Office Sex Stories: Almost got caught with a co-worker doing it at the office!


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A coworker and I started being FWB while we worked together. One night, before the Midnight release of Guardians of the Galaxy, we decided to mess around in our administrative office while we waited for the crew to show up.

We were on the second floor of the theatre, with the office being located behind a locked door just a few steps off of the elevator. Since we had about an hour before anybody was supposed to show up, we figured we had plenty of time, so we began nice and slowly. She started to massage my shoulders, which felt divine. I have an almost shaven head, with a slight stubble on the top, and when she rubbed her fingers across my scalp….instantly hard. We started to make out a bit before she undid my pants, taking them completely off. This girls has a way with her mouth that rates in the top felatio I’ve ever experienced.

The combination of tongue ring, deep throating, and eye contact makes me want to explode almost immediately. After about 10 minutes or so, I just can’t take it anymore; I need to be inside her tight, pink pussy. I spring up from the chair and bend her over the table, pulling her pants and panties off of her. I ram my cock in as she’s bent over the table, she lets out a little squeal of delight as I enter her. After the exquisite job she did sucking me off, I didn’t think I had much time before I gave her the cream pie she so desired, but it turns out, fate had other ideas in store for us…….

As I’m about ready to cum, we hear the elevator bell go off. We were both under the impression we were the only 2 left in the theatre, so it seemed like another member of the leadership team had come to the theatre early. It was a mad dash to put our clothes back on, to which I didn’t even put my boxers back on; I threw them into one of the nearby cabinets. We were both sitting there, waiting for the inevitable, but the door never opened.

Apparently, one of the closers had NOT left the theatre like we thought, and the elevator was just him going into the crew room to grab his stuff.

Realizing we weren’t me no longer in danger of being caught, we went to our favorite fuck spot, a bar stool located next to one of the projectors secluded away in the far corner of the theatre. The thrill of getting caught always made me extra horny, and after a few minutes of ramming her from behind as she was bent over our #fuckchair, I delivered on my promise of a cream pie.

We got dressed and went downstairs to let the crew into the building, trying to not let on about the tryst that had just occurred. In all of the excitement, I never did put my boxers back on, and I sat the rest of the night with the zipper of my pants rubbed up against my cock.

Over the months, we had many encounters in the theatre, but those are stories for another time……


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