Maid Sex Stories: Hot Maid Rosaria in Mexico Did a Lot For A $80 Tip

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My freshman year in college my family took a vacation to Cabo. The resort we stayed at was really nice, it had villas at one end and a separate hotel at the other. Being a family of 5, we were in one of the villas which didn’t have maid service, which who knows why my mom would be a fan of cleaning for everyone even while on vacation.

So the hotel was a couple minute walk down the boardwalk. There they had the big pool with the swim up bar, the slide, and the rest of the fun stuff. So for the week we were there, we spent most of our time at that pool or down at the beach.

Sleeping on a sofa bed in a two bedroom room with 4 of your family members leaves you absolutely no privacy, so a couple days in I was getting really horny, and spending days at the pool watching women walk by makes it no easier. Nor does having only a few girls my age either.

So one morning while everyone was getting ready to head to the pool, I decided I would leave a little early and go for a walk. I told my parents I would take everyone’s towels and put them on the lounge chairs to reserve our spot. My dad said great, and I was off, 5 beach towels under my arm walking to the pool. I dropped the towels off, and then tried to figure out what I was going to do for the next 20 minutes. So I decided to go for a walk around the hotel.

As I walked the outdoor hallways I began to think about how amazing it would be to walk past the room of some hot older woman just as she was opening the door, only to have her invite me in, then I came to my senses and realized there was no way in hell that would ever happen.

But as I kept walking I noticed that the only doors that were open were those being cleaned by the maids. Each room I passed I noticed they were all old little women, not one even slightly attractive. Until one door, as I walked past I noticed a woman in her early 30s, medium build, maybe 5’7″ leaning down tucking the bottom edge of the sheets, and I stopped for a second to watch. My heart started racing thinking about her. She stood and turned, and as she looked up, saw me standing there. She seemed a little shocked knowing that I had been watching her. I said hello, and waited as she walked closer. As she walked up she gave me the puzzled look of, “what do you need”. I said I needed couple of towels.

At that she looked down at the cart and said she had one, I responded, “dos por favor”. She smiled and responded in broken english that she needed to finish this room first and told me to wait. As I waited, I walked around the cart and stood in the doorway watching her work. She walked to the bathroom, tiddied up, and came back to the cart to get a few things. She leaned down at the cart, as she came to stand up, she looked up and noticed that I had been looking at her.

The first words I blurted out were “tu eres muy bonita”. She giggled a little and said “gracias”. And turned back to the room to continue.

As I watched I contemplated my next move, not knowing what the hell would even come out this, maybe just a rush and fantasy for later.

Within a minute or two, a man walked up behind me asked me what I was doing. I turned and noticed it was a guy in a bathing suit and shirt. “Can I help you?” he asked. “I’m waiting for a few towels for my parents”. “Can I get in my room”, he responded. I stepped out of the way and figured I should just walk off, but realized that would look really suspicious. So I stood there nervous as all hell waiting for this guy to leave.

Within a minute he was walking out and glared at me. I smiled, and watched him walk off. Within another minute, the maid walked back to the cart and smiled, knowing that I was really nervous. “Towels?” she said, I smiled and said “Si” quickly followed by “que es tu nombre”.

“Rosaria”, she responded “y tu?” “My name is Chris.”

“Tu nombre es Chris”, she giggled, “Si, mi nombre es Chris”.

As she turned, I completely forgot about the guy, and took a step forward back into the doorway, and another into the room and leaned against the open door.

I watched as she wiped down the bathroom counter, and the thought came to me to step it up. As she looked up, I said “you have a really nice body”. At that, she gave me a puzzled look, not knowing fully what I said. I stood for a second tried to pull together my high school spanish. “Tu tienes un cuerpo muy buen”.

She looked away real quick, I could see her getting a little red, and then looked back, and with a little feistiness, and asked “how?”

I stood there looking her up and down, and responded with a smirk “You have a nice butt”, as I reached behind and tapped my ass cheek. She smiled back and said “and?”.

Then I stood there thinking, I should have complemented her eyes first, I went straight to talking about her ass.

Fuck it I thought, at the worst I’ll say goodbye and walk off.

I paused for a second, getting nervous and said “You have grande cheches”. She paused for a second, and put her hands under them and gave them a quick push up and down, laughed, and turned and went back to work.

Idiot, I thought, you blew it.

She finished the counters and adjusting the hand towels, and walked back to the cart, gave me a little smirked, not really even looking at me, and said in broken english. “You have a good body too”, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and walked back to the bathroom.

When she turned back I asked “me tocas?”

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She put her hand to her mouth and then smiled at me. Finally asking “what do I get?”

At that I turned red. I stood there for a second in shock, she had to be playing a game. I responded. “Te quero”

She smiled and corrected my Spanish, “quiero que usted”, “want me?” She continued.

I knew I was bright red, because I could feel how hot my ears were, “yes” I said.

