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Last time I posted, I was experimenting with being a bit of a sub. Nothing too extreme, mostly it’s focused on control.

Last week was different.

I came over to meet my FWB (let’s call her Anne for now) after work. I grabbed a quick shower there and wanted to see what she wanted to do. She wanted to grab some food first, and so instead of going straight to our usual business, I looked up a nice little deli nearby and waited for her to get ready.

She came out wearing her sundress on this hot evening, with her tanned and toned calves hinting at the majesty that is her body. Before we went out the door though, she said, “wait, take a look at this.”

She lifted up her skirt, and I can see that underneath her panties, she had plugged a bullet vibrator in her. It was on. “Let’s make this quick.”

When we finally got there, the effects of the bullet were beginning to show. She had a hard time concentration on her order, which I thought was hilarious. She kept asking me to hurry up because she “wasn’t feeling well”. To which I purposely dragged out the ordering process just to watch her squirm.

When we finally got back to her place, she pulled the bags from my hand, tossed them onto the dinner table, and slapped me on the shoulder while saying, “you fucking ASSHOLE!”

She then immediately pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips, then threw me onto the couch. “You fucking asshole, you need to be punished.”

She pulled the bullet out her now dripping wet pussy, and said, “kiss it”. I complied. When she’s like this, you don’t argue. She loves it when I’m bad, because she has the excuse to be worse.

As I lapped off her pussy juice from the bullet, she pulled her panties off, and threw her sundress on the floor. Her dark curls had gotten long and are now down at her waist. Her body was now covered in sweat, some from the heat, some from the… “heat”.

She threw the bullet aside, and pulled my clothes off too. At this point, the routine was that she would tease me and make me work for it.

Today was different. She didn’t want tease me and work for her satisfaction. She wanted to her satisfaction out of me.

She pushed me down onto the bed, when I reached out to touch her, she would grab my hand and push it aside. Then she laid down on me and said, “no, today, I drive.”

I laid back and got comfortable, watching her cover my body with her tongue and sweat. She teased my nipples with her tongue, until they’re like diamonds, and she would nibble until I groaned in frustrated sexual hunger.

she could feel my rock hard manhood poking at her stomach. and every time I try to pull her close to me, she would move my hand away, rejecting my advances.

“no, today, you’re being punished for being such a bad boy.” she cooed.

“your wish is my command, my goddess.”

I sit back and try my best to control myself. She doesn’t make it easy. Her touch was light as a feather, and she would never touch my manhood. As she kissed me stomach, and moved down to thighs, she stopped for a couple of seconds to gaze upon my manhood.

She admired it for a short bit, and said, “I love how you curve to the left. It hits me right where I need you to be.” Then she gently blew on it. Tingles went up my spine when she did that.

“may I touch myself?” I asked.

“no, darling.”

She goes back to kissing my thighs. Her hands, still so soft and so gentle, caressed my legs and my butt.

Then without warning, she grabbed my ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze. “mmm” she demurred.

Her tongue is now so close to my balls now. I could feel her breath on them. She stopped, and quietly examined them. The intensity in her eyes expressed desire… and scheming.

I clinched my perineum muscles, my balls contracted, and manhood twitching slightly. She smiled, and closed in on my balls. Her tongue first started out running up and down the smooth skin. She likes her men shaved down that region. And she admired me with appreciation. She kissed them, sucked them, tugged at them with her mouth, and then she moved lower to my perineum.

Her tongue was magic. Each contact made me shiver with anticipation. She was in total control of me and she knew it.

I was beginning to feel a little light headed as her hands pushed my legs up, and her tongue started to caress my asshole.

“good thing you showered earlier. saves time.”

Her saliva covered my asshole as it puckered.

Precum is starting to coat the head of my penis now. Her hand nonchalantly moved to the tip, and held it close, her thumb spreading the pre-cum around.

dominant woman male submission

Her tongue probed a little bit inside of me. The warmth of her tongue enticing me.

This is not the first time she’s played with me there. But this was different. This was so sensual.

She slid a finger into me, I sigh in anticipation and resignation. Today, I am her helpless plaything today. I grab onto my knees, exposing myself to her fully.

I can feel her push my asshole side to side, gently relaxing and expanding me. Her mouth wraps itself around my balls, her tongue dancing on the surface, pushing them in her mouth.

“This is my asshole. I own this asshole. Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“it’s yours. all yours.”

She pulls herself away from me, and stood back for a minute to watch me, aroused, exposed, vulnerable, and completely at her mercy.

She sits on my face, her pussy drenched in her delight. I greedily lap up every bit of her juices, and closed my mouth around her clit. She grabs onto the back of the couch, and grinds my face.

