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friends sex stories

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Paul has been a good friend for years, and although we’ve been in serious relationships the whole time we’ve known each other, there has always been a palpable sexual tension between us.

Until recently this tension had only manifested in occasional lingering glances, light flirting, or maybe some playful touching if we’d had too much to drink. I’d be lying if I said I’d never wondered what it would be like to sleep with him, but I never imagined anything would actually happen between us. Then, about a month ago, we had an unexpected, steamy encounter that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind.

I was heading over to his apartment on my day off to drop off some camping gear I’d borrowed earlier this summer. It was a hot day, and when I arrived, my sundress was clinging damply to my body.

I realized with a blush as I knocked on the door that underneath the thin yellow fabric you could clearly see the outline of my panties.
Paul answered the door in a pair of gym shorts with no shirt.

His athletic, hairy torso was glistening with sweat. I tried not to stare, but instantly I was thinking about running my hands over his tanned skin. He grinned sheepishly and invited me in, apologizing that his A/C was broken. As I walked past him through the door, I saw his eyes briefly flicker down toward my ass.

He offered me a glass of water, so I set the gear down in the hall, followed him to the kitchen, and leaned back against the counter. I had the sudden urge to come up behind him and slip my hand down the front of his waistband, but I tried to push the thought out of my mind.

When he turned around from the sink, our eyes met and I felt a spark jolt through my body. We chatted a bit, but the whole time I was aware of how little space and clothing was between us. Paul seemed to be similarly distracted, and smiled as he complimented my dress. He stepped closer, no longer trying to hide that his eyes were roaming over my body.

Without a word, he put his hands on my hips, pulled my body against his, and began kissing me deeply. I was shocked that this was actually happening, but it felt incredible and I had no intention of stopping it.

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I ran my hands through his hair as our kisses got more and more passionate. He started kissing my neck while pressing me back against the counter and gradually sliding his his hands up my thighs. I could feel his erection pulsing beneath his shorts. I started grinding into his cock slowly, and a soft moan escaped my lips. This seemed to drive Paul wild, because he grabbed my ass firmly, hoisted me up, and carried me all the way to his bedroom with my long legs wrapped around his waist and our lips locked in a passionate kiss.

Paul laid me down gently on the bed. I pulled my dress over my head to reveal my lacy blue bra and panties. I sat up and started stroking his bulge while he unclasped my bra and started grabbing handfuls of my ample breasts. I started tugging at his shorts, eager to wrap my mouth around his cock, but he instead lowered himself on top of me and began running his tongue over my nipples. He made his way slowly, teasingly back and forth between my breasts while rubbing between my legs with his free hand. At a tantalizingly slow pace, he kissed his way down to my mound, then peeled off my soaked-through panties.

He stared hungrily at my pussy, then grasped my hips and began to flick his tongue over my clit. His breath felt hot and steamy over my damp skin. His hands roamed back up to play with my tits as he alternated between lightly swirling his tongue around my clit and heavily dragging it up and down the length of my pussy and clit. Then he slipped his finger inside me and began stroking upward into my g-spot while sucking my clit tenderly. Within moments, my legs were shaking and my hips were bucking uncontrollably against his face. I screamed out as I came hard.

Paul smiled and laid back on the bed. I climbed on top of him and kissed him, tasting my juices all over his mouth. I wanted to tease him like he had teased me. I kissed and sucked slowly down his chest, abs, and thighs, letting my hands and breasts occasionally graze against his raging boner. I savored the salty taste of his skin. Finally I pulled off his shorts and boxer briefs and lowered my head to suck his dick.

I started slow, running my tongue from the base of his shaft to his tip, licking up beads of precum and stroking him while I sucked softly on his balls. I slid the tip of his dick past my lips and bobbed up and down, shallowly at first. Before long I was staring deep into his eyes while taking his whole cock in my mouth at once. He moaned with pleasure, and I suddenly couldn’t wait any longer to have him inside me.

I straddled his hips, facing him, and leaned forward with my hands on his muscular chest as he guided himself into my dripping wet pussy.

We both let out a gasp as he penetrated me. As I rocked slowly back and forth, he massaged my tits and ass with delight. I rode him harder and harder, and he started grinding his hips in small circles beneath me. As he stared lustily at my bouncing tits, I felt another powerful orgasm building inside me. Before long, I felt my pussy spasming around his cock as I came.

Panting and feeling dizzy with pleasure, I paused for a moment to recover. But Paul had other ideas. He pulled me close and flipped me over in one swift motion, still inside me, and started fucking me wildly. With every stroke he let out a sexy, animalistic grunt. I dug my nails into his back and wrapped my legs tightly around him, savoring every inch of his cock. As it began to spasm, he quickly pulled out and shot his cum in long pearly strands over my stomach and breasts.

He collapsed next to me and we laid back with huge grins on our sweaty faces. It was way too hot to cuddle, so we settled for lazily running our hands over one another’s bodies. We both said, unconvincingly, that we should try not to let this happen again out of respect for our partners. We’ll see if we can stick to that…


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