Hot Pregnant Sex With My Girlfriend Outdoors By The Lake

pregnant sex by the lake outdoors

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I have never been a fan of condoms and we had been having unprotected sex for quite a while. She was on birth control so it wasn’t really an issue and we were both disease free. The sensations I get bare just do not compare to being wrapped up. Don’t get me wrong sex with a condom is better than no sex but I have broken more than a few condoms so I really do not trust them anyhow. When she went off the pill and told me to cum inside her though…

Sure I had imagined sex with her pregnant, but actually seeking it out, intentionally trying to breed her. That just turned me on so much. I really started pounding her and pushed myself to orgasm as deep inside her as I could. It was great, most orgasms are, but that was special. Like the first time you have a simultaneous orgasm with a partner and it just blows your mind.

It actually took quite some time before my seed took hold in her belly. Which was a bit of a surprise as we had sex at least a few times a week, if not more, and I always came inside her. But when she finally showed me the positive test kit we were both super excited.

Unfortunately for me her sex drive tanked soon after that. I suppose it was a combination of hormones and fear of possibly losing the baby on her part. As you can well imagine I was pretty bummed out about it. Here I was, living with a beautiful pregnant woman, her belly showing more each day, her nipples getting bigger and darker. Yet she felt “fat” and unsexy no matter what I said to the contrary.

I tried to accept that. I had heard stories from other guys about how insatiable their partners had been while with child and had really hoped for the same. Of course I also had heard about the poor guy who didn’t get laid for nearly a year so I knew it could go either way from the beginning.

Fast forward a few months. We are heading up to the lake where we have a bit of land that her parents left her. There’s a big travel trailer parked on the lot, a couple of sheds, one with a full bath in it, power, water pumped from the lake, 80ft of beachfront. Some really nice big fir trees, and mountains that rise up from the shore on both sides a few thousand feet. Really a pretty nice spot other than the two giant houses in the adjacent properties.

There’s a 12ft aluminum boat with a 9.9hp motor on it that is good for fishing and running around unless the lake gets too rough. Which it can be as this lake is narrow and over 60km long. I’ve been caught out a few times and let me tell you running a small boat in 3 foot chop with a good headwind really isn’t that fun.
Anyhow, it was a fairly hot day, in the middle of the week, the water is flat without any wind at all so we decide to take the boat out for a ride. It’s nice to get a bit of a breeze as we cruise along, the little motor buzzing away behind me, and we run for about half an hour or so before spotting an old building in a small bay up ahead.

When we get closer the beach looks nice and sandy so I drive the boat to shore to check it out. The building is really run down and rotting but there is a path leading away from it up the hill.

We climb the hill and discover that this used to be a ranch some years ago and there are remnants of a fence and an old cabin that is locked only a few hundred meters from the lake. A local preservation society having decided to try and save what little was left.

After we have checked out the surrounding area a bit we headed back to the beach for a swim. She stops at the side of the trail, looks around and squats to pee. I should say that I’ve never told her I’m into watersports. I have hinted at it, but she seemed very put off, so it remains one of my unfulfilled closet fetishes.
Trying to be the gentleman I patiently wait for her to finish while looking the other way. But I can hear the hiss of her stream, and the trickling of it running down the slope away from her and I so want to watch it among other things.

I walk the rest of the way down the trail in front of her, semi hard, and thinking naughty thoughts to myself. We set up our towels under a small tree for shade behind a log on the edge of the beach and jump in the lake. There is no one around, and I hint that we should be skinny dipping, something I have talked her into before.

She suggests that I can if I want to. So I peel off my shorts in the water and throw them onto the beach. I love the feeling of being naked in the water, it’s so unrestrained, everything allowed to float freely in a way they simply can’t usually. Plus it feels kind of naughty being nude in public and I really enjoy that too.
I swim over to her and after a bit of kissing and groping and suggesting she go nude too, she pulls off her suit and does. We swam around and played for a bit longer but the lake is very cold and I need to warm up on shore for a bit. I get out first, put my shorts back on and throw her hers as she did not feel like getting out nude just in case a boat came.

We laid out on the towels and relaxed for a bit, ate some munchies that we brought, then it was time for another swim. This time I took my shorts off and put them on the log to dry before I got in. After a bit of cajoling and pointing out that we would see anyone coming long before they could tell if she was clothed she did the same. Her bare breasts, rounded belly and trimmed bush looked so great out in the sunlight to me.

When we were done swimming I laid back out on my towel, naked, and asked her to do the same. At first she wanted to wear my shirt, but I eventually talked her out of it. Despite her protests I started fondling her breasts and kissing her. My hand sliding over her belly and lingering over the life inside her. Then down between her legs. To my surprise she was wet, and not the kind of wet you get from a lake, the sticky, slimy kind of wet a woman gets when she is turned on.

She moves my hand away and says something about not here. But I’m not hearing any of it. Wet pussy is hard for me to pass up. Pregnant wet pussy, on a beach, after not getting it that much, no bloody way. I roll over and lightly force her legs apart so I can kneel between them, my cock almost fully hard already. She fights back a bit, but not that hard, and I lean forward and slide myself inside her wet hole.

I start off slowly, her rolling her eyes at me and trying to look down the lake for boats. The soft roundness of her belly as I begin to increase my pace undulates with my rhythm and l place my hands on it, driving myself even deeper inside her.

Soon I can tell she’s given up trying to fight and starts to enjoy getting fucked. It’s been a while for us and I think we both missed it. She picks her feet off the ground and grabs her knees, spreading her legs wider for me, changing the angle of her pelvis so it rubs against the top of my shaft as it slides in and out of her.

It only takes a few minutes of that intense sensation before I cum inside her pregnant pussy. It feels so good to empty myself inside her and I let out a loud roar which just makes it feel that much more primal (I often do this unless we need to be quiet).
I am soaked in sweat from working so hard in the heat. As my erection slowly subsides inside her it slips free of her pink folds and is followed by a flood of my cum. I stand up, a little light headed and head for the lake to cool off. She’s right behind me, cum drooling from her and sliding down her legs while we enter the water.

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