Lesbian sex stories: I moved in with my pretty sex-crazed lesbian girlfriend…

lesbian sex stories moved in with sexual girlfriend

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Several of you have reached out to me in my private chat profile and asked for a Part 2 of a my last ass licking story with Steph. So I thought I’d tell about some other stuff that happened while I was with Steph. I think if a girl pulls your panties down, rubs your pussy, and licks your ass to get you off right out in the open at a party – on the first date – the only natural thing to do is have her move in with you. Right? So of course that’s what I did!

After that party, Steph and I were pretty much together constantly. About a month of that, and she had some drama with her living arrangements so I suggested she just move in with me. She moved in that same day. To the rest of the world we were just roommates. She was a friend I was helping out with a place to stay. I know some people suspected there was more but I always laughed it off and denied it. No way I was ready to deal with all the shit of telling people we were together.

So that was a little frustrating for Steph. We pretty much acted just like roommates all week long so when the weekends hit she was a sex fiend. It’s all she wanted. You guys may have figured out, I’m a damaged individual. Her wanting me and grabbing me and stuff became quite a turn off in no time at all. You’d think someone being so into me would be a good thing, right? I’ve always liked the beginning of relationships. As soon as someone starts latching onto me and expecting things of me, I feel all trapped and start to subtly push them away. Well, this was my first time trying all my bullshit on another girl. And pretty much none of it was working. Ha!

She either didn’t get it or didn’t care. No matter what “signals” I tried to send, they didn’t phase her. She was hungry for me and she wanted sex pretty much every free moment we had. With another girl as a sexual partner there’s a lot of taking turns. Soon I found out I really liked being the giver more than the receiver. I’d often give Steph “her turn” and that was it. I was all good. No wonder she was crazy about me! Lol!!

Having my clit stimulated has always been way better for me than penetration. I love to be rubbed and fondled and licked. But she loved to be penetrated. Banged. Fucked, really. She’d never been with a guy at all. Never on a date, never kissed a guy or anything. But she loved to get fucked really hard. When I would touch her pussy after a few seconds of “warm up” she’d be reaching down and trying to push my fingers inside her. I liked how wet she got. I got addicted to the feeling of making a girl all crazy with arousal. No wonder guys are such insatiable sex hounds! Having a girl panting and making sexy noises and wiggling around under your touches is fucking incredible.

That feeling was amazing. I got more satisfaction out of getting Steph than I did from whatever she did to me after a while. Steph’s pussy was so tiny. She had the sweetest little innie. You couldn’t see her lips at all until she was totally spread open. They were really thin and light pink. She was always perfectly groomed – soft dark hair on top and silky smooth all around. I loved teasing her little lips open. I’d push her legs way apart and I’d do really gentle strokes from bottom to top. Adding the slightest amount of pressure to start spreading her open like flower petals. She would get sooo wet. A few little strokes with one finger like that and I’d feel the slickness dripping from her. My favorite thing was to try to get her so worked up and wet that her honey would actually drip down and disappear between the cheeks of her ass.

She hardly ever let me play with her long enough to do that tho. She wanted me to push inside her with two fingers and finger fuck her as hard and as fast and as deep as I could. She also loved dildos. I’d never even seen one in real life until I got with Steph. She loved them! She refused to use any that looked too much like a real penis tho. Lol! It cracked me up. When I’d ask her why she would say, “Ew! That’s fucking gay!” Hahaha!!! All her toys had to be pink or purple or have crazy ridges and textures on them. I didn’t like fucking her with those as much as I did with my fingers but I did enjoy how much she enjoyed it.

I’m sure anyone that suspected we were more than just roommates would have never guessed that she was usually on the receiving end. We used to joke that I was the girl on the streets but the man in the sheets. She also got me this t-shirt that said, “I’m not a lesbian but my girlfriend is.” Lol! I still wear it every once in a while.

Waking up with an almost naked girl in the bed with you is the fucking best! That’s what I loved most about being with Steph. Her warm little body under the covers with me. She’d be wearing whatever shirt I had on the day before and guy’s boxer shorts with nothing underneath. I’d be in a tank top and panties. Getting our smooth bare legs all tangled up with each other was so awesome. Waking up really slowly, just hanging out in bed, touching and rubbing into each other – that’s when I always got the most aroused. It was usually when I got to take my time touching her and enjoying her girly body.

