Coworker Sex Stories: My Fling With Lauren, The Fittest Girl I’ve Ever Met.


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Lauren – this is a long story about Lauren. I sort of started this to just get the story off my chest, but it got away from me, sorry! You can skip to the sexy part if that’s all you’re after ?

I had a reunion of sorts of an old call centre I used to work at.

For some background, I had had a bit of a falling out when I left but there were a ton of people that I knew there, mainly because at the time I left the call centre (as was the case for a lot of these people) was the time ‘management’ came down hard on the socialising, and ‘relaxed’ attitude of the staff. These days to hear about it, it’s all about sales targets and stress levels through the roof. I did my time, I got a bigger and better paid gig and got out, quick.

But this is about Lauren – she got married about a year ago and I realised at the reunion that I had Lauren at her peak – peak Lauren was the best I’ve ever had I reckon, and I’ve had it good over the years too. Lauren came to the reunion with her new husband, apparently he worked for corporate a bit too, but I’d never met him in my time.

Onto our story: We hooked up for the first time of many times at a the ‘end of year show’ which was about November/December about five or so years ago. I would have been about 27 years old, but Lauren was 23/24 years old.

I was a team leader, not in her team though and she just a pleb consultant, working whilst she studied physiotherapy (I think) but if I’m right with physio it’d have been right up her alley. She was one of the fittest girls I’ve ever met. She played soccer (indoor for summer and outdoor in winter), as well as field hockey and touch footy in the summer time. I knew she was also a bit of a runner as I’d seen her wearing a ‘fitness watch’ around the floor at work and we’d occasionally talked about good trail runs we liked – but that was really the end of our conversations; nothing else at work, nothing from my end anyway – seems she’d lined me up a long way off!

This night, I wasn’t dressed especially special for the end of year show, just smart chinos, a buttondown shirt, and a blazer jacket, but she was smoking. With her hair up (different to the usual easy ponytail), a cute fringe and a tight, ‘figure hugging’ red halter neck dress which finished halfway to her knees. I don’t know what it was about her, but despite not being too tall, she had great long legs; fit legs.

She topped it off with a smile, and her cute, tiniest buck teeth. So I’ve established she was fit, and athletic, but she was also a brunette. She was also bit shorter than my ~1.9 metres (6 foot, two) but I’d say she was average height for any other girls I’ve been with. So at this end of year show we danced a little to the DJ and danced with each other a little bit, at the time I thought that she’d ‘accidently’ bumped and grinded into me a few times, but thought nothing of it, I’m really quite clueless sometimes.

I was one of the few guys ‘brave’ enough to be on the dancefloor and the fact that I can actually move in time to the music was a big winner in these ‘younger’ girls eyes. I remember we were dancing mono-on-mono and then, even before a natural break in the song or music Lauren walked off, I presumed to get a drink or something. So I returned to my table of mates and got back on the rounds that we were doing.

I saw her walk back into the room, across the floor and after spying me at my table with mates drinking, sashayed her way over. “You’re not a bad mover on the dance floor, don’t drink too much though, I want another dance” To my mates, they gave me friendly ribbing for putting down my drink and pouring myself a water, but I know she said it such a way that only I, for who it was intended (not clueless after all!), could hear it dripping with innuendo I brushed off my mates calling me soft, saying that I was just enjoying the night, and didn’t need to drink.

The night went on, and we’d dance every now and then, and every now and then she’d ‘accidently’ brush up against me provocatively. The end of year show was at the city’s convention centre – a massive centre of various auditoriums and rooms around the place – our work would have had this ball for about 300 people, and there were some rooms in this place that could take probably 900 or more seated. But the show always ends at midnight – part of work’s commitment to ‘responsible service of alcohol’ seemingly not aware that most pre-gamed, and/or simply kicked on throughout the night.

This night we kicked onto the casino, a very short walk away. And so long as you’d not had too much to drink already, you’d be allowed in. I walked in with a group of mates, but a couple of them weren’t allowed in, as I turned to see who was following us with kicking on I saw Lauren, walking in with one of her girlfriends, Lucy. Her eyes met mine, and seemed to say “wait.” She motioned to the toilets near the entrance and let her girlfriend walk in further by herself.

As Lucy walked past me, and smiled I saw Lauren duck back out from the toilets corridor and around the corner into the pokies. I smiled back at Lucy, let her walk a bit past me, and followed Lauren – keen to see what she was up to, or keen to see how far things would get up to with all these cameras around, not to mention about a quarter of the work crew. We got lost amongst the pokie machines and there wasn’t anyway someone we knew would be coming back down here.

“Are you usually this forward?” I asked her, and she smiled her cute smile and answered “No, but I’ve had some dutch courage this evening” “And you told me off for drinking too much!” I spurted! “Yeah, but there’s a difference between the drinks I need to be brave enough to make my move on you you clueless bastard, and what happens to a man if they have too much to drink” she laughed and punched me in the arm.

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She then reached into my pants pocket (did she mean to brush me like that?), grabbed my phone and dialed in her number. She rang it herself and hung up. Putting it back into my pocket she patted it, and my growing bulge (yes she did mean it!) saying “call me later, or I’ll call you.” Then she opened her clutch and pulled something out and put it in my inside jacket pocket; a pair of panties.

