Call Me A Slut Baby, Here’s The Time I Fucked 4 Guys in 12 Hours

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the time I fucked 4 guys

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So, this story sort of brings me pride, and sort of intense shame. All the same, it’s damn good. I fucked four different men within 12 hours.

It started off with my long term fuck buddy sending me a text saying he would come down from London to see me if I wanted. I’ve had feelings for his guy for several months, but he ended things a month ago when he moved away. Since then we haven’t seen each other at all, so I’m buzzing to see him. It took a few hours for him to drive down, and I’m getting really worked up waiting for him. When he finally arrives we barely even talk before he’s ripping my clothes off.

The sex is more intense than it’s ever been – I’m pretty sure we were close to ripping my bed apart. He cums in my mouth, as he loves to do, and then we cuddle and catch up. He’s hard again pretty soon, and we go for a slower, sweeter fuck this time. So after a while, I have to head to work. I work in a bar, and it’s just me and another barman there.

He’s huge, gotta be at least 6 and a half foot and stacked. He’s always flirty, but that night he was making it very obvious how much he wanted me. It was a quiet night, so inevitably I end up drinking tons of shots, and tequila makes me really horny.

End of the shift comes round and we close the bar. I’m just getting ready to lock up the garden doors when Barman grabs me and carries me up to the back of the garden. His hands are up my dress even before he puts me down under the bar’s gazebo, full of fairy lights. He eats me out for what seems like forever and I’m in heaven. The sex is wonderful, and I get my days second load of cum in my mouth. We head out clubbing, then later I go back to a friend’s party, and I’m pretty tanked up on vodka by now. There are these two gorgeous Italian guys there, and they’re both fun and flirty and FANTASTIC dancers.

It’s nice to have all the attention, especially from these two. Italian guys always seem to like me, because of my pale skin and red hair. One of them grabs my hand and suddenly we’re in the bathroom and he’s fucking me against the wall with his hand covering my mouth so that nobody hears us next door. Now I’ve never had sex in a bathroom before, but it’s definitely not as bad as you would think.

It’s hard and fast, we’re feeling good, and it’s a pretty exciting feeling that we’ve just boned with all my friends around. So the party carries on, and half an hour later I’m walking down a corridor when Gorgeous Italian #2 appears.

He pulls me into a little side room and starts kissing me. I’m deciding internally if I should stop this and tell him that I just slept with his friend, put then he starts kissing my neck and I’m weak. He bends me over a desk and spends a long time getting me all worked up. I feel like I’m going to collapse while he’s fingering me, it’s so intense. So, we return to the party, and I see the two guys chatting.

They both look over at me, and I think – shit. Busted. I’m getting ready to get horrifyingly slut shamed in front of everyone, but then… They smile. They come over and #2 whispers in my ear, “you’re extremely naughty, aren’t you.” Now imagine that with an Italian accent. Yaaaaas. #1 tells me, “you’re coming with us.” The taxi comes quickly and all the subtle little touches in the back of the cab are absolutely electric. I can feel how excited these guys are and it’s driving me crazy.

Once we’re back in their apartment I’m pushed against the door as soon as it closes, my dress is pulled off and they’re kissing me all over. It’s probably the most aroused I’ve ever been. Ever. And damn, did I get spit roasted. They came at almost the same time, which was incredible. The feeling of one guy cumming in my mouth while the other came in my pussy was probably a once-in-a-lifetime feeling and it was pretty damn special.

I’m sharing this story because I hope that this community will appreciate what a hoe I am. Also it makes me super horny. So what’s the verdict guys; nyphomaniac or just a common whore? Also, I’d love to hear from others about how many people you’ve fucked in a short period of time, because (sorry to put a downer on this) I’m sorta feeling pretty ashamed about it. Would you date a girl if she had told you this story?


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