Friends With Benefits Sex Story: From One Night Stand Turned To Friends With Benefits

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friends with benefits sex story from one night stand to FWF relationship

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My last spring brake sex story was well received so I figured I’d go for another, as being single for a while has helped me have quite a bit of fun.

I met Monica at my cousin’s graduation, and the first thing that drew me to her was her sexy glasses and big tits. We partied and had fun and then went our separate ways, and the next morning she had added me on FB and sent me her phone #. Fast forward a couple of days and me and some buddies wanted to hit the strip club, but she also wanted to hang out with us, so I invited her to grab a couple of friends and join us. She showed up to the club and the friend she brought was bangin hot – brunette with a tight body, slightly fuller tits and a great ass; I was loving having the two hottest girls in the strip club with me.

After a while her friend wanted to go (had to work early) and my friends were in full drunk mode so I stuck around, not thinking anything would happen with them (the dreaded friendzone) and texted her when I got home. We texted for a bit before she told me her and her friend wanted to take pole dancing classes after going to the strip club for the first time, not to dance at the club but because of how sexy some of the moves were.

I jumped at the opportunity to be their private audience and proposed the idea to her, and the response I got was “can you handle two pairs of perfect DDs?” I liked where this was going at that point, and prodded her to send me a pic of her tits to validate they were as good as advertised, and I was not disappointed.

Fair is fair and she wanted to see my dick, so I sent her one too and then she went silent so I thought maybe she passed out, but a few minutes later her response changed everything “I got naked and playing with my little purple vib thinking of your big dick cumming in my mouth”…game on! We were both blackout and texted a bit more but made plans to fuck the next day since we couldn’t drive.

Next day comes around and I hit her up after I woke up, and she responded saying I should come over. She lives in a good sized house and all roommates were gone so had the place to herself, and answers the door in a tiny tshirt (no bra, hard nips) and bootyshorts.

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We just go plop on the couch and cuddle as we’re still both nursing hangovers, watching iron chef or something. As the episode drew to an end, we made a bet on the winner, and the loser had to get naked. Thankfully I won, and she got up, got naked, and layed back down with me. By this point I was rock hard and grabbed her hand and put it on my dick over my shorts, and she was stroking me up and down and then stopped and sat up.

I thought something was wrong, but she proclaimed how much she loved sucking dick and really wanted me in her mouth and I got naked in about 2seconds and layed back. This chick sucked my dick like a champ, still to this day that was the bet BJ I ever had.

After about 5min she said her mouth was getting sore from my size and we’d need more practice so she could suck longer, but was ready to get fucked, so I had her bury her face in the couch and stick that ass up for me. She begged me to start slow so she could feel all of me enter, and god damn her dirty talk was fucking on point, making me ready to bust at any second so I had to pull it together.

After a few slow thrusts and some smacks on the ass I reached forward and grabbed those big tits and started to drive home with some authority, causing her to step up her dirty talk even more – I was in heaven, big tits in my hands, and bouncing off a perfect ass while she keeps telling me how awesome my dick is and how she wants to swallow my cum.

I wanted those tits in my face, so next I sat down on the couch and she straddled and started riding me, alternating between bouncing and grinding while keeping her dirty talk going.

I didn’t get to see her face before in doggy, but now could see this girl was in fuckin extacy, every few pumps her eyes would roll back in her head and she would let out a shuddering moan, hard to say but she might have enjoyed it more than I did.

After a few min of riding I pushed her down and she wanted me to do her from behind again, but this time spooning. I still have fond memories about right before she was about to cum and grabbed my hands to her boobs and told me to pull on her nipples, and that set her off as I continued to fuck her.

After her orgasm she was set on getting me to cum in her mouth and I was very close and pulled out and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to me. As soon as my head touched her lips I was unleashing loads into her throat, and she took it like a champ and made sure to get every last drop out of me.

We were both beat and hungover and she just layed naked on top of me, and after about 10-15 she shifted her weight and could feel her wetness on my now hardening shaft, and we kicked off round two. Never dated Monica, but we had a lot of sex that summer, and catch up every so often for another romp…but that first time was my favorite with her. Any ladies want to collaborate on some activites that lead to a new story, let me know – still single and ready to mingle!


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