed), Megan walks out of the bathroom again, still in just a towel, and comes and sits on the end of the bed. Haley asks her if she’s going to get dressed, but she replies that she wants to give her costume a chance to dry a bit more. Haley gets up and heads into the bathroom. After a few minutes, the shower starts running. To this day, I’m not sure what she did with the costume, but it must have been somewhere in the bathroom.

I sit there talking to Megan, having a really hard time of not gawking at her, because that towel wasn’t exactly covering much. After about 10 minutes, she gets up, grabs her costume, and walks into the dressing area and out of sight. A few minutes later, she walks back into sight, back in the majority of her outfit, pulling on her boots and fixing her hair. She thanks me, and proceeds to ask me to tell Haley that she went down to the lobby, and to meet her there. I think to myself that normally women don’t split up for safety, but whatever. I tell her sure, and she leaves.

A minute or two later, the shower stops. Haley cracks the bathroom door and calls for Megan. “She went down to the lobby, wants you to meet her there,” I reply. She says “Oh, OK” and I hear nothing for a moment. Oddly enough, not even the bathroom door swinging shut again. Not 30 seconds later, Haley steps out of the bathroom. She’s dried herself off mostly, but isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. “Uh, sorry, um…” I manage to babble before turning my face away.

“It’s OK, I figure it’s the least I can do to say thank you.” she says. I argue with myself for a moment and then turn back in her direction, only to find she’s about 2 feet from me, smiling widely. I manage to express my approval while tripping over my tongue, and she just smiles more broadly. She walks over to the bed, sits down, and asks me to come over.
The narrative in my head is playing at a thousand miles per hour, telling me that this kind of thing doesn’t just happen, and that this is the kind of thing that no one I know would ever believe happened. I made my way to the bed, and lay on my back. She asks me to take off my pants. At this point I swear to god I’m about to get robbed or something, but I’m horny beyond caring. I drop my pants in record time, and I’m back on the bed, legs off the edge, feet on the floor, cock sticking straight up, hard as a rock. She tells me to close my eyes.

Once I do, she begins to give me what can only be described as the most sensual lap dance I’ve ever experienced. She’s on and off the bed, rubbing me with every imaginable part of her body. After a few minutes, she’s in a position where she is grinding her ass against my cock, and teasing it lightly with her fingertips. She gets a little firmer with he touches, and a second or two later, I feel that wet heat from her pussy against my cock. I figure she’s just going to grind on it, but a second or two later, she moves in just the right way for the head to pop past the entrance and into her. That feeling is something that has no equal, so I knew immediately what happened.

She immediately pulled off it, and kept grinding, before letting the head pop inside her again. “If we are going to do this, shouldn’t we have a condom?” I ask? “I’m clean and on the pill. If you are clean, then we are good to go.” Well then, I know I should insist, but I don’t have any with me, and I don’t want to stop. She continues grinding, and just letting the head inside her for a couple moments more, then she lets it in and thrusts backwards hard, taking at least half my length into her. I groaned and almost came right there.

I tried to sit up and participate, but she told me to lay back down, that this was her gift to me, and I should just enjoy it. I laid back, and in a few more movements, I was buried deep inside her. The angle allowed me to get so deep that I bumped her cervix. She let out a little whimper and started moving a little more shallowly. She ground her hips against my pelvis for what seemed like forever, massaging my cock with her insides, her breath slowly becoming more intense and more ragged, with little moans and whimpers coming slowly at first, and then more intensely.

After another minute or two, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m getting close” I managed to get out between sensations. “Mmmhmm” is all I get in reply. A few seconds later, I can feel the tension in my balls building and I blurt out “I’m gonna cum, you should get off.” She didn’t say anything more. She just bucked two or three more times, then pushed herself down as hard as she could on my cock, and I lost it grabbed her hips so hard I thought she’d have bruises later while I shot my cum as deep inside her as I could. After a few more pulses, she stopped grinding, and reached down, and proceeded to start furiously rubbing herself, with my cock still inside her. After a few moments, she gave one more hard buck, and I felt the muscles of her pussy contract while she let out a loud gasp and began to shudder.

Once she had come down, she pulled herself off my cock, turned around, and took it in her mouth, tasting both of us on it. She then disappeared into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out, in full costume, and wordlessly left to go meet Megan. To this day, I don’t know what Megan knew was going to happen, and if it was planned or not. I’d like to think that she didn’t know, and that her friend was secretly walking around for the rest of the day with my cum dripping out of her.


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