I Touch Myself: I Just Could’t Take It Anymore, I had to pleasure myself!

i touch myself when im horny

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Yesterday was the first time I played with my pussy in weeks. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to – I’ve just been busy traveling with friends and family, with rarely a moment alone. But yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore.

My friend and I were on an overnight train, sleeping on the bottom bunks across from each other. It was midday, though, and the compartment was flooded with daylight.

I couldn’t stop thinking about sex, or how good it feels to stand up on my knees and fuck myself with my dildo until my legs shake. I needed to fuck myself like that again. I remembered my last night in my old apartment, a sweaty marathon of orgasms while my roommate was out.

I fucked myself laying down, kneeling, standing, ass up, until I was just a stream of incoherent, breathy moans, and my lingerie was a sweaty mess stuck to my skin. And I imagined fantasies of my own as well: getting fucked blindfolded by strangers, having my legs bound up near my head and my arms tied down near my ass and getting bred in that position.

I could feel the wet spot growing in my panties, and reached down to rub the wetness into my clit. I circled it slowly, lazily, and then gradually picked up speed. As soon as I started I knew I couldn’t stop, so I pulled blankets over my body and prayed my friend wouldn’t wake up. It had been weeks since I felt my thighs twitch like that, and the soles of my feet burned. I slid a finger deep into my pussy, and then another, bucking my hips as subtly as possible. I ground my knuckles into my clit and buried my face in my leather jacket as I came, trying to breathe through the clenches and moans.

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The feeling did little to relieve my appetite, though, and all I can think about now is getting a good fucking. It’s been months since I had one, and I want to get fucked until I’m just a slutty puddle of cum. And though I don’t have anymore privacy, today I fingered myself in the bed of my hostel dorm like the sex-starved person I am, while the others were getting ready for bed in the dark. Every time I started to roll along with the movement, the rickety wooden bunkbed would creak and shake. So I finally locked myself in the shower, turned the water on, and searched for something to fill myself with. I only had the ridged, rubber handle of my hairbrush but figured it would do.

I braced against the cool shower walls for support, my lips fogging the tile, and slid the handle as deeply as it would go. By that time I was too far gone to pay attention to my volume. (Did I mention the bathroom of our hostel dorm doesn’t have a door? There’s only an incomplete 3/4 sliding door for the shower)

The hairbrush handle made a wet shluck-shluck-shluck sound as it pumped inside my pussy, and with every thrust my eyelids fluttered and a soft moan escaped. God, to feel full again. My legs were shaking so badly I could barely stand, so I knelt on the shower floor and picked up the pace. As I edged closer to climax, I twisted and circled my nipples, sucked my fingers and played with my clit, and then finally ground my knuckles into it.

The shockwaves spasmed out from my pussy, down my legs to the balls of my feet. The feeling was delicious – I swear I had goosebumps on my scalp, it felt so good. I collapsed into the wall and sat there, blissed-out and shuddering with the contractions. Though I would have preferred a hard cock teasing me to the brink of that mindless state, and a used pussy dripping with hot cum, it’s always empowering turning myself into a needy little slut with the rhythm of my own fingers and whatever other…tools…are at my disposal. 😉


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