Handcuff Sex With Hot College Classmate, My First Kinky Experience


Handcuff sex with college student

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Who can say no to a little bit of rough sex involving handcuffs and a blindfold?

When I was younger, I used to have a very romantic and sweet view of sex…I have become much more experienced and adventurous about my sex life, I guess one starts getting bored of the same positions after awhile.

I think it was a passage I found in a diary I kept during my college years that inspired me to write this story and share some of my kinkiness with you all, it was around this time I started to discover the slightly more ‘playful’ ways that exist to enjoy another person. The paragraph in question read as follows(do excuse if my English is not as good then as it is today, I was learning the language back then):

“To love someone and be loved is the most wonderful thing there is. To feel closeness, affection and be caressed by  soft delicate hand means security beyond my dreams. Reaching an orgasm together with someone I love means the world to me… especially when showing each other things neither of us thought possible

At the time I had this college boyfriend in mind, let’s call him Jason for the sake of this story.  I first met Jason at a university class we took together, second-year math if I recall correctly, he was definitely the sexiest guy in the classroom, I noticed him since the first day I saw him walking in. I think it was his eyes that truly did it for me, the light that seemed to emanate from them, the confidence which he exuded as he walked, his boyish looks and that gorgeous smile he showed to everyone, what a handsome guy he was! Just thinking about him still makes me a little wet…

I will accept we did move rather quickly, after a shallow conversation during class we ended up agreeing to meet out for some drinks that same Friday. Of course, the day arrived faster than expected.

Once we met, I found myself laughing and sharing drinks with him all night long. oOne thing led to another and before I could do anything about it I was over at his place looking at his gorgeous naked body as he slowly undressed for me.  I was already burning inside as he approached to kiss me passionately and help me out of my own clothes, what a wonderful feeling I got as my bra came off,  his hands now grasping my boobs, softly at first, but with manly power to make me beg for more…

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Things were already heated, I was taking all the freedom to lay my hands all over his warm and strong body, I didn’t know it yet, but this wasn’t just going to be a standard session of sex. He had another ace up its sleeve, from the drawer that was next to the bed we were making out, he got  a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold, he looked at me for approval, I didn’t even doubt it for a second, by this point I was extremely horny and the thought of trying something new made burner even hotter with desire. My hands were now shackled, couple of seconds later he was carefully tying the blindfold over my eyes.

He laid me softly on the bed before starting to explore the inside of my thighs with his fingers,  he started around my ankles but as his touch moved closer to pubic area I couldn’t help to let a soft moan escape. I could feel my pussy starting to get moist as he got closer, suddenly , it wasn’t his fingers on y skin anymore…  An electric shock of pleasure shot up my spine as I realized it was his tongue heading directly towards my vagina, oh the pleasure was crippling at this point, all made more enjoyable by the restriction of those cuffs. How arousing it was not being able to escape his sweet power.

His tongue began to move up and down, in a repetitive motion along the inner thigh and I hated him for it at the same I loved it, his teasing was making me crazy with desire, I was not able to hold my moaning anymore, he had me under absolute control, I wanted him inside of so badly! At this point my pussy was dripping, labia swollen and begging to be penetrated, as good as his tongue felt on my clitoris, I needed more, I needed to feel him inside of me soon or I was going to explode.

I had stopped being quiet a long time ago, I pretty much screamed of pleasure as his hard cock finally penetrated my now soaked pussy. I wanted to feel his whole length and power, almost as if reading my  mind, his thrust began to send his dick deeper and deeper inside of me.  His ever growing passion and force mixed the blindfold and the handcuffs made me reach  levels of pleasure I never thought I could experience.

At this moment, our bodies were one, I started to feel deep from within a climatic force that soon would explode into the most intense orgasm I was yet to have…

It was long after that my entire body contracted with unimaginable force, an explosion of pleasure that started from my G-spot immediately travel throughout the entirety of my body, arching my back and forcing the loudest most uncontrollable moan imaginable… Oh what satisfaction I experienced! My body now twitching, legs shaking, the handcuffs still restricting me just made the whole experience that much intense…

Suddenly I got a sweet kiss, I felt one of his hands teasingly playing with one of my breasts. Was it good he whispered questioning? Mmmm, I answered honestly, this was a fuck I could not ever forget, and I still haven’t!

I met Jason a couple more times after that, of course I couldn’t get enough from a single meeting! But sounds like this will be content for another story… I still would like to think what you guys thought about this? I have just started writing these sex stories and I’m always looking for a bit of feedback, should I write some more? Let me know in the comment section below!


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