“These are for you; my glass slipper – come find me later but first lets make sure we dance some more!” She leant up and kissed my ever so slightly on the lips; it was electric, it was on. And with that she pushed me out of the pokie area by myself, but with no one around I waved my hand, and called her out also. We didn’t walk together, but eventually found others on the ‘nightclub’ floor of the casino, and danced some more. It seemed as if most of my mates were either off gambling, or had been asked to leave already (probably the latter, tbh).

It came to be about 1 o’clock in the morning, and I wasn’t really getting tired, but didn’t want to push it and had more to do tonight. I walked off the dance floored and to everyone else I simply ‘phantomed’; left without saying goodbye. But as I walked out of the casino, I messaged Lauren “I have your glass slipper, and want to see the foot it fits, see you at my hotel in 20.” and gave her my room number.

I grabbed a cab and not long I was at my hotel, in the middle of the city. I figured I had about 15 more minutes before Lauren rocked up. I’d had the taxi call by a bottle shop and chemist for me to get some drinks and condoms.
I tidied up the place, it wasn’t THAT messy, but made sure I had the condoms within reach also, freshened up my face, and put a little bit of cologne too.

10 minutes later there’s a knock on my door – I lose my jacket, and greet her. She sneaks in quickly saying “thanks for not leaving me in the corridor for too long!” and ducks into the bathroom to freshen herself up. There were a number of staff staying at the hotel, a little bit of a tradition. Only a few minutes later she emerges, hair all redone and just looking stunning for almost 2 o’clock in the morning. “Like a drink?” I asked, “Sure” she answers, “Surely you’re thirsty too by now?” “Ha” I answer, “if only to break the ice here” “I think we’re past that now” and came up behind me as I poured two rums. I stood there with the two glasses in my hand as she stood behind me and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it off my shoulders then taking the two drinks from me, and I wiggled out of my shirt leaving it on the ground.

“Very nice” she said, seemingly please with what she saw. I only really did bodyweight stuff, but on my height that looks good enough.

I took the two glasses back off her, and standing in front of her, pushed her wrists behind my back. We kissed, long and frantic, the heat was rising almost as fast as my dick. I hadn’t expected this to occur with anyone tonight, but now I couldn’t wait for it to start.

I reached behind her and undid the knot at the back of her neck, the straps fell about her front, and I unzipped her back, and she stepped out of her dress. Wearing no panties, but a red and black lacy bra to match her dress she wasn’t embarrassed, and had nothing to be embarrassed about! She crossed her arms, and stood there with a face.

“Your turn.” With a smile I took my belt, shoes and socks off, and pulled my pants off. She reached down, and cupped my dick. She bit her lip with her buck teeth and I swear I grew another inch in her hand. “Enough of the foreplay” I said – I’d waited long enough, and just wanted to be inside her already.

With a hand on each shoulder I laid her down on the bed and teased my cock at her entrance, her face was wrecked with anticipation, and I reckon I took just a little too long loitering, admiring my view “Fuck me already!” she exclaimed, reaching down and brining my cock closer to her, pausing outside her lips. I pushed, and she lay her head back, taking it all in; and I gave her my length. In and out, in and out I went, and together we got a good rhythm going, her hips seesawing up to meet me, and down again.

We did this for a while, then as she sought to bring one leg above herself, I grabbed it and put it on my shoulder, being able it seemed to go even deeper into her. With her left leg on my right should I pushed more and more into her, then as if we read each others mind in one move I lifted the same leg and put it over my head, and rested if on my left shoulder, she seemed to roll over, and under herself, so that we ended up doggy style, her on the bed and me gripping her hips, and still standing.

Things from here, about that night get a bit foggy – I remember calling the front desk about 4 oclock and asking for a late checkout, and whilst we had a bit of a nap we were up at sunrise fucking on the balcony with a towel in front, hanging over the rail in case anyone looked over our direction. Her leg up on the edge of some potplant and me pulling the energy from God knows where! to keep going. We must have fallen asleep a couple of times because I remember waking her up by slowing licking her pussy, and getting her off only with my tongue, and also with her waking me up with a blowjob of my morning glory.

We were a match unheard of! We knew each others moves, and pushed and pulled each other to get the best of each other, whilst still getting ourselves off. It didn’t seem selfish, it just worked, for everything I did in that bed to better myself, she found a way to also benefit, and vice versa.

I’d never had it so good, nor have I found that same since, close, but not the same. Fucking her felt like a wrestling match, but one that there’d be two winners of, and even if you were to lose, you’d be happy to lose. We were a great match in bed – just couldn’t work the stuff outside the bedroom(or rather just places where we fucked 😉 ) properly to satisfy us both in an ongoing relationship. At the end of the reunion as I was about to leave Lauren leant in, as if to give a peck on the cheek, and whispered, “I’m sorry I fucked us up”. We were great, we were the best.

This turned into an absolute epic. Aaaaand now I’m pretty hard myself.


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