My First Mother’s Day’s fuck

By November 6, 2016English, Massage, Mature, Oral

My First Mother's Day's fuckEight years ago, I had my first Mother’s Day’s fuck, we had a  newborn daughter and it was our first Mother’s Day as parents. My husband, we can call him John, had cooked dinner and took care of the dishes. I took the little one to bed and took the opportunity to take a shower.

When I came out of the shower, he stood there and waited for me, naked. He dried me and gave me  hot kisses in the meantime. We held each other tight and danced into the bedroom where we fell into bed, facing each other.

My leg over his thigh.. my fingertips stroking his back … just let them follow up with the outline of his body..hips..chest..neck and head..

My fingertips gently massage his hair and neck

Johan caresses my ears..neck..shoulder..slowly down my spine down ..massages me lightly..put his hands on my hips and firm butt..

I feel how he push himself against me .. touches my butt, my groin, my moist lips. He is hard now and I can feel my love cave open up for him.

He bumps against my clit..plays with it.. kisses my boobs, plays with my hips and butt, sucks a nipple into his mouth, massages it with tongue and lips.

He turns me over on my back, put his hard cock between my swollen, wet lips just to tease me. His hands caresses me down along my body, hip, finds my pussy from behind

He kisses me down to my triangle..his thumbs parting my lips ..I am so wet..he kiss my clit, suck it in and let his tongue play with it, put a finger in my pussy, massages it, plays and massages all of my ladyparts.

I lift hips against his mouth, feel my love juices flow  into his greedy mouth with my orgasm. He licks up everything I have to give him, he sucks me dry, kiss my tummy and my boobs again, put his hard dick at my entrance, slowly moving up and down

Ooooohh..the tip enters me..he moves slowly in and out of me as my lips open up for him. He slowly finds the rythm and starts making love to me, slowly and carefully. I groan loudly from pure pleasure.

Johan increases the speed..comes hard into me..massages and sucks my nipples, hears my husky breath, increases the speed and fuck me intensely through my orgasm. I feel his hot and warm sperm fill me. I let go of a yelp of pure pleasure..he goes down on me, kisses my lower lips, my clit, my tummy and boobs, nipples and mouth and finally the cave from where our baby emerged..

I love you mummy, he says full of love, now and forever!

I know, I answer, and you will always be the wonderful dad!

And so it is, our love is still strong, but our sex life is a mess, but there are options out there and that is a blessing 🙂


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