Over The Desk: Sex Story Featuring Joe Bending me Over His Office Desk

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It’s 7 PM Friday Night. This week was just awful at work. I am exhausted and lonely. My friend Jen was supposed to take me out and we were going to have fun tonight, but apparently, she got called into work.

So, I’m here, still in my work outfit, sitting on the computer reading terrible news about how this and that is awful and such and such died. My work phone springs to life with loud vibrations and it almost falls off my desk. I glance at it and halfheartedly prevent its imminent demise.

I answer it without checking to see who it is, and immediately get an earful of angry shouts. “God dammit you stupid bitch you sent me the wrong shit” I pull the phone away from my ear and see its Joe. Oh no. What did I do now?

“I told you this job was in 8 inch you sent me 6. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this!”

I try and respond, “ Joe, I’m really so-“

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re sorry just get the right one out here right now or I’m going to cancel the whole contract”

I say, “Okay okay I’m on my way!” Trying to focus and remember where the jobsite even was. He knows that I have no idea and says, “its at 123 N Maple since I know you are an idiot” I try and reply “ok, I’m sorry!”

He shouts, “Just get it here now!” and hangs up. I grab my purse and slip my shoes back on and scurry down to my car. On my way to the shop I consider how long I could last if I just quit my job. Of course, it’s now almost 8 and there isn’t anyone at the shop. I have to unlock everything, turn all the lights on, dig through the dusty dirty warehouse and find Joe’s stupid material. I’m not even 100% sure it’s the right stuff but I just don’t care at this point. I struggle to lift it and put it in the back of the pickup truck, grateful that this isn’t my regular job. I get in and drive to the site.

I pull into the muddy site and see joes running truck over by the management trailer. I pull up next to him and he’s not inside. I get out and walk inside the trailer, he immediately starts berating me. I have just had enough and lose my cool demeanor and start crying while yelling back.

“I put the right thing on the order it’s not my fault the fucking idiots sent you the wrong size! I just drove all the way out here on Friday night to make it right and you’re still screaming at me!”

He smirks at me and says, “There’s one more thing you can do to make it right.”

I try to be disgusted but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. He calmly says, “come here.”

I slink over to him, he firmly takes my wrist with one hand and pushes my back with the other and bends me over the desk. He orders, “Don’t move”

I start to get wet as he comes behind me and slowly lifts my dress exposing my white cotton panties. He remarks, “look at you, If I hadn’t fucked you last week I’d think you were a virgin school girl.”

I consider making a quip but as I open my mouth he spanks me hard causing me to lift off the soles of my feet and I yelp in pain. He orders, “Don’t move slut you love this”

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And he’s right. I do love it. He goes again and again until I am struggling to stand and collapse on the desk breathing heavily. He asks, “are you going to be a good girl now?”

I whimper, “Yes sir”

He effortlessly picks me up and puts me in his chair. I greedily watch as he unbuckles his belt and takes out his dick. He motions for me to come closer and I roll over to him. I open my mouth and take him into me as best I can. He grabs me by my hair and relentlessly fucks my face. I struggle not to gag as his dick hits the back of my throat. I can barely breathe, he pulls it out of me and I gasp for air while my fluids drip through my panties. He picks me up again and throws me over his desk. He is so rough with me but I don’t care I need his dick. He takes both hands and tears my panties in half leaving their tattered remains on me.

I beg, “Please fuck me”

He says, “Shut up slut I am” As he shoves his dick into me.

I’m so wet that there is no resistance at all. I gasp as he bottoms out. He starts thrusting deep and hard slowly. It’s all I can do to dig my nails into the edge of his desk and mewl in pleasure. He laughs, “I told my fiancée about how much of a slut you are and she thinks it’s hilarious that you let me use you like this”

I gasp, “you can’t be serious”

He laughs again, “did you think you were special? Be a good girl and be quiet” He starts fucking me harder and harder. I lay my head on the desk watching him out of the corner of my eye as he ravages me. I feel every thrust shake me. I lose my composure after he grabs my hair and yanks it back growling in my ear, “cum you slut”

I am so close. He lets go of my hair and renews his assault, thrusting faster and faster with animal like growls. I lose control of my body as I cum, and he again has no mercy fucking me progressively faster and faster. He groans to me, “here you go Kat” as he fills me with his cum.

He pulls out of me leaving a huge mess on his desk. He picks me up and sits me back down on the chair. I can barely move I am used up and exhausted, almost passing out. He shoves his dick in my mouth and makes me clean him up. His cum mixed with my juices tastes so salty but I can’t help but enjoy his dick in my mouth.

He looks on me in my semi-conscious state and says, “now Kat, what did we learn tonight?”

I let out a low response, “that I’m your slut”

He laughs, “That’s right.”

I beg him, “can you drive me home I don’t feel good”

He says, “I wouldn’t let you drive like this don’t worry”

He picks me up and puts me in the backseat of his pickup and I fall asleep. I wake up the next morning in my bed, dried cum right where it leaked out. I slowly rouse myself out of bed my butt aching from the brutal spanking. I suddenly realize that I’m in deep shit, the work truck is still there! I stumble out of bed put my sneakers on and run down the stairs to the parking lot, and the truck is right there with a note under the wiper.

“Kat, I had one of my boys drop your truck off at your place. You had better make sure my deliveries are right from now on or I won’t be happy”


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