Not Your Standard Old Man Young Girl Sex Story: I’m 50 and Successful, She Is Younger and Loves That.

Old Man Young Girl

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So I have this young lady I’ve been “flirting” with for a while, let’s call her Jane. She’s a smoking hot little petite thing, the kind that drives me crazy. I’m a 50 yr old white professional male, she’s 26 🙂 Now for you haters just don’t bother reading the rest if you don’t want to. Anyway, I finally convinced Jane to go out to dinner with me one evening and we had a blast, we have exactly the same sense of humor and she says all the off-the-wall shit I’m thinking. It goes really well, and the convo turns to 420 and whether either of us partake, turns out we both do. I don’t do it alot at all, just once in a while it’s nice, she’s pretty regular with it according to her. I ask if she wants to go back to my place and just chill and smoke and I tell her I don’t expect anything in return, I just like hanging out with her. She’s apprehensive but agrees and follows me back.

After our smoke session we’re just watching tv, mostly chatting and laughing but the sexual tension is through the roof with this girl, I can’t keep my eyes off her and she’s really giving me the vibe. I start with just reaching over and playing with her hair a bit and ask her if that’s ok, she just laughs and says hell yes..well things progress to light touching and teasing, me kissing her neck along her hairline and finally we make out some. Great kisser, she lets me lead, I like to play & tease, go in and withdraw, very sensual and she’s loving it I can gets a little hot and heavy and she breaks away and says “hey I thought we were just gonna chill”. I apologize and just say I got carried away and back completely off. It starts to get awkward and she says something and I just laugh and tease her about it and let her know it’s really cool, I’m fine and lets just relax. Over the next hour its a game, I go really cold on her, no touching, no lingering looks but I’m laughing and having fun just chatting, but the colder I get physically the more she wants. She starts touching me and trying to get me to touch her but I won’t. She says something about being cold so I just wrap myself around her and gave her a big hug, she puts her face in my neck and tells me how good I smell and just starts kissing and licking my neck and of course I let her for a bit but then I break the hug and tell her we’re just supposed to be chilling. At this point she wants it, I know she does but she finally comes clean and says says she’s on her period so she can’t do anything and that’s completely understandable. I tell her it’s cool, no worries and just give her another hug and let her know I really am ok with just hanging out.

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We kiss a few more times here and there, and she has got the sweetest sexiest lips, I mean they just drive me crazy but I’m not progressing any further than that and I think it gets to her. She starts asking me if there’s anything she can do for me and I just smile and say no, I’m fine with just this. Now, again this girl has a great sense of humor and is a very straightforward person much like myself and she “jokingly” asks “but don’t you have a boner?”..and of course me being a smartass I kinda open my crotch to her so she can see and I say “not really, a little chub but I’m cool” lmao..To which she responds “well let me see if I can fix that” and the next thing you know shes on her knees in front of me pulling at my shorts..ok, this is cool. She goes to town on my cock, and I mean in a it was her first meal in a week going to town and this girl has skills. Fortunately for me, the combo of being a little high, and the fact I haven’t pissed in about 3 hours makes it virtually impossible for me to cum, especially orally. And the longer I go the harder she’s trying…she wants me to cum, she has me grunting and groaning and telling her how much I love the way she’s sucking me and it’s driving her crazy..seriously boys if a women’s doing that to you, get vocal..grunt, moan, tell her how much you love it and see what happens to them, especially girls who love sucking a cock. Anyway, after about 30 mins of trying she finally concedes, seems a bit disappointed but the way I grab and kiss her afterwards let’s her know I really appreciated her efforts. we cuddle some, kiss some more but it’s getting late and she wants to go home so we hug and I walk her out..a nice evening regardless.

Then I get a text, about 15 minutes later asking if I was still up. I say yes, she asks if I’m tired and going to bed and I lied and said no lol, wide awake just going to watch tv. She then asks “how would you feel about me coming back, right now?” to which i respond the door will be open, yes, please”. 15 minutes later she walks in the door and jumps me, I mean literally jumps me and plants a wet kiss on me and then tells me “my period is about over, if you are up for it I want you to fuck me”…ummm..hell yes..The next two hours are just heaven. This girl has this rocking little body, so tight and firm and she is dripping on the floor for me. There’s something about the way we kiss, I haven’t kissed someone like this in I can’t remember but there’s just something about her & I, like we have this very strong natural chemistry and it’s just right. I bring her to orgasm with my fingers as we kiss and then she gets in my lap and slides my cock into her and fuck, it was so wet, and soft, and tight. She rides me, like a women possessed rides me, my hands in her hair pulling her head back and sucking a licking her prefect little tits and she cums all over my lap, so hard, it was just beautiful. We fucked again, until she made me lose it and then I got her off again with my hands…we rest and she goes home..the end.

Except I just got a text from her this morning, she’s dripping wet and asks if we get together again tonight and says her period has stopped completely and she can’t stop thinking about me. This girl is a sexual juggernaut, and it’s probably been a while if ever since someones really worshiped her and fucked her hard and right, I’m so lucky. I cant wait to get my hands on her again, today is going to drag on forever.


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