Office Affairs: Let me tell you about the good times I had with my married boss


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I hadn’t been laid for a while, I don’t think I was going cock crazy but I did miss it. When I saw he had booked a long meeting with me, I knew he was going to fuck me. I was dripping wet before I even got there.

He let me into his office and locked the door behind me. Bummer, I wanted us to have the risk of getting caught. I sat on the edge of his desk and pulled my skirt up around my waist so he could finger me while I undid his fly and reached in to stroke his cock. I’d unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my tits out so he could grope them while he fingerfucked. He was working in a 2nd finger and I felt stretched at this point and just wanted his cock. I laid back on his desk, making sure my head was next to the picture of his wife and told him to put his cock in me.

He got between my legs and rubbed his cock against my slit for a bit, which I loved and couldn’t keep from moaning a little. I held my thighs apart so he could play with my tits while he slowly pushed his cock in me. I definitely was not stretched enough for it but he went slow and I felt full. Once he got the tip in he waited before slowly thrusting in and out until he was all the way in. I was in heaven feeling stretched by this cock I’d been waiting to fuck for well over half a year. He started to really fuck me, thrusting as hard as he wanted while I tried my best not to be too loud. but the rougher he got, the louder I would moan.

He grabbed my legs and told me to cover my mouth and stop being so loud. Honestly, I wanted to get caught but I did as I was told. I kept both hands on my mouth trying to be quiet but I know I didn’t do a very good job of this. He couldn’t stop staring at how much my tits were bouncing while he fucked me though. His wife looked like she had no tits in her picture so I assumed this was a rare treat for him.

I wanted to cum before he did, I knew he wouldn’t last long if I was squeezing his cock as I came. I started rubbing my clit and told him he could cum where he wants, just not in me. He nodded and told me it would be my tits. My orgasm wasn’t far off, I thought I had more time to build up but he pulled out most of the way and shoved his cock balls deep into me which set me off. This time he had to cover my mouth, I couldn’t stop moaning as I squeezed his cock in me while I came. I hadn’t stopped cumming when he pulled out of me and pulled me up and shot his load all over my tits, some hitting my neck and hair.

Once we caught our breath I sat down as I was, pussy on show, tits covered in cum and we go on with our business meeting. Business went as normal for an hour or so. As we were wrapping up I casually mentioned I wouldn’t see him for a month or two due to time off I was taking. He had a semi for most of the last part of the meeting, his eyes never left my cum covered tits and I made no move to cover myself. Once we were done we still had some time left. I bent over his desk with my ass to him and told him he’d better hurry up.

He came up behind, teasing my lips with his tip. That drove me wild, I was dripping wet again and he entered me easily. He didn’t go slow at all, he started fucking me as hard as he wanted. his grunts and moans had me incredibly aroused, I like to think I was his fucktoy even if he didn’t say it. I kept my hands clamped over my mouth the whole time, I knew I’d get us into trouble if I could make any noise. He held my hips or sometimes squeezed my ass while he fucked me. He asked if I wanted to cum, I shook my head, then asked if he could cum in me, shook my head again. He fucked me for a couple of minutes more before pulling out and cumming all over my ass. My legs were shaking and I needed a minute before I could stand up and button up my shirt, covering up the cum on my tits. I pulled my skirt down knowing I had some cum on it but I didn’t care.

Once I was ready to leave he wished me luck with my time off. I walked out and got a couple of stares/smirks but no one said anything to me. Once I got into my car I drove to a quiet street and took my time having another orgasm.

I haven’t seen him since, hopefully soon.


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