Dominant sex stories: Amber Meets Master For The First Time

dominant sex stories amber meets my master

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The cab pulls up to the stairway in front of the condominium complex. As Amber looks out the window she feels her heart pounding wildly with anticipation. She has arrived at last! It has been a long day. An hour drive to the airport had been followed by a three hour wait and a five hour flight; and although the final leg, the taxi ride, has taken only twenty minutes, it has seemed like an eternity. The traveler looks at her watch. It is 1am. It is late but the reality is that her day has barely started for she knows that in a few minutes her life will be taking a dramatic turn.

“Be careful on those steps, ma’am, they look icy.”

“I will, sir. Thank you very much.”

She hands the driver a couple of twenties as she grabs her suitcase and starts up the stairs. Because the bag is heavy, she tilts it on its wheels to make it easier to move along. The wheels make a noisy clunking sound as they roll across the slick boardwalk. Amber wonders if it is too loud. At the top of the landing she turns left to climb the last flight of stairs to his condo. She uses all her strength to carry the bag as she is sure the racket it had been making must have attracted attention. Hauling the weight up the steep stairs causes her heart to pump even faster than it already had been in her excited state. By the time she gets to the top floor it is beating uncontrollably in her chest.

At last she stands before the door. She takes three deep breaths in an attempt to relax but the effort is for naught. She recalls the Instructions:

“…. you are to ring the doorbell and wait fifteen seconds before entering.”

With a trembling hand Amber rings the bell and begins to count. At fifteen the daring adventurer turns the doorknob and walks in.

Immediately she notices the logs burning in the fireplace. They give the room a warm glow which is supplemented by numerous lighted candles placed at strategic locations throughout the apartment. In front of the hearth is a large blanket with a leopard skin motif. Satin pillows are strewn across its thick nap. To the side is a platter covered with strawberries, grapes, and tropical fruits. Two glasses of red wine are close by. Classical music can be heard coming softly from two speakers near the edges of the blanket. Amber is also struck by the delightful scents which fill the air. She recognizes the sandalwood right away but cannot discern the identity of the frankincense resin which is slowly vaporizing on a burner. She smiles as she looks in at the love nest which has been prepared for her.

After removing her shoes, she places them neatly next to her bag in the entryway. She steps into the living room but then suddenly turns back. She has forgotten to lock the door, an error she knows she cannot afford to make. The risk of making a mistake terrifies her. Turning the deadbolt, Amber realizes she needs to calm down for she is definitely on edge. She can’t believe that she is doing what she is doing. As she goes back into the living room, the tense visitor takes several more deep breaths.

Locating the recliner, Amber puts her coat lengthwise across it as had been directed in the written Instructions she had received a week earlier. Then she takes off her dress, folds it, and places it on top of the coat. Lastly she removes her stockings, dropping them on the floor before the chair. All she has on now is black lace panties and a black bra. Down the hall she finds the bathroom. Checking her look in the mirror, she fixes her hair, making sure it is hanging down neatly. She takes another deep inhale before shutting the light off and going out into the hallway.

The anxious guest pauses ever so briefly before the closed bedroom door. After going over in her head what she has been told to say, she knocks twice.

“Sir, I am ready for you.”

Amber then walks back into the living room and stops six inches from the center cushion of the couch. She reaches down to pick up the black blindfold that is sitting there for her. She cannot help but notice the paddle and flogger on each side of the cushion. After putting the blindfold on, the intrepid woman stands there waiting quietly for a man she has never met to come out to her.

Quietly, but not patiently. It seems to take forever. Amber stands there in place, but nothing happens. Her thoughts start to race: “Where is he? Why doesn’t he come out? Is something wrong?” She tells herself to be cool but under the circumstances every minute feels like an hour. The tension continues to build.

Finally she hears the bedroom door open. She listens to his footsteps coming across the thick carpet. He goes into the kitchen. As Amber heard the sound of water running she becomes even more nervous: “What is going on? What is he doing out there? Why doesn’t he come over here?”

Sir shuts the water off and walks into the room. Amber senses that he is very close to her. There is a nerve wracking silence which seems interminable. She dares not move.

“Why aren’t your hands behind your back?”

The stunned girl immediately laces the fingers of her hands together behind her back. His demanding tone and the realization that she has not followed the Instructions exactly cause her to start shaking. Her face turns red and her breathing becomes audibly strained. She is reaching her limits.