“Si”, she corrected me again.

In the best English so far she responded “you tip the maid?”

Seeing that I’d never actually left a tip for the maid I said, yes.

“How much you tip the maid?”

“$20”. She saw right through my bullshit. “Would you tip me $20?” She asked. “Of course I would.” I responded.

Then in full spanish, she said “se tocas? quiero un tip.” As fast as i could reach in my pocket, I responded “viente dollares?”

She smiled, leaned to see out the doorway, which she obviously couldn’t, grabbed her tits and pushed them up again.

Again she leaned to see if anyone was coming. And I too leaned my head out the door to look. I pulled the twenty out of my pocket and held it. She pointed to the counter and then motioned for me to come near her. As I walked up, she adjusted her bra, making her tits look even more perky.

The thought ran through my head about how to reach out to touch, don’t look like a zombie. I stepped close till there was only about 6 inches between us and slide my hands up her sides. I could feel my blood rushing everywhere, and knew my ears were bright red. When I made it to her tits I slide my hands over them, feeling the contour then gave them a firm squeeze, she let out a small sigh, i then leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I stepped back, and smiled huge, looking her up and down.

“Towels?” she said again giggling. “Si” I responded.

She made one quick pass around the room grabbed the twenty from the counter and escorted me to the door closing it behind us. She looked down at her clip board on the cart and started pushing the cart down 3-4 rooms as I followed her. She stopped the cart and looked at me. “Wait here please” and proceeded down the hallway and around a corner. A minute later she walked back holding two towels and a big smile. As she walked up to me, she grabbed her key card and opened the door putting the door stop down.

She turned standing in front of me holding the towels to her chest. “Tienes un otro tip para mi?”

“For the towels?” I responded, not really wanting to hand over another twenty.

“Por las toallas o mas” as she winked.

I looked at her for a second and she looked into the room and back at me.

“Somebody’s room?” I asked. “Checked out” she responded.

I stood there for a second feeling the remaining $80 dollars I had been carrying around for the last few days. My spending money for something cool to buy or maybe a little bud if the opportunity arose.

I stood there and responded to her “yo tengo ochenta?”

“You tip me ochenta?” She said. I smiled at her, and quickly snapped back “what do I get?” With a smirk.

“Good service” as she smiled and then looked at the open door.

I looked down the hall and then turned my head and looked the other way, not a soul. I looked back at her and said “mi gusta bien service”

She checked the hallway and quietly said “go” looking at the door. I walked in and she moved the cart down the hall between ‘our’ room and the previous. She walked back to the doorway looking back and forth again and stepped in and closed the door. Again she asked “you tip ochenta?” “Si” I responded as I pulled it from my pocket and then put it back.

By this time I had walked all the way into the room and was standing there nervously. She walked in and to the bed and made a quick attempt at making it, pulling the comforter down and smoothed it out. She tapped the bed and told me to sit.

I sat on the edge of the bed. She leaned down to me she asked quietly “que quires, Chris?” I nervously responded looking down her shirt. “You”

She eased down to crouch and leaned in and lifted her top and pushed her bra covered tits into my face. Then moved her way down and kissed me on the lips. “Te gusta?” She went down to her knees and gave me a hug around the waist. She ran her hands around my waist to my thighs and squeezed the tops of both of them. Looking down at my crotch, she looked back up at me and opened her mouth let out a very obviously staged gasp. She rotated her hands around my thighs to grasp my cock along with my inner thigh.

“Me gusta” as she lifted up from my thighs pushing her tits and face into my face. She kneeled back down and slowly began to stroke me through my shorts and I could feel it get harder and lifting away from my thigh. She ran her hands down to my knees and then up my shorts. When she had reached my cock, I think she had been expecting underwear, even though I was in a bathing suit because when my dick met her bare hand she got a real shocked look on her face this time, not the sexy fake ones she had been giving before.

At that she ran her hand around me all the way to the base and then back down giving my head a firm squeeze before she returned her hands to my knees.

She looked up at me and me and asked “quires mas?” “God yes, don’t stop” I said and she giggled. She worked her hands back up my thighs on the outside of my shorts getting higher on her knees and leaned in kissing my neck. “Toca me” she said. “Touch me.” She repeated.

My hands went from laying flat on the bed to running up her arms. I ran my hands up her back and around to her tits. As I touched them she reached up and pulled her bra up and over her boobs. I cupped each and said “bien grande cheches”

“For you baby” she reached down and started to untie my board shorts. As she opened them she noticed the Velcro. “Ouch” she said. She grabbed the sides of the shorts and started to pull them down, she tapped the side of my butt to get me to lift up.

As she slide them down she reached in with her left hand to pull my shaft out. She’s the first and only lefty I’ve been with, being a lefty myself.

