My Sex Daddy Shares Me With His Friends

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threesome with older man friend of my daddy

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My boyfriend (daddy) and I have a super sub/master relationship. I never say no and he tries to find new ways to push me. I haven’t backed down yet (we have guidelines to follow also).

A couple of nights ago, we had a friend of his staying with us. I’ve never met the friend but someone he worked with at a previous job. He tells me the night before, I will need to make sure our guest is satisfied. I agree and the next night comes.

Right before the friend comes over, he brings me to the spare room and I undress. Then he cuffs me to the bed doggystyle having me kneel more with a pillow in between my legs (long ways). My feet are also roped to the end of the bed. He runs his hands down my back slowly and tells me not to disappoint him because he will be watching from the other room. I tell him “for you anything daddy”. Then he blindfolds me.

I was in this position for quite sometime, thankfully the pillow allowed me to law down more on the bed. I hear the door open and daddy tells the friend “here is your slave, do what you wish.” I start feeling my butt and pussy being touched. He thanks daddy and daddy tells him he wants to watch from the other room, the friend allows.

He puts all of his stuff down and I hear him getting undressed. Then he tells me he doesn’t have condoms and can only give me anal. I let him know I have an IUD and can’t get pregnant. He leaves for a minute to get a drink and what I found out later was him taking some pills to stay harder for a longer time. While he’s waiting for the medicine to kick in, he tells me things about wanting to fist my pussy and make me hurt so bad I can’t walk. I describe to him my sybian adventure from the other night. Then I feel his cold dick shoved into my pussy, his hands gripping my legs. He tells me not to be scared.

He pounds my pussy nonstop for at least 5 minutes, he doesn’t quit. My nipples are super hard and I’m so wet, I’m starting not to feel his dick anymore. He keeps going while pulling my hair, then he stops. He tells me to clean his dick and I blow him for a bit. He goes back to his position, uses his hand to get my juices and rubs it all over my asshole. Then he gets more and rubs it on my face, three times. He begins to give me anal but ends up going inside me within a couple of strokes. I’m ordered to push it out and he rubs it over my pussy and then my face.

He calls me a good little whore and then goes to take a shower. He leaves me there. When he gets out, he gets dressed and leaves me there again while they go to get dinner. I feel asleep during this time. I’m woken up awhile later from him fingering my asshole. He does this for awhile and stops.

Then he lays on the bed with his penis by my mouth and orders me to blow him. After he went (which wasn’t much since most of it was dried off on me already), he had me lick his balls and penis while he told me how much of a whore I was. He eventually got hard again and I was told to blow him some more. After he went that time, he left to go in the living room and drink with my daddy.

I ended up falling asleep again and woke up that next morning on the floor cuffed up with (I’m assuming) his load on my face.


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