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Julie had given me a wonderful first experience with oral sex. Now she wanted to take it all the way. That I HAD experienced before, and I wanted to give her as much or more pleasure than she had given me.

The night after the phenomenal BJ, Julie’s roommate was off to another social outing. It was rush season, so there was something seemingly every night. The sheer awesomeness of the prior night’s experience had me jonesing to get back into bed with Julie, and thankfully, she felt the same. We hung out off and on all day, making a date to get together later in the evening.

I knocked on her door around 10. She greeted me with a smile and sparkling eyes, clad in a white t-shirt and short, gray shorts that hugged the contours of her body. The drawstrings were already loose, and the thought immediately crossed my mind, “At least I don’t have to worry about untying any knots tonight!”

She pulled me in by the hand and closed the door behind us, locking it for good measure.

Once inside, we looked at each other. “Hey,” she said. “Hey,” I responded. “Listen,” I continued, “I uh, I, just wanted, uh, to say, I had a really nice time last night. So, uh, thanks!” She smiled, and leaned into me, resting her head against my chest. She looked up at me, smiled again and said, “Me, too.”

She paused, looked down, looked back up at me, and said, “I was kind of hoping we might have an even better time tonight.”

My heart and my cock leaped in the same moment. I was still young enough where every sexual encounter was new, and exciting, and special, and I was certainly excited about the idea of going all the way with Julie.

“Yeah, me too,” I said. I looked down into her brown eyes, and leaned in for a kiss. We started slowly, and gently, and gradually increased the intensity of our kissing. I loved her soft, full lips. I loved the way her tongue danced around my mouth, darting, exploring, probing. I loved the way she tasted.

As we continued, I slowly backed her up toward her bed. Once there, I pulled her face to mine, kissed her hard on the mouth, then pulled back from her face so I could kiss, nip, and suck on her ears and neck. She moaned as I did, and pressed her body into mine.

After a few moments, I reached for the hem of her shirt, and pulled it over her head, then pulled my own off. I traced my fingers along the skin of her shoulders, her arms, her stomach, and then her sides. She shivered, and goosebumps rose on her skin.

I then traced the seams of the white lace bra she wore, feeling her nipples hardening beneath the lace. I could not wait to bare her breasts. I am a breast (and ass) man, and especially then, there was just something so powerfully exciting about baring a woman’s breasts. Looking back, perhaps it’s because that was the first moment where a woman indicated that she wanted to be truly, physically intimate with me.

In any case, it was only moments later when I freed her breasts clumsily by reaching behind her and struggling with the bra clasp until it came loose. To this day, I struggle with the bra clasp, especially in the back. Why can’t all bra clasps be in the front!

I gently placed one hand on each breast, excitedly registering the smooth skin beneath each hand, interrupted by the jutting hardness of her nipples.

I stepped back, keeping my hands where they were. “You are so sexy,” I whispered. She smiled and blushed, and said, in a very small voice, “Thank you.”

I proceeded to lavish attention on her breasts, intentionally covering every part of them except her nipples. I wanted to save them for last 😉

I paused momentarily to lay her down on her back on the bed, then joined her. I kissed her on the lips, then began kissing my way back down to her breasts. With a hand on one, I lowered my lips to the other, tracing a path around the aureola before sucking the nipple into my mouth. She shuddered and moaned,then yelled as I gently, then firmly squeezed the nipple of the other breast between my fingers. I LOVED the contrast of the rough skin of a hardened nipple in contrast to the otherwise silly smooth skin of the woman I was caressing. A pair of rock-hard nipples are a sure fire sign of arousal — that a woman LIKED what you were doing to her body — so seeing or feeling them always drove me wild.

This went on for some time, until I noticed her legs were constantly opening and attempting to wrap around mine, and that her pelvis kept pushing against mine. It was time.

I kissed my way from her chest to the waistband of her shorts. She lifted her hips off the bed, and I pulled her shorts down and off. I was greeted by the sight of her legs clad only in a pair of white lace panties with a pink bow at the top.

Now, as a young man who grew up in the era of the (paper) Victoria’s Secret catalog, it had always been my belief that women always wore matching bras and panties. It didn’t take more than a few experiences to learn that in fact, this almost NEVER happened. So, I was both grateful and aroused that Julie had worn matching lingerie 😉

I kissed my way back up from her toes to her thighs, moving ever so slowly, despite my increasingly mad desire to get right down to pounding away at her.

Upon reaching her panties, I kissed and sucked the flesh of her inner thigh, inhaled her scent, and traced the pattern of the lace against her skin, first across the waistband and then down as the lace plunged between her thighs. She moaned and twisted toward my fingers. I pressed two fingers gently against her from outside her panties, causing her to push back against my fingers.

“Please!” she groaned. “Please fuck me already!”

I needed no further encouragement. I grasped her panties with both hands and gently, slowly removed them from her body. I relished the moment. There is something so generous and trusting and awesome about a woman allowing, encouraging you to take her panties off — letting you know that this is it, she really does want you, wants this incredibly intimate experience with YOU, wants to you to become part of her…my head was swimming.

I tossed her panties aside, tore off the rest of my clothes, and then realized I had completely, totally forgotten about a condom. I almost wilted right there. Julie looked up at me, recognized the look on my face, and said, ” I have been on the Nuvo ring for months. I WANT you to come inside me.”

I crawled up the bed toward her, her legs opening to receive me. She opened softly as I pushed the head of my cock inside her opening. It felt exquisite! Warm, inviting, tight, wet, and so, so, so good. I kept pushing, then pulled out, then pushed, repeating this 4-5 times until I slid all the way inside her. She moaned aloud as I slid all the way inside her. I held there a moment — to be honest, I was so aroused I thought I might blow.

I took a deep breath, thought, “baseball, baseball, baseball,” and began to move. Forward, back, in and out, trying to lose myself in the sensations of being surrounded by her, but not feel them so deeply that I would lose control.

Julie began moving her hips in time to mine, and moaning with every thrust. Her eyes closed and her lips opened , and hung open as we moved together. After a while, I wanted something more intense, so I rotated her hips back, so I was thrusting almost straight down into her.

I pounded down into Julie, and her eyes opened and widened. “Oh God, that’s it, you’re hitting it, don’t stop!” she cried. I pulled back as far as I could, then pounded down into her again, and again, and again.

Before long, our pace quickened and hardened, and I pounded her over and over and over. Her cries grew louder and louder and less comprehensible until they were wordless and wild, and I was losing control, until I reached the point of explosion and came ferociously, pushing into her until I was completely empty. I collapsed against her, sweaty, exhausted, speechless, sated.

For a long while, we said nothing, just breathing, sweating, staring but not seeing. Then, Julie raised up on one arm and said, “So I guess that qualifies as an even better night than las night, eh?”

I laughed.

“Uh, yeah, yeah it does!”

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  • Ken says:

    You should have ate and fingered her vagina some first before fucking her to return the favor of the blowjob she gave you.

    • mat mat says:

      Eye for an eye type of situation eh? Hahahah I agree with this man, that would have been absolutely fair 🙂

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