True Wife Stories The Night I Left The Kids With My Parents And Booked A Hotel Room


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My parent’s were visiting and staying at a hotel through my dad’s work. One night they asked if we wanted to have the room and they would stay at home with my son. We jumped at the idea, put him to bed and then ran out of there so fast.

We got to the hotel room and ordered nachos and watched TV. After a while my wife went to shower before heading to bed. I heard the water run and decided to try joining here.

When I slid into the shower she laughed and rolled her eyes. She’s never really enjoyed us showering together and usually thinks it’s just corny.

I started rubbing her back and shoulders and before long her hand was wrapped around my cock, and my fingers had slipped inside of her. We kissed and fucked each other’s hands until she shut off the water. We both did a very half assed attempt at drying ourselves off and then ran to the bed.

I pushed her back and kissed her neck, moving down and down. I slipped a finger inside of her pussy and started sucking on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was bucking her hips and grabbing my hair. My tongue lapped at her while my finger worked inside of her. I felt her body quiver and tense up, and then she came.

Before she was finished I was on top of her. I slipped a condom on and pushed inside. For once we didn’t have to worry about our son waking up or being too quiet. I fucked her as hard as I could. I’m sure we ruined some other room, beside or below us’s night.

She just moaned and wrapped her legs around my body, sucked on my ear lobe and told me to cum with her. After pounding into her for a few more minutes she groaned, pulled me deeper into her and then we both came.

We cleaned up and she noticed a second condom on the desk. I told her I was hoping we’d have sex in the morning again. She rolled her eyes and we spooned and fell asleep.

So my wife usually is quite vanilla. She could go a while without sex whereas I need release daily. We make it work, but usually sex is 2-3 times a week, less since our son. My wife has opened up and been trying new things in the last couple years, but she rarely takes charge and I usually have to ask. I’m almost always the dominant one, but when she does let that side of her out, she seems to really enjoy it. All this is why I wanted to write down the next morning before I forgot all the details.

We woke up together, still in each others arms. No crying baby. No alarm. We just woke up to sunlight. It was fucking amazing.

We laid and talked for awhile, me on my back and my wife with her head on my chest and arm over me. I was rubbing her back and relaxed.

I asked her if she wanted to order breakfast and she didn’t answer. So I tried to roll over and reach for the room service menu on the table. She wouldn’t move and had me half pinned.

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She grabbed my free hand’s wrist and pushed it into the bed, and moaned “uh uhhh’, telling me no.

She re-positioned herself and let her legs move across me, pinning my legs down. She was half laying across me and half beside me now.

“Shhhhh” she whispered.

Her lips moved to my nipple as she began to tease me. Every time I moaned, she would push my wrist down and shush me. Every moan.

I tried to be quiet as she traced her tongue around my nipple, sucking on it, kissing it. Her hips started to grind into me and I was now rock hard.

She let my free hand go, while my other still rubbed her back.

I tried to reach down to play with her pussy but she kept moaning “uh uuh” and pinned my arm again.

She straddled me, pinning both hands to the bed and began to grind into me. She leaned forward shoving her giant breasts into my face and I sucked on her nipple. She began to moan and grind into me harder. I still couldn’t move my hands or my body.

I could only lay there as she used me, and I loved every second of it.

After a while she slid off me and laid on the bed. I kissed her and felt her hands on the top of my head. She pushed me down, and I slipped my tongue inside her soaking wet pussy. She held onto my head as I ate her. She was close to cumming started bucking into my face again. She came hard and finally let go of my head.

I moved beside her and took her breast into my mouth. Ever since breastfeeding, she LOVED having her nipples sucked really hard. She has to be already in the mood, but when she is, it just opens the floodgates.

So I sucked hard and slipped two fingers into her. She was moaning non-stop. I curled my fingers and hit the spot she likes, moving my hand back and forth quickly.

Keeping my fingers in her I knelt on the bed beside her. My cock pointed at her face.

My wife doesn’t really like sucking cock but she will the odd time, especially on my birthday and holidays. Which is a shame because she’s really, really fucking good at it. She does amazing things with her tongue when my cock is in her mouth.

She opened her eyes as I re-positioned and saw my cock near her face. She didn’t even hesitate. She just slipped her lips around it and started fucking me with her mouth. I worked my fingers in her hard and fast. She was drenched.

Seconds after she had wrapped her mouth around me, she reached around and shoved a finger against my asshole. I love it and she’s been ok with it most times, she usually does it to tease me and it blows my mind. She’s never pushed inside and it’s usually very playful.

This wasn’t. It was like she needed her finger in there to live. She pushed hard against me while sucking me. I think I made a sound like a hurt dog as she slipped her finger inside my ass. I almost came in her mouth right there.

I worked my hand as hard and fast as I could. She fucked my ass with her finger, now an inch or two deep, and kept bobbing her head on my cock.

She came fast. I felt her squirt against my palm, her juices running down my fingers and soaking the bed. She was moaning so loud, muffled my a cock in her throat.

I nearly came from the sight and sound of everything. She slipped her finger from my ass and I pulled out of her mouth.

I climbed on top of her and pushed inside. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. We didn’t even try to put on the condom, we didn’t care.

I fucked her as hard as I could. She was still reeling from the last orgasm and just wrapped her arms and legs around me. She sucked on my ear lobe and kept whispering “cum for me”.

I lasted a minute. I pulled out and sprayed cum over her body. The first shot hit the bedframe above her. I moved up and emptied my balls onto her stomach and breasts.

After I was done cumming I collapsed beside her and we ordered room service.


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