One morning I woke up and I saw her with her back to me, still asleep I think. She was wearing my shirt, like always, and it was all bunched up so her lower back was exposed. The boxers she was wearing were all bunched up too so most of her gorgeous ass was visible too. Goddamn I was so fucking attracted to her body. She was short and petite but no one that saw her fully clothed would know how curvy she was. Her waist was tiny and her hips were wide. I started tracing the line of muscles on her lower back with one finger. She didn’t react. Her skin was really warm and soft. I loved feeling her skin under my hand.

The feather touches only made me want to touch her more. She was always all bound up in a sports bra so I also really liked her bare back under her shirt. I rubbed all the way up to the back of her neck and then down to the waistband of her boxers. Eventually I started rubbing inside the waistband of her boxers. Fuuuuck, her soft ass in my hand! Nothing better. I don’t know when she woke up exactly but by the time I was touching her ass she was reacting. Little whimpers and she was rocking her hips back to let me know she liked what I was doing.

I scooted closer so we were spooning, with my hand still buried down the back of her shorts. I kissed the back of her neck and then laid my head actually right on her head. It was so quiet. The sound of her breathing let me know she was getting turned on. I had my leg thrown over hers and I was rubbing as deep between her legs as I could reach and then slowly and as gently as possible. Steph had such a tight little innie, plus the way she was laying, I was pretty much just caressing the soft skin around her pussy no matter how deep between her cheeks I could reach. It felt wonderful but I really wanted to touch her directly, to feel how wet she was. She could tell what I wanted after a few attempts to spread her open.

Steph raised her leg just a little, enough to let me get my finger in those lovely little folds. Oh fuck, she was wet. So, so wet. Touching her gently had me so worked up, I didn’t want it to turn into the wild banging that she usually wanted. I was loving just rubbing her ass and pussy from behind like this. Instead of pushing inside her, I started coating my finger in her wetness and rubbing it on her smooth tight asshole. She sucked in a sharp breath at the first touch. It seemed like she really liked it. I started rubbing it more and more, wetting my finger with her honey then focusing all my attention on that tightest little spot. It got me so turned on to touch her like this.

I raised my head up a little so I could see her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her face was all flushed with arousal. Her little ass was so slippery now. I started sort of tapping and then apply a little pressure to see how she’d react. Her face and her sweet whimpers told me she liked it. She moved her own hand between her legs and started touching herself from the front while I played with her from behind. It was very sexy when our hands would bump each other down there. I had her ass so slick that when I pressed I could feel the little “O” shaped muscle opening around my finger. Steph was moaning more and more.

Slowly, slowly, slowly I added pressure against her tight hole until I had the tip of my finger inside her. She was so smooth and very tight. I kept my slippery finger inside her but started fucking her ass with little in and out motions while she rubbed herself with more intensity from the front. I was mesmerized by her face, all flushed, mouth open and panting in heat. She’s such a sexy little thing! I really miss waking up with her little body in bed with me.

I kept a steady rhythm with my finger in her ass, trying to match the little movement of her hips as I watched her getting closer and closer to getting off. I loved feeling the softness of her beautiful butt against my hand. The sweetness of that combined with the “filthiness” of having my finger inside her was very good. As Steph got very close to climax she said something that froze me. “Stop it,” she whimpered. I wasn’t even sure I heard correctly at first, but I instantly stopped moving my hand. She rocked her ass back against me and said again, “stop.” Just above a whisper and loaded with arousal. Her body language said go but she was definitely saying stop…

“It’s too naughty. Don’t make me cum with your finger in my little asshole. It’s too naughty. I’m a good girl. Don’t make me cum like this. It’s so slutty.” Ahh… as soon as she said “naughty” I caught on. “You love it” I whispered, with my lips right on her ear. “You want to get off with my finger in your ass. You’re so dirty.” Fuck, that made us both wild. She started furiously fingering her pussy while I picked up the pace of my finger in her ass. “You’re making me cum! You’re making me cum!” Steph was moaning over and over as her body shuddered with orgasm. Her ass clamped around my finger so tightly it wouldn’t move at all for a couple seconds. She got off so hard then instantly rolled over so she faced me and we kissed. All wet and frantic with moans and tongues and smacking lips.

Steph pulled my tank top down so one of my tiny little tits sprang out. She rubbed her wet fingers all over my nipple and then sucked it hard. But maybe I’ll tell more about what happened next in a part 3? 😉


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