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honeymoon sex stories

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The day after my wedding was pretty awesome. I finally got to wake up to the woman of my dreams and call her my wife. It was a good day already as we slept until almost noon. After a quick shower, we were ready to hit the road to our honeymoon.

On the way out the door, we decided on a whim to stop at the local sex toy store to see if there was anything that we wanted. We got in there and my wife went straight for this new toy that she wanted to get really badly. She told me that she went to that same store the night of her bachlorette party and wanted to get it but, it was expensive. It was expensive but, she begged and pleaded until finally I caved and we got it.

On the road finally, we began to discuss the event from the day before. It was still all so fresh and new in our heads that we had finally made it and were finally married. It was so exciting to know that we were finally husband and wife. Naturally of course, my wife’s mind turned to the naughty toy that was in our backseat. She wanted to open it so I let her and she pulled it out of the package.

It was a bullet shaped thing, except much bigger and it had these two ends on it that looked like tongues. Now, of course I am driving down the road and I see why she made me drive. She pulled aside her shorts and her underwear and put it right onto her pussy. Turning the vibration function on, she whimpered a little bit as the thing whirred to life. She tried every option and every position, with each new speed or setting, she became wetter and wetter and bucked her hips a little more each time. The sight of my new wife furiously masturbating in the seat next to me was quite a shocker.

I mean, we told ourselves that we were cut off from all sexual activities one month before the wedding (masturbating included) so, to say that we were both horny out of our minds was an understatement.

She told me how good it felt and how much she loved her new toy. After watching her play with herself, I could feel my cock straining against my shorts. I needed to get it out and I needed to feel its hardness in my hand right there.

She dared me to get it out and I opened my pants and it sprang free. She was furiously rubbing her clit on her favorite new toy while she watched as, with one hand on the wheel, I began to stroke my cock. It felt amazing and was really quite an experience. After awhile, she told me that she wanted me to try the toy on her.

Leaning back in the seat, she handed me the toy and I went straight for her clit. I didn’t really know how it worked so I just moved it around on her aching pussy until she moaned the loudest and then stopped. I tried each of the settings and every one made her hornier and hornier. She could barely contain herself and before long, I could feel her pussy tense up as she screamed and bucked, all while telling me not to stop.

She screamed with joy as the waves of orgasm rolled over her like waves on the beach. I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I didn’t stop as she was just coming down from her orgasm before she was moaning again. It was a different kind of moan and I knew what that meant. She rubbed her clit with great speed as I kept the toy over her pussy and then she yelped and a small stream of liquid shot out of her pussy and onto the dashboard. I kept going as she was unleashing guttural moans and more and more juices all over the car.

After stopping finally, she turned bright red, clearly embarrassed. She’s squirt before, so that wasn’t the issue. She was embarrassed that she got it all over the seat and dashboard. I pulled over to the nearest store, as she wiggled her pants on. We debated on what we should do before I finally went into the store (thank god for the middle-o-nowhere Dollar General) and grabbed a towel from the store and wiped out the car.

We got back on the road, and both of our minds were still on sex. We talked about it non-stop until we saw a sign for a sex store and figured, we went to one already that day, why not another one! We went in and looked around. She told me that she felt bad for spending so much money on the toy earlier that it was my turn to get something. We discussed and debated and finally, I chose for a pocket pussy toy.

While we were on the road again, my wife was again curious about the new purchase and took it out of the pack. She played with it and stretched it and wondered what it felt like. She was playing with it so much that it started to make me hard again. It wasn’t really a secret but she picked up on it, and without a word, reached back for the lube that came with it, and lubed it up.

She then asked me to unbutton my pants, and I did so quickly as my cock one again was free. Giving it a few quick strokes, she got it lubed up and put the tip of the new toy over my cock. Slowly, she slid it down my cock and then back up. It was a pretty incredible feeling, getting stroked off by my wife while flying down the highway. She giggled and kept going, as I was squirming around in my seat, and grabbed my balls and messaged them while she maintained a good pace with the new toy.

I held back for as long as I could before I told her I was going to cum and she pushed it down deep on my cock. I held onto the wheel for dear life as my cum came flying out of me and into the pocket pussy. I could feel the thing getting filled with my cum and it was hard to keep the wheel straight.

I came down from my orgasm and we pulled into a rest stop and cleaned off with the trusty Dollar General towel. We were such horny devils but we didn’t care. We were married now. 🙂


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