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The first time I kissed a girl I was 31 years old. I had left my husband of 13 years just a few weeks prior to this encounter. He had tried to kill me, and I have a zero tolerance policy for violence against my person, so off I went. I had been a faithful wife, the kind that made the money, and cooked the meals, gave great head, and all I asked in return was for the dishes to be done, the laundry kept, and the house neat. It was a great arrangement until one day. In the first weekend following my flight I went with my sister to a club on base, where I of course went home with a couple of guys for a crazy threesome with two sailors, but before I left with them, this girl came and got my number. I was so shocked I just gave it to her. I’d always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, and the very next day she called.
We made plans that night to go out, I was brand new in town and my truck was still stranded. She would pick me up. I didn’t really know what we were going to do, she just asked me if I’d like to cruise? Anything sounded better than being in my parents house at 31 years old on a Saturday night. She got to my house about 11 o’clock, and there was a man driving her car. I hopped in the back seat and was immediately handed a blunt and a bottle of cheap rum to hit, we drove off to the sound of Hawaiian reggae songs on the radio, something about an undercover lover, and by the time we escaped the burbs I was already feeling nice and chill. I could get used to cruising.

She was married, and he was her buck boy while her husband was away, hell she even had him around when her husband was home, that guy was none too bright. Anyway, we drove onto the base and into a neighborhood under construction. The houses were near finished, but the doors had no locks yet on several and we were easily able to get inside. We had the bottle and continued to pass it around as we toured this enormous officers house, we went up a grand staircase, talkin shit to one another the whole way about what we would do with a house like this.

Then we got to this room that had carpet laid in it already. We sat down in a circle and smoked the last blunt when it was near finished, and the bottle was near empty they began kissing, he kissed her deep and pulled her shirt off, her tits were ENORMOUS!! I later found out she wears a G cup, basically her tits are the size of your head or bigger. His hands were large, he was tall 6’2” with a thin build and a thick 8” cock, he pulled her pants off and began eating her pussy, which became too much for me. I began touching myself, my clit was totally engorged and I was soaking wet, I one hand on my pussy and was squeezing a nipple with the other hand, when she reached out and pinched my other nipple. He was eating her good, and she was beginning to yell out, so to quiet her I shoved my tits in her face, I’m an F cup so they aren’t small, and then we began sucking on each others tits while he continued to eat her pussy.

He wouldn’t let her cum yet, and he moved over to me and bent me over her pussy, he shoved my face in her pussy, and buried his cock in my pussy and told me I had to make her cum or I wouldn’t get to cum. He began fucking me hard, his cock was buried so deep and I went to town on her pussy. I put my fingers inside of her, while sucking on her clit Then all of a sudden I didn’t feel a cock inside me anymore. It was agony. He went to have her start sucking his cock and he said I could have it again only when I made her cum. I couldn’t do it, try as I might, she would not cum for me the bitch, so finally she got on her knees. He got behind her and started pounding her doggy style, and I got underneath her in the 69 position.

I was eatin her pussy, and she began to eat mine. Oh and was she GOOD AT IT!!! She made me cum immediately, but was merciless and would not stop, my clit was so sensitive now and she just woulsdn’t quit, I was sucking on her clit as his dick was inside of her and then it happened. She came and when she did she squirted all over me. As soon as she began to squirt he climbed off of her and told me I did well. He got me on my knees, and had me keep licking her clit as she lay back, and he gave me that cock back. He was pounding my pussy from behind when she climbed under me, and began to eat my pussy while he fucked me, they made me cum so hard and so many times I lost count.

I’m pretty sure that brand new carpet was completely ruined after that escapade. Her and I would go on to have a lot of fun together. We’ll call her Gabrielle.

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