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Once I was all the way out she pulled the shorts down to my knees and slid her hands up my thighs again. She wrapped her hand around me and gave a gentle stroke. “Wow, me gusta”

She slid her hand to the base, leaned down and slowly spit on my cock. She looked up at me and smiled. As the spit ran down my shaft she used two fingers to massage it into the underside of my head while still griping the base with her left. She leaned in gave me a deep kiss then pulled away and let more spit slip off her tongue and onto the tip of my dick. At that she let go of the base and wrapped her hand around the head and with a good amount of speed started stroking it.

I tried to rub her tits while she did, but my arms kept getting in the way. I pulled my hands away and sat there watching. She repositioned herself sitting up a little straighter so I could see her tits better, then with her other hand she started rubbing her nipple, leaned forward almost losing her balanced and rubbed the head of my cock to her nipple then sat back on her heels and kept stroking, pushing down firmly when she made it to the base.

She could tell it was drying out a little, stuck out her tongue with a some spit on it, closed her mouth and swallowed. She smiled, leaned down and licked the underside of my cock then popped the head into her mouth, flipped it with her tongue, and let the spit drip out as she held my head in her mouth. She applied a lot of suction and then popped it out of her mouth. She looked up at me and raised her eyebrows a couple times.

I could feel my dick start to throb knowing there was no way I could last much longer. She went back to stroking me slow and hard, letting go when she reached the base and moving her hand to the tip and sliding down again.

I looked down at her smiled and nodded, not knowing how to tell her I was going to cum. She smiled and said “yo quiero”

I looked at her with a puzzled look, hoping she would let me fuck her even if it was only one or two pumps till I came.

Instead she repeated herself, leaned down and slid her mouth around my cock, almost all the way down. She lifted her head, giving the head of my dick another deep suction and a pop as she pulled it out. Then without lifting her head began stroking me hard and fast tonguing the underside of my head and moaning. Within a few seconds I started pulsing, I grabbed her by the back of the neck. As I began to cum she put her lips around my throbbing head and stroked me as I came in her mouth. She began to moan and I could feel the humming.

As I made my last few pulses I let go of her neck and started to relax. She gave me a few last strokes and the carefully pulled my cock from her mouth. She leaned back, smiled and then opened her mouth showing me my cum. She smiled again, swallowed and opened her mouth. I’ve seen women do it in porn and have never found it a turn on, but my god I wish I could have seen her do it again.

She grasped my shaft one last time, gave it a good milking and the last drop of cum came out. She wiped it up with a finger and rubbed it into her nipple.

As she started to get up, she looked at me and said “you like”

I had no idea what to say, so i just sat there and smiled nodding. She giggled, put her hand on my chest, and pushed me back and said “wait”.

She stood up, pulled her bra down, adjusted, then pulled her shirt down and straightened.

She walked away to the bathroom and turned on the sink. I could hear rinsing her mouth out. A minute later she walked back in with a wash cloth and began gently washing me off. When she was done, she tossed it on the bed and began pulling my shorts up. As she got them up, I reached down, tucked myself in and began to tie them up. She ran her hands along my sides, and grabbed my pocket feeling the cash.

“Es esto para mi?” I put my hand in my pocket pulled it out, reached forward and slipped it down her top. Looking back, terrible fucking idea.

She reached down her top right after, pulled it out and put it in her pocket. I stood up, and kissed her on the cheek and whispered “te amo”. She giggled and gave me a big hug.

As we walked to the door, she motioned for me to wait, opened the door and stepped out. A couple seconds later I heard her push the cart back to the room, open the door and motioned me to come. I slowly walked to the door looked out both ways and walked out. She walked around the cart reached down and grabbed the two towels, took a step towards me and handed me the towels and quietly said “te amo” with a laugh. I laughed back and turned and walked away.

As I made it about 20 feet, I turned and looked back, she was at her cart getting supplies. I stopped turned and waited for her to look up. As she did, I blew her a kiss, and she in return stuck out her tongue, then smiled.

I turned around and kept walking, my heart in my throat.

When I finally made it back to the pool, it must have been 30 plus minutes later. My encounter in ther room took probably no more than 15 minutes, though it felt a lot longer.

No one from my family was down there but the pool had started to fill up. I put the towels on the table not knowing what to do with them seeing that they were room towels, not pool towels.

I jumped in the pool, and swam around rerunning what just happened back in my head. As I swam I could feel myself getting hard again. I started to think that if I had another $100 I could try and find her in the morning and see if I could fuck her, but I had no such $100. I just swam there hard as fuck, daydreaming.

About 10 minutes later my family showed up, asked how I had been, and the routine began as usual, helping unpack, getting floatie’s on my brothers.

Most of the day, I had fragments of time to think of her and every time I could feel myself getting hard, which meant I had to stay below water level.

When the day ended and we walked back, I looked everywhere for her, and the next two mornings I offered to take the towels down. Again I walked the halls, hoping to see Rosaria one more time, but never did.


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