I can hear her moans now. It is intoxicating.

After several minutes, she let’s out a long and quiet breath. Her first orgasm on my face tonight.

She gets up, and says, “wait here. don’t move. Don’t let go of your legs.”

She disappears into her bedroom, and return with several toys. Some of them are new.

She takes out a cockring with a vibrator attached to it, and wraps it around my swollen cock. She turns on the contraption, and now I am squirming.

“don’t cum.” she commanded.

she lubed up a small buttplug and my ass, and I find myself filled with her buttplug. It slides in with barely any resistance. She has done an expert job prepping me. She grabs onto the black little silicone handle on the buttplug, and gently moves it around inside of me. It hits my p-spot, massaging it slowly and expertly.

My voice is no longer a quiet sigh, but an ecstatic moan. Each push makes my back arch. Each push makes me pelvis gyrate. I gasp breathlessly, desperately trying to hold on.

She then stops pumping, and takes out several velcro straps. She ties me ankles to my thighs, and then handcuffs my hands behind my head with another velcro strap.

With a violent tug, she pulls the butt plug out. That hurt a little, but it felt good.

“I want to cum too.”

Out of the small pile of toys, she pulls out a double ended strap on. The short end disappeared into her pussy, and she moans. The straps get done up around her legs, and she says, “are you ready?”

I nod in agreement.

She lathers lube generously on the longer end of the strap on.

“yes, that’s what I want to see. You’re mine.”

She flicks a tiny switch on the side. A muffled whirring sound echoes through the room. She giggles a little from the sudden increase in intensity.

Finally, with so much anticipation built up, she grabs the tip of the 6 inch strap on, and push it into my ass.

“oh god…” I moan. And with a deep breath, I draw all of my pleasure from my ass and penis into the rest of me. My whole body arches as my back muscles tighten. I just had a dry orgasm. I gasp for air.

Then she pushes it all the way inside of me, and proceeds to grab my waist and starts pumping.

My ass clinches as I try to stop myself from cumming. She started out gentle, focusing on twists of her hip and moving inside of me. But as she watches me moan, she couldn’t contain herself and begins to thrust. Harder. and harder. Her face now flushed with glee, and she too moans with me. Each pump causing my penis to slap against my stomach. My penis aches for attention, but all it can do is helpless feel itself straining to hold back the final release.

Each pump brought us closer and closer. Her moans getting louder and louder and more coarse. The strap on is now grinding my p-spot between it’s vibrations and her motion.

I grit my teeth and breath. A part of me can almost see ourselves from the side, watching her fucking me, and fucking herself.

She gets so close. And she says, “I want to feel what you feel too.” No longer the calm, and collected goddess she was earlier, she is now a glutton for excess and sin. She grabs a butt plug vibrator, and shoves it into her own ass, and lets out a tiny scream.

“yes, that’s good. oh god that’s good.”

and with that, she starts pumping me again. Both of her holes filled, her eyes no longer can maintain contact with mine, she moans through broken gasps until all I could hear is her breathing echoing through her living room, intermixed with my own.

She grabs my ankles and forces my knees to my ears. My cock now staring in the face as fucks me from on high.

Her moans give way to grunts and she fucks me hard. I am in heaven now. And with a long, torturous, strained, guttural scream, she cums.

She keeps fucking, prolonging the orgasm, and with her pumping, I too cum with a scream. My penis slaps against me, semen shooting out, right onto my face, my neck, and my chest. She facialed me while fucking me. She keeps going, watching my essence spray all over me.

“yes, that’s it. That’s my little plaything. Keep shooting. I want it all.” she demands.

Each pump from her sends more semen dripping out of me. All the muscles in my body tighten. I no longer have control over my body, feeling pleasure exploding inside of me.

she grabs onto my penis for the first time in forever, and tugs with each pump, draining me of everything I have.

When I’m finally completely and utterly spent, she pulls out of me, and let’s me go. My ass falls back onto the couch, my body quivering.

I look down to see her greedily eating up my cum. This is her cum. Everything that I am right now, is hers for the taking. She works her way up to my neck, and finally to my face.

With cum still dripping from her lips, she wraps her lips around mine, and pushes her tongue in my mouth, cum and all. I can taste my own semen now, and we engage in a passionate kiss. She undoes the velcro around my wrists while she kisses me. (now that I think about it, she’s really good at multitasking.)

I wrap my arms around her share in this moment. Both of us now covered in my semen and our sweat. Sloppily, we drink up my cum.

When it was finally over, I undid my knee straps and held her close to my neck amidst our giggles and sighs.

As I take in the moment and stared at the ceiling, I knew: I am her plaything. Her helpless, greedy, plaything. And I am hers for the taking.


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