Quickie with one of my boytoys, yes, he has a big cock

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Quickie with boytoy

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I love bragging about being blessed to have multiple guys with big cocks who know how to use them, this story is an afternoon quickie I had with one of my guys. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think in the comment section below

It had been two days since I had last had sex. And over a week since I had last fucked Pornstar Penis. I had been extra horny for multiple days, begging him to get home from his trip and come fuck me. We managed to squeeze in one afternoon, with a thirty-minute window. When he came over, I was wearing a tiny denim mini skirt and off the shoulder cropped top.

I greeted him at the door with a kiss while my hands grabbed his jeans and unzipped them. As we kissed, I massaged his cock, soft but still thick. He let go of me to take off his jacket. So I dropped to my knees and started working on his cock.

I get off on getting other people off. And he loves when I make eye contact while I suck and lick his dick. Soon I got him hard enough to fuck me.

The usual happened — he ordered me around in various positions, pulling his dick out when I felt “too good,” and letting me lick him. I think that when he deprives me for so long, I cream on his cock very easily.

My favorite thing about this fuck session was that after sucking his cock again, he told me to bend over on the ground. While he pummeled me from behind, I was able to watch it through my mirror.

He noticed and pushed me to lay flat against the carpet. I kept my ass in the air, and he fucked me so good. Both of us watched as his cock slammed into my pussy.

The angle wasn’t the best though, so we got back on my bed. He turned me to lay on my side, one leg stretched out and the other one bent up so that my thigh touched my chest.

He fucked me in this position, the angle making my pussy squeeze against his cock more. He asked me how I wanted his cum. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me until he couldn’t handle it anymore, then pull out and cum on my ass.

It was seconds later that he did just that. It was wonderful to watch him cum and to feel it on my ass.

He got up to grab some paper towels. I told him that I wanted him to leave his cum on my ass, and I wanted to lick him clean. I was still on my side when he came over. He knelt in front of my mouth and gave me his semi-hard cock.

While I was slowly licking and sucking his sensitive dick, he pulled out his phone and took a photo of his cock-hungry slut, licking his massive dick with cum on her ass.

I felt naughty and blissful. It definitely scratched an itch…


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