Sex With Strangers : I fucked a man I never met before… and I loved it

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I turned in my first sex story a while back and it was a liberating experience. So here I go again, but obviously it’s gotta be better than the the last. No pressure!

The first story was about my first handjob – a tale that still turns me on when I think about it. To change it up, I think I’ll write about the time a couple years ago I basically had sex with a stranger because he said his dick was big.

By this time I was single, a few relationships removed from the boyfriend that I had cheated on in the previous story.

A girlfriend and I made an hour and a half drive north to a somewhat secluded town for night of live music. She had frequently listened to me moan about being horny but not wanting to just hook up for sex, so the agreement for tonight was that I would drink a little, maybe meet a guy, and she was the designated driver for returning home. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be needing a ride home from her that night.

The bar was this super cool building with kind of a road house feel. I remember the walls were stucco and it made me feel like I was in Texas or something. Normally if I want to get tipsy and then some, vodka does the trick. But right off the bat, we were approached by two college looking guys who politely offered to buy us drinks. One of them I had already noticed before, we’ll call him Jason.

I don’t know why, but when Jason asked me what I’d like, I blurted out “whiskey,” and I remember the look on his face; like he could easily see where the night was going. Skipping on through the second and third rounds, the dancing, the conversation about our relationship statuses over snacks at a table, we’ll get to the walk for fresh air that we took, probably around midnight.

This is where he laid it on thick, asking if we were going home that night, saying it was way too dangerous down those curvy mountain roads, and that we were more than welcome to crash at his lake house. Fifteen minutes away.

I wasn’t going to let him know, but I was so in, as soon as he suggested it I knew that’s where I wanted to go, but I had to test and tease him a tad. I asked why we should go. He said he genuinely wouldn’t feel safe about us driving home, which was sweet. But then he got honest, and said he wanted to stay in bed with me. God that turned me on but I kept it cool.

“And what would you do if we were in bed, Jason?”

He knew exactly what I needed to hear. “I’d show it to you.”

“Show what to me, Jason?”

“My big fucking dick.”

I didn’t even scope left or right before demanding that he plop it out right there so I could know what I was in for. He was wearing jeans. It was so fucking hot when he didn’t say a word, but smiled and got to unzipping, and there it was. Maybe semi-hard – it had to be because it was big enough for me to put two hands on. But I didn’t.

From that moment to when we arrived to his place is a blur but I clearly remember the sex. I had coaxed my friend into hanging out with the other guy, whom she didn’t end up sleeping with, by the way, but who cares. Jason and I were in his bedroom, making out on his bed when I was the first to show skin. My dress straps came off and he said “beautiful little titties.” They are little, I will say, but well shaped and it didn’t offend me at all that he called them little. It made me want to fuck him is what it did. And that’s when I did one of the most shocking things I’ve ever done in bed, at least shocking to me.

I was wearing a yellow and white sundress, which was just tight enough to show off my fit body. Underneath were my purple panties. And when Jason said “beautiful little titties” as I was on top of his legs, my gut reaction was to crawl up and sit on his face, with no warning. I did it, and slid my panties to the side. Looking back, perhaps I moved hastily, but in the moment I wanted it and I was damn sure he was gonna get it.

“Eat this you sexy fuck.” That is what I said, and I rocked up and down on his face for what seemed like an hour. Everything got so quiet, except the sound of his tongue, and my breathing. It wasn’t long before I came, which was only the first of several more that early morning.

When I was ready to move on from getting eaten out, I twirled around and aggressively undid his jeans. When his dick bounced out, fully hard, I don’t remember ever in my life wanting to fuck someone so bad. The wonderful sexy hot thing about it was that I didn’t know him at all, but he was so good, and we both just wanted to get fucked.

Somehow I resisted sitting on his cock and I went straight to his balls with my hands. By this time I had gotten a lot better around a penis. I squeezed out as much pre-come as I could, and went back to his balls. I had had a few sizable dicks before, but Jason’s balls were bigger than any that I remember. I couldn’t get around them. What followed is the most freaky thing I’ve ever done. My body went ninety degrees as I thrust my head down. I pulled on his dick as I licked on his balls. They were tasting great but I wanted to get dirtier, so I pulled them up with my other had told Jason to put lift up his ass. That’s when I got my first taste of a guy’s ass.

Thinking back on it, I never would’ve done it if I hadn’t been drunk. I mean I didn’t even know him, and we were dancing that night, and who knows when he bathed before. But in the moment, it was perfect; I fucking loved it. I couldn’t get my tongue deep enough inside. Luckily, he was clean down there and it wasn’t hairy and he had a great ass. I changed positions to get down under him and just continued to lick his ass while he moaned and cussed in delight.

He told me to rub his dick while I ate him, but he wanted it soft and slow. I would rub it soft and slow, licking and sucking his ass, then go up for a moment to put his cock in my mouth. I wanted to suck everything down. This was probably only a fifteen minute sequence before he came. I was eating him when he said he was gonna come and then it shot somewhere, who knows, then the rest down my hand.

He had to take a siesta after that episode, but we were back into it no more than a couple hours later, and that sex was so fucking good, but all I wanted to share was the first part with you. If you’re wondering whether we kept in touch after that, the answer is absolutely yes. That night was two years back, and I just slept with Jason a few weekends ago. He’s my nasty sex buddy.


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