Different culture more complicated…

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Different culture more complicated

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I never realize before when my friends told me about their marriage life with the foreign. I only though that they are so lucky to improve their life and their family’s life.

When I saw them going to the restaurant and I have to eat the food on the street, I saw them having a holiday with their husband at the nice Bangalore and I have to work hard as a prostitute on the street or if I’m lucky it will start at the bar first and end up at the cheap hotel… but never mind, I have to fight for my family. We are so poor and no education …that’s my life.

Then he came to my life, of course he’s a tourist and we met at the night club. He asked me many things which are some I don’t understand and in that time I mostly say “yes” or “no” and that’s enough for us. He keeps telling me about how good it is with my tiny pussy and how much he enjoy with it. Definitely we ended up having sex and he has to pay for the price

We spent time to together more and I feel like this is a dream come true.  Everything seems to be like what I’m dreaming about. He told me to quit the job and promise that he will give me some money to send back to my poor family. Later we married and move to here in Poland.

Things should be good as I tried to serve him with the perfect house work and of course good sex in the bed.  I ever think before that working as a prostitute will teach me anything, well yes in this case it help some way somehow but not that long the party is over. He said he can’t give me money to send to my family anymore. What can I do in the other country like this?

We start to have an argument. Before everything always good, I am always be the most beautiful women in his world but now it seems like the house keeping at his office, that Syria girl always better than me…cleaning better, speaking English better etc., He keep comparing me to her all the time.

I knew that something wrong since she has been invited to our house and many times for teach me how to cook European food. The nightmare has come I found out that they are having sex behind me while I go out and buy some house stuffs. Can you believe that I buy a condom for my husband to use with

that woman.  My world has been destroy by a person who is I love the most. How can he do something like this to me? Is this the reason why he doesn’t want to give me money to send to my family anymore…of course because I have to share with these women…

My friends said let it be. I have to stand for this because I can use this as an condition to ask my husband for helping my family. He did but it’s only 100 euro per month…

I’m not easy to give up. If I cannot make her go away of my life. Why would I join them and just beat that woman on the bed! I even have worse sex before with my customer before, this is just kinder garden for me!

So we always have threesome sex. Me, him and her.  The funny thing is I just teasing him while we having threesome and I know that women is jealous because I’m marriage under the law. So she always try  to get fuck by my husband while I’m teasing him. My tiny pussy is not for that cock anymore.

I can see how much he want in his eyes. He’s more desire me but when we are only 2 of us. I only make it boring. Why? Because I will not only the one who taking the pain.

It’s just revenge and that Syria woman is so stupid to not understand all of this.

But what can I do for all the problems? I don’t even have a degree, I don’t have even money to contact my family… the only skill I have is cleaning the house, cooking and of course sex…

I heard that my friend found her husband via the internet. I started to learn how to speaking, writing and reading by the internet but this time I’m not looking for love anymore. Back to the old day, so I find a customer via the internet.  I’m more enjoy while I’m having sex whit them. I release all the pain, all the suffering. He might think that he’s the one that give these all sorrow thing to me. Who know when he went to work I even invited the customer to our house. I got money and revenge in the same time.

Do you want to come to have a tea break at my house? It’s tasty I promise…


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