He places his hand lightly in her hair, stroking it gently, gradually moving his fingers through the length of it. Leaning over, he whispers softly in her ear: “It’s ok.” Amber feels her body relax in an almost hypnotic manner. Although she has never seen him, she knows well his voice. Many times it has calmed and soothed her; and many times it has taken her to heavenly heights. The uncertainty drains out of her. She feels a great sense of relief.

He leans down to kiss her. There is no force and very little pressure, yet right away Amber can feel that it is a Dominant kiss, the kind of kiss that she has craved for so long. For the first time in her life she feels her desire for sexual submission being physically awakened. Surrendering any thought of control, her mind and body become totally submerged in the experience. His tongue slides into her mouth enveloping her with its warmth and wetness. The kiss lingers. Time no longer exists. All that matters is the kiss. When he places his right hand on the back of her head Amber feels a slight but perceptible pressure drawing her in closer, pulling her mouth into his. The Dom then pulls his tongue back slightly so that it is a microscopic distance from her lips. Amber slides hers out to barely connect with it. Their tongues move back and forth, rubbing against each other with the lightest possible touch, a sensuous dance which intoxicates both of them.

Disengaging, he reaches forward to unhook her bra. He slides the straps gently down off her shoulders. Tossing the bra to the side, he admires his submissive’s beautiful breasts. Amber however has a brief moment of anxiety. Because of the blindfold she cannot gauge his reaction. She is most proud of her breasts but she finds their unveiling to be difficult when she cannot see. She wants so much to be pleasing to her Dom. Her distress vanishes when she hears him whisper; “Magnificent!”. She smiles.

For the past week Amber had been forbidden to touch any sexual area on her body. This prohibition combined with the tension and suspense involved with this first session with her Dom has made her sensitivity reach a lifetime high. Her nipples are ready to explode with the slightest stimulation. Knowing this well, he blows his warm breath on them in a steady stream, causing them to harden. When he scrapes his fingernails over her taut nipples the receptive neophyte feels a wave of intense pleasure rolling through her. Without realizing it, she gasps, taking in a deep breath which thrusts her chest out further. After he pinches them hard, Amber’s hands come forward in an involuntary reaction to the intensity of the sensation.

“Young lady, put your hands behind your back!”

She instantly follows his order. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Yes, I’m sure you are. I am being lenient here because I realize that this is all very new to you, but you must pay attention. You have been told to keep your hands behind your back. You will demonstrate submission by following the commands I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good …. now …. you may kneel.”

dominant woman male submission

Amber compliantly gets on her knees. Her Dominant sits down on the couch in front of her. His authoritative tone vanishes as he speaks to her in a much more loving voice:

“My precious girl! Before we go any further, I must tell you that I am so happy that you have come all this way to meet me. I have been thinking about this for awhile and I have decided that the time is right. Even though we are meeting physically for only the first time, I feel that we know each other very well. I wish to put this collar on you. It is a symbol of our relationship and your submission to me. You will wear it during any sessions we have and other times when you are told. You will never remove it without my permission. Most of the time I will take it off for you. It is yours to keep. You will take care of it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I do, …. thank you Sir, thank you very much.”

He places the black leather collar around her neck, fastening it in the back, making sure that it is adjusted perfectly to fit. The large silver ring in front dangles down.



“May I speak?”

“You may.”

“Sir, I am truly honored. I am very touched that you are giving me a collar.”

“Very good. I must tell you that I am very pleased too. Your submission is a most precious gift. I will do my best to insure that you are always aware of my appreciation of it.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Amber can feel tears welling up in her eyes. She did not expect this. Then again, this entire connection with this man she has come to call her Dom has been full of surprises. She had answered a simple personal ad on the internet eight months earlier on a whim. She thought it might be interesting to communicate with someone experienced who could teach her something about Domination/submission, a subject she has always been very curious about. It seemed like a safe thing to do. After all, he was thousands of miles away. Yet, through a voluminous correspondence and numerous conversations she became so enthralled that eventually she asked him to be her Dominant. The relationship grew stronger until it was mutually agreed that a meeting should take place. And what a meeting! As Amber kneels blindfolded before her new Master she is thrilled beyond her wildest expectations. She waits for his next command.

“Little girl, I am now standing in front of you. I am wearing a pair of very tight cycling shorts. I want you to reach out and run your hands up and down my thighs, feeling the muscles.”

