Friends With Benefits Stories: A Hot Night With My Ex Nate

friends with benefits stories

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Nate and I have been friends for a little over 8 years. He was the last person I dated before getting together with the man I would eventually marry and am currently in the process of divorcing. We only went out for 3 weeks, and there were no hard feelings about the break up. As time has gone on I’ve come to value his friendship even more than our romantic history. So when he asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie the answer was “of course!”.

Nate was never unattractive, but in the last year he’s become downright sexy. We dated while I had a pixie cut, and he had hair down to his shoulders. Now, he enjoys playfully tugging my long curly hair when my back is turned and i enjoy looking at his chiseled jaw beneath his short messy hair. He went from chunky to buff. And when a girlfriend asked why I “let him go” I laughed and said “he sure as hell didn’t look like that when I had him.” He’s also grown up as a person. The angry teenager I briefly dated became a wise well rounded man who I deeply respect.

When I got to his house his brother let me in. I set my purse down on the floor and flopped onto Nate’s bed. We went through the normal chit chat, and set to choosing a movie- which lead to us talking about religion, trust issues, and why we were both single. His brother knocked and said he was heading out.

When we heard the front door close Nate smiled smugly at me “So, have you been writing?” I blushed “here and there.” He lit a cigarette “I was on Reddit the other day and something about this story I read seemed familiar.” I froze “Well, part of the human experience is common ground, right?” My heart started pounding, he laughed “yeah, but there aren’t many people who can sprain their wrists like that.” I put my hands over my face “I published that months ago.” He exhaled a cloud of smoke “I know, I started with the hate fuck and worked my way back.” I peeked through my fingers “you read all of them?” He nodded, still grinning like the cat who cought the canary.

“You’ve been spending entirely too much time masturbating.” My red cheeks intensified beneath my palms and then he said “why didn’t you just call me?” My eyes went wide. “I don’t want to fuck up our friendship.” I mumbled. He laughed again and butted out his cigarette. His strong tattooed arms wrapped around me “we can still be friends.” His lips were on my neck. I felt myself getting wet. “This is a really bad idea” I mumbled. He pulled me in closer “terrible.” My hands pressed into his shoulder blades and I felt his manhood against me.

I bit my lip and moved a hand from his back to his cock. That same long thick uncircumcised shaft I had enjoyed so much so many years ago was standing at full attention beneath his soft black gym shorts. My fingers settled around it “we really shouldn’t do this” he lifted my skirt and pulled back to look at me “Not wearing underwear? Good girl.” I started to tremble, but returned the grin.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pressed me to the ground. I eagerly pulled at his shorts and watched his dick bobb after the waistband was around his knees. He grabbed my pony tail and forced his way down my throat, groaning with every thrust. I pulled back and played at his foreskin with the tip of my tongue. He picked me up by the ribs and threw me onto the bed, laying beside me with a hand on my breast and pushing deep inside me.

I cried out and pressed my hips into him, holding his wrist with one hand and clutching a pillow with the other. I started pushing faster. He pulled my hair, slapped my ass and calmly told me “we’re going to make this last.” I moaned and squirmed but couldn’t bring myself to form the words “that sounds like a good plan! I’m down to make this last. Let’s do that!” His hand didn’t return to my breast, it was on my throat now. My back arched and he slapped my ass again. I cried out his name with an Earth shattering orgasm, but he wasn’t done. He grabbed my hips from either side and pulled me onto all fours, all pretense of gentleness was gone. He was pushing hard into me, faster and faster, grunting and groaning, lost in lust, I felt myself tense and screamed again with another incredible orgasm.

Fireworks tingled through my veins and I reciprocated every movement. He slapped my ass one last time, pulled out and came all over my cheeks and slit.

As a kindness he cleaned me up before himself. I was trembling so bad I couldn’t light my own cigarette, so he lit it for me. I exhaled and smiled “always the gentleman.” He chuckled “anything for a friend.”


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