Stranger Hookup: I Met An Older Man In A Chat Room And Had Sex With Him

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Stranger Hookup

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He is a lot older than me (I don’t want to say my age though I am 100% legal), but he isn’t boring like most guys. I was very attracted to him the first time we met, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t go home with anyone at the first meeting, so I didn’t even though I wanted to. We talked, little hug and kiss at the end (he smelled nice) and I went home. Being sober around hot guys is very hard and nerve-wracking. I never know what to say, but the first meeting went very well and he seemed like he knew what he was doing.

The second time we both knew what was going to happen if I showed up. I almost didn’t because I was so SO nervous!! I calmed myself down enough to get dressed in my sexiest dress and heels. My lover Genevieve (not her real name, but she has a very sexy and interesting name!!) lent me her good Olympus camera so I could bring it with and use it if I needed it. She is a photographer and has done some of the other pictures of me.

My mystery chatroom man and I met up and he put my ease with some chat and drinks. We started kissing in a public place. Usually I hate PDA but something about the place was very appealing and it was very naughty to be there, especially with a man I barely know. It made me want to uncross my legs in a very inappropriate, unladylike way.

I have never done something like that, kissing him in public I mean, and doing it for the first time was a turn-on. I also knew from watching his other videos with girls that he is extremely good at sex and that he knows what to do with his hands… and his other parts 🙂

He said that we should leave and I couldn’t talk so I just nodded. I texted my friend my location and instructions. Then we went into the place he selected. We started kissing and that was good, but holy gods when he started on my neck and went slowly up and down I went crazy.

He took off my pants and started touching me. Whenever I could I raked his broad hot back with my nails. It felt incredible and it seemed like he was touching me forever. He began spanking me. Very softly at first, and he asked me questions about what I liked. I answered as best I could, and he began spanking me harder until I was going crazy. Sometimes he would stop the spanking and play with my clit instead. The intense pain of the spanks combined with the delicate touch of his wet fingers on me was amazing.

Then he started with his tongue and it was OMG. I came once and then we did the rest. If there is one thing I wish more guys would do it’s take their time while also being passionate and yeah, he took his time and it was great.

I had to walk home side to side (in a good way). It is very hard to find good men!!!

He said his girlfriend wants to watch and maybe participate next time. I’ve never done anything like that (with two girls and a guy, I mean), so I’m very intrigued, especially because the first time was such a great experience. I knew from watching the videos he’d sent that he was good at sex and yeah, they were representative. I see why girls are into him. He is very hot and not creepy. The number of creepy messages and pics I get is epic. Like, woah, slow down there pony. Also, the number of guys who send shirtless shots when they’d be best served to emphasize their better qualities is odd. I should keep a log of the gentle and well-considered advice I have given to some of the messagers I get. I wish more of them would show pics or videos of them with girls, because without that I can’t do much with what they say and show.

After writing all this I want him to taste me again. I should be and am totally satisfied yet writing this out makes me yearn again for the touch of a man.


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