Husband Watches Wife (Me) Hook Up With Complete Stranger


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So we decided it would be hotter if he was to catch us in the act, so he went to a strip club to get warmed up while I meet my friends for drinks. I promised him I’d text him when we were on the way to the house, and we let him know by sending a pic of my friend in his driver’s seat with his cock in my mouth. I knew I wanted him to last and make my husband watch as long as I could, so I sucked him off in the parking lot of the bar and made sure I swallowed every drop of cum before we headed to my house.

I stroked his cock all the way home, and by the time we pulled up in the driveway he was hard as a rock. We decided to strip and jump in the pool to mess around, knowing my husband would be home any time. He laid me out on the steps and buried his face between my legs, licking and sucking my clit so hard I was almost convulsing. He pulled his head up to let me know we had a visitor, and I turned around and saw my husband’s face watching us through the window. I knew he was probably already jerking off, so I grabbed my friend’s head, shoved it back down to my pussy and started grinding against his beard as he tongue fucked me. I came loud and hard, and when I was done he stood up, grabbed my arm and dragged me inside.

We walked into the living room and he pushed me into my knees and started face fucking me in front of my husband. Hubby was standing there stroking himself through his pants, but as soon as my friend grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth even harder, my hubby pulled his pants down and stood there with his precum dripping everywhere. He sat down on the couch and moaned as soon as he started stroking himself again. He both had a strict rule that he couldn’t touch or join in, and thank good I told my friend that because what he did next was so goddamn hot I’ll be fantasizing about it every day the rest of my fucking life.

He had me stand in front of my hubby with one leg in front of him and the other on the couch, and starts rubbing his cock against my pussy right in front of my husband’s face. Started telling him how wet I was for him and how tight my pussy was around his cock. He went excruciatingly slow, which drove my husband nuts. He was so close to cumming the whole time he had to stop touching himself constantly, and the look on his face watching this huge cock stressing my pussy right in front of him made me think of a lion watching it’s prey… It was so primal I don’t know how else to describe it. My friend could see how close he was, so he told him to follow us into the bedroom.

Once we stumbled into my room he shoved me up against the wall. He leaned down and started sucking my tits and fingering me, hard, until he had me panting and begging for his cock. I looked over and my husband’s cock was literally harder than I’ve ever seen it. My friend grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed. I climbed into his lap while my hubby sat in a chair across from us. I started grinding on his cock, pressing his face in between my tits and making sure I was bent forward enough so my man could see every inch of his cock going in and out over I slid it in. After he had enough, he pushed me onto his cock and started meeting my thrusts as rough as he could. We were both moaning so loud (and him telling me what a dirty whore I am) and fucking so hard for a few minutes I forgot my husband was there until I heard a snacking noise behind me. I turned around and he had pulled out the fake pussy I bought him as a gift and lubed it up and was bouncing it on his lap the way I was fucking my friend’s cock. Watching him do that while watching me filled up with cock was when I lost control. I started talking dirty to both of them, hubby started moaning louder, I could feel my friend’s cock throbbing in my pussy and I knew he was close. I started to cum (loudest fucking orgasm I’ve ever had), and it happened so fast my friend wasn’t able to pull out and ended up shooting his load inside me which pushed my husband over the edge. Seriously the most intense fuck session I’ve ever had.

My husband has been rock hard for the last 4 days. I would have never thought he would enjoy that as much as me, but it just made him want to fuck me more. And I’m proud to say I totally snuck out of our room after he fell asleep, just to fuck my friend in the guest room again without my husband watching. We decided we didn’t want him to know about that one, so he came in me again so in the morning my husband would have to fuck my pussy filled with his cum without knowing. Because what kind of slut would I be without breaking the rules a little bit?


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