Amber puts her hands on his legs. She touches his quads. They are well developed. She loves feeling their masculine strength.

“Now, reach up higher.”

Amber’s hands slide up to the bulge in the front of his shorts. The silky cloth is stretched so tight around his cock that it is fully outlined by the strained material. The eager sub is amazed at how hard his cock feels as she slides her fingertips along the length of it. While pressing her fingers around the edges of the bulge she thinks about how incredible it is that she is touching the cock of a man she has yet to see. The thrill of it astounds her.

“Use your mouth.”

Amber smiles upon hearing this inviting order. She leans forward to press her lips against his protruding hard on. Sliding up and down she playfully sucks and pulls on the cloth with her teeth. She quietly giggles to herself as she sticks her tongue out, happily licking his shaft from bottom to top as if it were a long succulent popsicle. The novice submissive is filled with a sexual joy that she never knew was possible. Nothing has ever been this exciting for her before.

“Pull my shorts down now.”

She reaches up to pull them down from the sides but the tightness of the material requires that they be taken down a bit at a time in a side to side motion. Eventually she gets them down to his knees where they slide effortlessly down the rest of the way. Lifting his feet he kicks them to the side.

“I am going to sit down. When I do I you are to move forward a bit. Lean down and hold my cock in your hand while you stick out your tongue and lick around the hole at the top. But do not go any further down than that.”

The girl does as she is told. She moves her tongue back and forth over the very tip of his cock as she holds it still with her hand. She loves feeling the stiffness of it. She is very anxious to taste more of it but she is even more anxious to follow what she is told to do.

“You may go slightly lower.”

Amber moves her tongue down about a centimeter, drawing a circle around a small area on the hood of his penis.

“A little lower.”

Again, the size of the circle increases.

“Now, go around the rim.”

Amber expands the circles to encompass the rim. As soon as she hits it, she hears his gasp. She applies more pressure with her tongue. He had told her how sensitive this area was for him. She takes great delight in pleasing him in this way, moving with varying speeds and circular motions around the rim where millions of nerve endings transmit explosive bursts of pleasure to his brain. As a Dom he tries to control his reaction but his moaning belies the fact that his total control is weakening. His sub recognizes this and puts even more effort into tantalizing him. She feels his thigh muscles quivering as she rubs and presses as hard as she can on the most tender areas of his manhood. He allows her to continue until he reaches a level where his arousal is approaching a point of no return.

“Stop! Right now!”

Amber pulls back. There is a long pause in which the only sound heard is his slightly labored breathing. After a few moments he collects himself.

“Now, I want you to give me head. Do it how you like but follow any commands I give you.”

Amber immediately opens her mouth and slides her lips down as far as possible. She wants to take the entire length of his erection in her mouth. Pushing down with some force, she feels the head of his cock pressing into her throat. She holds it there as long as she can before rising back up, slowly savoring every millimeter of his hard on. She makes a series of long slow strokes wrapping his cock in her ravenous mouth. Every fiber of her body is screaming with joy as she devotes herself to giving sexual pleasure to her man. As her throat adjusts to the deepening thrusts, Amber picks up steam, plunging her head up and down with increasing rapidity. The silver loop hanging on the collar knocks against the metal surrounding it, making a ringing sound. The Dominant picks up the flogger. He considers flogging her to spur her on to even greater speed but then he reconsiders. He knows his sub is so new to bdsm that a whipping may be too much of a sudden shock to her, especially when her teeth are surrounding such a precious asset. He lays the implement to the side. Instead he decides to talk to her to inspire an even greater performance from her.

“Oh, yes….that is so good, little girl! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! …. I am watching you, I am watching every move you make. You look so good sucking my dick! Hmmm! Yes! I love the way you move your mouth! Do it! Suck it! Suck Daddy’s cock so good…..yes…suck it! Yes, your lips feel so hot moving up and down like that. Beautiful! Oh… I love watching you working on me like that! You are an incredible cocksucker….do it, girl….suck….yes… oh… I love it…do it! ….you are so talented!”

Amber is euphoric. His words propel her to give head like she has never given it before. No man has ever spoken to her like this before. She is so turned on listening to him that she gets completely lost in the scene.

