Spring Break Hookup Sex Stories: I Want To Tell You About Stacy


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Ever since i hooked up with Stacy, we became really close friends. Nothing romantic ever happened between us, and most likely never will. We’re just not into each other that way. We just like fucking each other. But we still hung out a lot. One day, I was having lunch with Stacy before class, and she asked me what I was doing for spring break.

I told her I didn’t have any plans, and was probably just gonna go home and chill there. She responded “Well that’s unacceptable.” Stacy proceeded to explain that her parents (who are disgustingly wealthy) own a beach house out in California that they rent out to vacationers.

They were letting Stacy and any of her friends go stay there for a few days for free. Stacy invited me along, and all I had to do was pay for a plane ticket. I had saved up a lot of money from working over the past summer, so this was a no-brainer. “I’m in.”

When I landed in California, Stacy was waiting at the airport to pick me up. She had flown there the day before me. In the car, I realized I had no idea who else was coming.

“Hey. Who else is even coming to this house?”

“Oh! I never told you? It’s just one of my sisters. Rachel?”

“Actual sister or sorority sister?”

She laughed. “Sorority.”

I had no idea who Rachel was. But I knew that most of the girls in her sorority were quite attractive, so I was excited to meet her. We got to the house, and Stacy went to take a shower as I unpacked. Wondering where Rachel was, I poked my head into the bathroom. “Stacy! Where’s Rachel?”

“Huh? Oh her flight lands tonight. We’ve gotta go back to the airport in a few hours.”

“What do you want to do until then?”

“I’m not sure. You finish unpacking and we’ll figure something out in a little bit.

I returned to my room to finish unpacking. Just as I was finishing up, my bedroom door opened, and one of my favorite sights was standing in the doorway.

Stacy was completely naked, hair still wet, and a big grin on her face. We immediately just went at it. She got onto the bed and we were furiously making out as she undid my pants. Once my cock was out, she grabbed me and pulled so it was dangling right above her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute or so. I proceeded to flip her over and get myself in position for a 69.

She lowered her beautiful pussy onto my face, and I happily ate her out. After a few minutes of that, I grabbed a condom and put it on. Stacy lowered herself onto my dick and rode me hard and fast. She leaned over, kissed me, and started growling. Fuck. It was hot.

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That did it for me. I told her I was about to cum, so she got off of me, tore the condom off, and buried my cock in her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum, looked at me and said “Well that was fun!” She gave me a hi-five, and I smacked her ass as she left the room.

Stacy and I chilled out on the deck of the beach house for a couple of hours, just chatting about life. That’s what I loved about our relationship. We could have sex and then go straight back to just being really good friends. She was the best fuck buddy. It came time to go to the airport again.

We got there a little after Rachel’s plane had landed, so we only had to wait a few minutes until we found her in baggage claim. As Stacy ran to her, I was happy with what I saw. She was about 5’8″, with short, brown hair, tan, Italian skin, probably B-cups, and a really great ass. I had seen her around campus and in Stacy’s sorority photos.

I just never put a name to the face. I introduced myself and carried her bags out to the car (because I am a god-damn gentleman). We talked the whole way back to the house. Rachel was really fucking cool. She was an athlete, a criminal justice major, spoke fluent Arabic, and she even played the fucking tuba. I specifically remember saying to her “Wait. You play the tuba and you’re hot? Where have you been all my life?” She was amused.

We got back to the house, and by that time it was way too late to go to the beach, so we had a night in of drinking and dancing. Now I don’t drink, but I still was determined to have a great night with these girls. We had a dance party in the living room. We danced for a good hour, all grinding on each other and just being a little dirty. At one point, Stacy took her top off, and so Rachel followed.

They both continued dancing in their bras. I was not gonna complain. We all ended up back out on the deck. Stacy and Rachel were cuddling on a reclining chair, and I was on another one facing them. The two girls were being very touchy with each other all night, but it started to escalate. Stacy kissed Rachel on the cheek. In return, Rachel gave Stacy a nice kiss on the lips. The two of them started making out. Stacy looked up, gave me a big smile, and then put her hand into Rachel’s pants. Rachel moaned, and did the same to Stacy.

Eventually, the two of them had stripped naked, just fingering each other and making out. I couldn’t help but think if this was normal for sorority sisters to do with each other. It is a mystery I have yet to solve. Needless to say, I enjoyed the little show they put on for me. After about 30 minutes of that, Rachel realized I was still sitting there. She had gotten completely lost in Stacy’s body. I couldn’t blame her.

She got up, walked over to me, and kissed me. Rachel led Stacy and I inside. She sat on the couch. I grabbed Rachel’s legs, spread them open, and licked her pussy. Stacy got herself in between me and the couch.

She pulled my pants down and started sucking my already very hard cock. Eventually, Stacy took my place. While she was eating Rachel out, I got on the couch and put my dick in front of Rachel’s face. She grabbed it and deepthroated me. It was fantastic. I ran to get a condom. When I came back, the two girls were in a 69 on the floor, with Rachel on top. I slid right in to her delectable pussy.

Stacy started licking us both. Stacy aggressively said “Fuck that pretty little cunt!” I was off to the races. I pounded Rachel as hard as I could until she was screaming. I pulled out of her pussy, and immediately went into Stacy’s. Rachel sat on Stacy’s face, and made out with me while I fucked Stacy. I felt the sensation starting to build inside me, so I pulled out of Stacy, took off the condom, and unloaded all over Stacy’s tits. Rachel started to lick up my cum, and the sight of that was just incredible.

The 5 days we spent at that beach house were some of the most insane days of my life. If we weren’t at the beach, we were at the house fucking each other. And even at the beach, things got rather promiscuous. I never fucked Rachel again after that trip, but Stacy and I have fucked too many times to count. And I am happy to write about it.


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