Thai massage happy ending


Thai massage happy ending

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Thai massage happy ending, when I came to Sweden two years ago it was very difficult to find a job in Sweden. I only had two options, working in a kitchen or working with massage.

Of course the massage was the obvious choice here, sweating in a kitchen or touching hot Swedish guys the whole days.

The first week I did a good job, however almost everyone wanted more services than massage. I didn’t do it as I thought my boss would fire me if she figures it out.

After work that day, I went out and party with the other girls that was working at the massage salon, after a few drinks, I asked one of them about the extra services, she was just smiling to at me and said “how do you think we make good money?

I got surprised, and asked how much you get for giving extra? She said “It all depends on how far you are willing to go” Her name was Annie, and she told me how she started with just hand jobs, but now more or less no limit.

We didn’t talk about that more in the evening, but it was stuck on my mind the whole evening. Next day when I was at work there came in a good looking man around 40 years old to have a two hours massage with me.

He have been in Thailand many times, he start telling me about his ex girl friend from Phuket that had broke his heart, and just took his money and stayed with another man.

I felt sorry for him, and tried to cheer him up. I pure out too much oil over his back him by purpose, and started massage his back slowly, and working my way down.

Then up the legs, was thinking about last night at the same time so I let my hand touch his dick by mistake. Wow he got hard directly, and he looked at me when I stand there smiling back towards him.

My hands were focus more and more around that area for 15 minutes, then I stopped and moved over to is upper back. He was looking at me with a disappointed face expression, and was just smiling as always…

Your name is Pat he asked me, “Yes that’s right I responded” how much do you want he said. “What do you mean I was asking him” Thai massage happy ending, you know what I talking about!!

I was thinking for a few minutes before I told him depends on what you want from me……

He said “what do you offer?”

I said, “I can jerk you off if that´s you want, that would be 500 kr.”

He said, “if I want more then that would that be possible?”

“Everything has its price”, and smiled towards him.

“So how much for a blowjob?” he asked me.

I was thinking with long term perspective, so I said 500 kr because you are my special customer and I like you. I have never done anything like this before, so maybe you get disappointed on how I doing it.

He said “how it can go wrong, you look so hot”, and he rolled over to his back…. Wow you dick stand like a tower. Yes I haven’t had sex for two years now.

Excited and nervous I was going to give my first Thai massage happy ending. My hands slowly massaged around his balls and hard pumping dick, I could see in his eyes how much he enjoyed my treatment. Was standing between his legs and we and eye contact when my head slowly was going towards his hard dick.

My soft lips went around his hard cock and just felt so good in my mouth. So I wanted more of it and just took it deeper and deeper down my throat.

Didn’t take long before he came with an explosion, without any warning deep down my throat so I was swallow it down without a thought about it and it tasted so good.

I asked him “was it good?”

He said “the best Thai massage with happy ending I have ever had in my life.”

“Perfect so what time next week would you like to have you next Thai massage happy ending?” I asked him.

“Next week he said?” I will be here tomorrow 😉

I just smiled, and said see you tomorrow and left the room….

You know, he has come back to me since that time, you can read about this in my second happy ending story

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