“Now….take your mouth off…and….and… just lick the shaft. Lick it from top to bottom. That’s it….lick….stick your tongue out as far as you can and just slide it up and down. Slowly! Make love to my cock! Learn it with your tongue. Yes! … oh girl! …. that is so good! …. keep it going! Lick it! Very good! Oh, sweet Amber! Sweet, sweet Amber! I love the way that feels! Hmmm…now put your lips right on the top of my cock and let your saliva pour down my cock…. yes…. that’s it! More! More! Hmmm….yes! Soak my cock with your warm spit. Cover it! Take your mouth off and spit on it. Yes! Again!….do it again! Spit on my shaft with force. Yes! That’s it! I like that! Keep doing it!”

As Amber is holding the base of his cock she feels her saliva flowing down her hand and onto his balls. She caresses them, rubbing the warm fluid into his sac, gently massaging his swollen testicles.

“Yes….oh …. so very yes! Now… lick and suck! Slide and play in the spit. Move it around. Worship my cock with your mouth! Show me you want it! Do it! Give it to me! Show me you want it! Suck it like you want me to come!”

Amber fellates him with a mad frenzy. She is completely possessed by the act of sucking him off. But as the Dom senses the start of an orgasm coming on, he again brings the action to a halt.


Although she was secretly hoping to have him come in her mouth, the obedient girl backs off in an instant.

“Straighten up.”

He takes the blindfold off of her. For the first time Amber is able to look at him. From pictures, she knows that his eyes are powerful but as soon as she looks into them she is absolutely captivated. She feels herself swimming in them. The draw is incredible. As he leans down to kiss her Amber feels as though her spirit, her very soul, is leaving her and mingling with his. The feeling of bonding and surrender is total. After breaking off the kiss, he stands up behind her.

“Amber May, get into the Position.”

Amber removes her panties, then leans forward on the couch, laying her hands flat, with her forehead touching the cushion. She moves her knees forward and arches her ass into the air as high as possible. He moves in directly behind her, spreading her legs apart as he does so.

“What have you decided?”

According to the Instructions, Amber is to be given a choice in how she wants to receive him. All the way up on the airplane she had thought about the question. As this is her first session she had rationally decided that it would be best to ask him to be slow and gentle so that she would be sure that she could take it. Perhaps after a few encounters she might feel more secure and go for something rougher. It made sense on the plane. But now, in the intense heat of the session, the words flow out spontaneously based on desire, not logic.

“Master, I want you to fuck me hard.”

“Very well.”

The choice is made. The die is cast. Without any hesitation her Dom lunges forward shoving his cock aggressively into her steaming pussy. Amber squeals when she feels him inside her. For an appetizer he smacks her ass sharply three times on each cheek with a thin wooden paddle. He then grabs her hair roughly in his right hand, pulling it hard enough to jerk her head back. This gives him enough leverage so that he is able to lean forward to ram his cock into her as hard as he can. There is no restraint, no attempt to be slow or gentle. From the initial penetration he fucks her with all his strength and stamina; and being an experienced marathon runner he has plenty of both. On the forward strokes he thrusts in as far as possible, slamming his pelvis against the lips of her vagina. The helpless woman is overwhelmed by the ferocity of the primal sexual power which descends upon her. Her moans quickly graduate to low level screeches as her body absorbs the tremendous exertion he is putting out. He starts to grunt in animalistic tones as he goes on pounding with unrelenting force.

The recipient is rocketed into a dimension of sexual ecstasy that exceeds her wildest fantasies. Her system responds with a series of intense orgasms which explode in her brain and send electric jolts of pleasure coursing through her body. Her pussy gushes out juices which stream over the two of them. Their hot grinding bodies are drenched with sweat from the tremendous output of energy, yet still the passion continues to escalate to an approaching crescendo. When his orgasm is imminent he summons up one last great burst to screw at an even greater speed. As he starts to ejaculate he screams out loudly before digging his teeth into the soft flesh of her shoulder. The submissive joins her Dominant in one last mind blowing shared orgasm which is a fitting climax to the initial scene of their first session together.

The exhausted lovers fall back onto the thick blanket. She snuggles up to him, laying her head on his chest as he wraps his arm around her. They are both overheated, soaking wet, and buzzing with an incredible high. And although the night is not over, they take some time to relax and rejuvenate, savoring the afterglow of their lovemaking. After putting another log on the fire to bring it back to life, he hands her a glass of wine which she sips slowly. While sharing a fresh red strawberry they both smile as they begin to feel their sensual passions stirring again. Their night continues.


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