Makeup Sex Stories: She was Angry Last Night But I Had The Best Morning Sex

makeup sex story

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Miss and I had been fighting quite a bit, mainly over lack of sex and intimacy. I had reached my breaking point and the night before we had quite an argument. Didn’t really resolve it, but went to bed peacefully enough. I didn’t see much changing the next day.

As morning broke, I noticed Miss was cuddling very close to me. This was nice as even this type of contact was much needed. I laid there half asleep, just enjoying the moment when her hand brushed by my morning wood, standing at full attention through my black athletic shorts. Her hand stopped and grabbed my cock through my shorts and slowly began to rub my shaft. Now I’m awake.

“Good morning, handsome” she said. She got a bit closer and pressed against me. I had forgot she went to bed just in her black tank top and black panties. I turned to her and draped my hand on her thigh and started playing with the waist of her panties. She immediately went to kiss me in the passionate way she kisses me. It kicked up a notch as the frustration that had been boiling for weeks let go and we got into some intense making out. Her hand now rubbed my cock faster through my shorts. I needed to reciprocate and slid my hand easily under her panties, over her shaved pussy and into her wetness. She was dripping already and I heard her moan the moment my fingers went inside.

We kept kissing and fondling each other, getting more intense by the second. She stopped kissing me for a moment and pulled off my shorts hurriedly, my hard cock springing up. She grabbed it again and started stroking it hard, making me moan a bit. I popped one of her tits out from the side of her tank top and began to lick and suck on her nipple, all the while massaging her slippery clit. She flattened out and gave me direction:

“Just a little harder….YESS…just like…that omg omg OMG….IM GONNA CUMMMM!”

She arched her back and came hard, almost laughing at how good it felt. As she recovered, slipped off her panties and toss them by the side of the bed.

I was barely done when she ripped off her tank and pushed me on my back. She went directly down to my cock and took me into her mouth, tossing her black hair out of the way and facing me, staring into my eyes while sucking me.

“Mmmmmmm..” she groaned, swirling her tongue around the base my head. She began stroking and sucking my dick faster, her beautiful brown eyes locked with mine, moaning with each slurp. She pulled out my cock and slapped it on her tongue, then engulf it once again. I was so horny, there was simply no way I was going to last.

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“Baby, you’re gonna make me cum so fast Ohhhhh GOD..” I exploded in her mouth, listening to her moan as sucked every last drop of cum from my cock, punctuating it by popping my cock out after I finished.

I was barely able to move and sank back into the bed, so happy to finally get some play…but a bit disappointed I couldn’t fuck Miss. Or could I? She laid back down next to me.

“We can fuck…I just didn’t know if you would be up for it. I don’t know how dicks work.”

I laughed. “Oh I’m ready!”

Not even 10 minutes after firing a huge load into her mouth, my cock was throbbing and hard, ready to go again. God, this is what I wanted. Finally.

She kissed me again, my cock again in her capable hands.

“Let me get you ready,” she purred.

She slowly took my entire cock into her mouth, sucking it a few times and making it nice and slippery. She then straddled me with her beautiful body and slid my cock easily into her pussy. Her face made that face: the one where you know you’re big enough and fit good enough inside her to make her gasp a bit. I grabbed her hips and got ready for her riding; she was a fast at making herself cum by riding, which was fantastic. She wasted no time and began grinding on me fast, the bed banging on the wall. I grabbed her tits and could feel the sweat forming her her.

“Omg fuck FUCK IM CUMMING FUCKKKK!” she screamed. I felt her pussy clench down on my cock and her orgasm wash over her. She slowly grinded down, her forehead touching mine. I needed to fuck her.

I flipped her on her back, slipping out of her pussy. No matter. I used my cock to tease her clit, gently slapping and rubbing my head on her clit, then slid right inside.

“OMG…it’s so deep,” she whispered.

I spread her legs open, getting a perfect view of her slim body and my cock penetrating her flawless mound. She grabbed the bed frame and I fucked her hard. I pushed her legs back, spreading her wide open, letting all my pent up sexual energy finally out.


“I’m gonna cum baby….you’re gonna make me cum again!”, I panted.

My cock slipped out and she grabbed it, stroking out my cum all over her stomach and tits. I covered with everything I had left and was spent. We both sat there panting, covered in sweat, sex and cum.

“C’mere…” she motioned. She sat up and took my cock one more time, slowly sucking up the remaining juices and gave me one more sexy look up with those big brown eyes.

What a great morning.


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