The time I fucked to save a married relationship

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This story has been asked a lot in my private chat so since I got some time and missed you guys, here it is.

Awhile back I was getting tutored for a science course, I was failing bad and this was the 2nd attempt. My teacher offered to tutor me in a lab after school two days a week and I agreed. The first session sucked, I kinda caught on but was still having problems. During the second session I told him I wanted to quit because I couldn’t catch on. He looked kinda disappointed, I went to sit next to him and leaned over and he looked at me in the eyes. It was then I decided to chance this, he was older but hot also.

I unbuttoned my polo shirt (3 button) knowing my bra and top of breast were visible. Told him there most be another way. My hand was already on his leg and I moved towards his dick which was already hard. I touched it and said please. He told me to go lock the door. The tutoring room we were in had a glass door but had a filter so no one could see through.

I walked back to the desk and began to unzip his pants and he stood up, once they were off I grabbed his dick and jerked it. Getting on my knees, I got nervous because I’m about to blow my teacher for a grade. Never did this before. But then I did. In the lab, on my knees I deepthroated him until he went down my throat. I remember him having a lot of cum like he hardly got off. When we was done, I jokingly said that should get me an A. I walked out after and locked the door so he could fix himself up.

That next day, I speak with him after class and confess I enjoy what happened and I wanted more. I make him think I’m a virgin and just do oral. We make a deal that we meet in the lab same times but for different reasons. The next session that following week, I deepthroated him again but rubbed his dick over my lips while he’s blowing his load. He freaked out a bit but I licked it off and laughed. The next meeting, I blew him but full swallow. I did sit on his lap where he rubbed my clit for awhile. I told him we needed to move our adventures somewhere off campus.

After that we met at his house. This also gave us more time together because tutor sessions were only 50 minutes. I got naked in his house, let him take photos and record me touching myself, blowing him and being a slut. While he wasn’t the first to give me anal, he was one of the first to not make it hurt.
Our relationship grew and I would meet him at his school office and blew him on break. Then one evening, I’m at his place getting anal and his wife walks in the room. I had no idea he was married. I didn’t know anyone was there because I was blindfolded. I feel him stop and then a female voice say, keep going, I’ll watch. I tense up but he continues until he finishes. During this time, she took my clothes from the floor. She takes off my blindfold and he moves me to the side trying to explain. She didn’t want to hear it. She kicks me out and I can’t have my clothes. I run to my car and in his driveway, look for spare clothes in my trunk to dress and leave. A car did stop and watch for a second.

Couple of days later, she texts me from her number wanting to meet. He wasn’t at work so I didn’t get to see him. We meet for dinner and talk. I tell her the truth of what I’ve been doing and she eventually mentions to me at the end of the meal she would like me to stick around. We go to coffee (at a place I worked) and talk about how I could help their marriage. She allows me to keep hooking up with her husband but she wants to be present. She apparently had a fetish for watching and it gets her horny. She also wasn’t sure about some activities he wanted to do and figured I could be the whore to try them out.

That Friday night I go to their house and there’s wine and candles lit. She lets me in and offers me a drink and we drink for a bit. Then he comes out in just his boxers. She looks at me and tells me to undress in the living room. I smile and do so. Then she wants my panties to smell. I give them to her as well. She grabs my hand and brings me to their bedroom. She has me go head down, ass up on the bed while smelling me and my panties. He comes in the room and feels on my ass cheeks. He ask if I’m ready and being to finger my asshole. She watches while rubbing on my back to my right breast and slightly squeezing it. He fingers me longer than normal and then stops. I don’t move as she’s holding me there.

Lola, would you like to eat me out?
I tell her yes ma’am.

She gets naked also and sits on the bed so her crotch is by my face. She lays back a little and then scoots up, shoving my mouth in her hair crotch. She spreads her pussy GOOGLE translate, Google Ɯbersetzerlips and tells me to start. She’s into it and enjoying it. Her pussy lips get plumper and loose and I can smell her happiness. I’m nibbling and licking her clit, listening to her moan. Then her husband begins to give me anal. I’m focused on her clit. He eventually gets off and lays next to her. I jerked him but stop her clit. Then it comes, she tensed up and began to have an orgasm, all over my face. After that she moved me out of the way and started to fuck him saying she loved him. They fucked while I watched. It was cute.

After that, we met up Wednesday and Friday nights from October until June. Got an A for both semesters. I came over longer than I had to because it was enjoyable. Towards the end I would spend the night and be used between them.
I got her to open up about anal sex, better oral sex, positions and using toys. Plus her lesbian adventures with me. She admitted I helped save her marriage.


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