Real Estate Agent Sex: I Want To Tell You About My First Sale

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Real Estate Agent Fucked How I Sold My First House

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How I sold my first house as a Real Estate Agent by Fucking the client

I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach this morning. I had the first person interested in the apartment up for sale. We had decided to meet at 11.30 but I was there already at 09.00. I heard his BMW pull up on the street outside, an IT millionaire, ready for a new home.

Hey there broker, he said as he stepped in, what do you have to offer me? I have this lovely apartment, I replied, and maybe a hug? Before he could answer, I gave him a hug and I could feel that things were going on in his pants. I showed him around, office, bedroom and a lovely living room with a fireplace. I want it, he said, and I want you too!, he said with a wry smile.

What do you think?? I buy this place if you are included. The thought of getting my first deal completed, made me give in, I gave him a kiss and lead him to the couch in front of the fireplace, pushed him into it and opened his fly. His cock came out as a taut spring, hard as a lead pipe. I let it disappear into my mouth and I could feel that he was close. I left his cock and gave him a kiss while I whispered, take off our clothes. In a flash, he was naked and gently removed my blouse and pants, my panties he tore to pieces.

He threw me on the couch and came over me like a wild animal, he fucked me wildly and his first load came in me in just a minute. He was panting and breathing heavily while he went soft inside me. In the rush we had forgot a condom and I felt his sperm trickle out of me. Can you go again?, I asked. Mmmmm if you help me, he replied. He pulled out of me and laid beside me on the couch, I fingered his cock and he was playing with my pussy and soon he was ready again.

I want to take you in the ass, he said. Mmmm but you have to be careful I replied. I always am, he said with confidence, get on all four! I did what he asked and could feel him kissing my anus.

He started playing with his fingers, too, and after just a minute both his tongue and two fingers was inside of my ass. Mmmmm take me right now, I moaned with horny voice, but use a condom. Yes of course, he replied, getting one from his wallet, will you help me with it ??

Gladly, I replied, still on all fours, come here. I put the condom on his hard cock and slowly rolled it down over the shaft with my lips, he breathed heavily and still played with two fingers in my wet open asshole. Are you ready ?, he asked. As ready as I can be, I said, fuck me now.

He let the top of his cock play around my ass before he slowly let the whole cock slide inside me, I moaned like an animal from the pleasure he gave me. He managed to hold his load a little longer this time, but after a few minutes I heard from his breathing that it was time, where do you want to cum, I asked?

On you, he replied while he pulled his hard cock out of me, I heard he just got the condom off before I felt the warm cum on my back and butt, it ran in my buttcrack, along my open asshole down my legs.

He slumped down on the couch next to me and began to slowly come to his senses after the ecstasy. What the hell do we do with all the cum on the couch?, he asked, a bit embarrassed. Give me 500 bucks I said, I’ll fix a new sofa.

Thanks, he said, where can I sign the contract?, he continued with a smile. 10 minutes later I was dressed, the contract was signed and I had closed my first of many deals. The sofa, what happened to it? It ended up in landfills. What he didn’t know, was that on the other side of the reversible pillows were even more sperm stains that the seller of the apartment had left there, when we decided that I would take care of the sale two days earlier 😉


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