Squirter I will never Forget: My High School Crush Sex Story

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Many years ago, all the way back in first grade, I had a crush on this one girl… Let’s call her ‘S’. S and I, we would sit together every day during recess and talk. Side by side, watching the other kids play. She was my favorite person. This continued for years, up until third grade when she (in that schoolyard kind of way) began dating ‘J’. Over time, our friendship faded, and school and time continued on unabated.

Twenty years later, I’d moved back to my home town after college, and I received a Facebook message from ‘S’. It was strange, having not talked to her in almost ten years, but we fell into a rhythm and before long decided that we needed to get drinks.

Well, it was a busy time of year for her, and we could never match schedules or energy levels, until one night she said – ‘just come hang out at my place, I don’t feel like going out, but don’t feel like missing a chance to hang out.’

And so, a full two decades after having my first crush on this girl, I walked into her apartment. We sat and talked, we laughed and teased, until finally her hand landed above my knee.

We kissed. Good lord did we kiss. Fire burned and the lights dimmed, and when we came up for air we were wrapped around each other on the floor. I can’t begin to say how amazing she looked with her hair fanned above her, and her breasts heaving. And then she said, ‘it’s a shame you’re such a nice guy’.

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I laughed. Uproariously. And then, bending down to kiss her again, I told her ‘not anymore’. I picked her up, hands gripping thighs spread around me. Tongues entwined, we stumbled through her bedroom door and onto each other in her bed.

Clothes flew, and suddenly heaven was wrapped around my shaft. Her mouth – an exquisite blowjob, the likes of which I’ve not experienced before or since. She knew every spot to lick, when to suck, and just how to fondle and caress to get me to the point of orgasm when… She clamped down on the base of my cock and stopped my orgasm! And as she did, she crawled back up and looked me in the eye, my dick still in her hand, and said ‘not yet’.

She had me, both literally and figuratively, in the palm of her hand. I would’ve waged war to feel her touch. But thankfully, I didn’t have to.

I flipped her over, pinning her hands above her head with my left, and grasping her thigh with my right, and she whispered ‘take me’. If I’d thought her mouth was heaven – then this was all the forbidden pleasure that none are meant to feel.

I slid inside of her – an incredible heat burning with her – soaking wet – tight, yet not constricting. And as I settled all the way in, she came. I felt a flood of liquid surround my cock, and then squirt out onto my stomach. I’d never in my life experiences a squirter before, and to this day it’s still one of my biggest turn-ons.

‘S’ is blessed with both the ability to orgasm almost endlessly, and with squirting. We tried dozens of positions, and she just kept coming, and I enjoyed the best sex of my life. The way she could move her hips, the sensation of soaking heat, the things she would whisper in my ear…

It’s been five years now, and I still reflect back to that night, and the moment that I finally came – screaming into the void, as I literally passed out from the pleasure. I awoke with her wrapped around me, and we laid together a while longer.

I left that night, hoping to see her again. Our conversation had been stimulating, our banter titillating, and the mutual challenges had us both ready to jump each other. The sex was beyond phenomenal. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Work took both of us away from the other, before anything could develop.

But, I’ll never forget the fact that after twenty years, I actually got to experience my first crush – and she blew my mind.


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