Two Guys One Girl Sex Story, A Morning I Will Not Forget

two guys one girl sex story

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I’ve had a lot of crazy sexual experiences in my lifetime, and a few of my friends have expressed an interest in hearing them, so I’ve decided to start blogging them here. This is the first one that I’ve chosen to share. (Names have all been changed, locations left vague on purpose, etc.)

At the time of this story I’m 23 years old, 5’8″ and athletic from years of an active lifestyle. I’m dating this cute little blonde girl named Amber, who at the time is 18, about 5’2″, with a flat stomach and the kind of hips that make my mouth water. Now Amber is a freak in the best possible way, and one of the few girls I’ve met who could actually keep up with me. In many ways, she actually outdid me, which was a challenge that I loved. More on that later.

We had been out partying all with a few of her guy friends, and when we decided to turn in a few of them stayed over. I crashed in the bed with Amber, and one of her dudes passed out on a couch across the room from us. Amber and I fooled around a bit before passing out, as she was basically always horny. She’d hooked up with this guy before, and she got off on having sex in front of him. Me, being the exhibitionist that I am, was happy to oblige her. Next morning, I’m roused by the unmistakable sounds of hushed breathing and people kissing coming from the other side of the room. I roll over in bed to find that I’m alone, and I crack one sleepy eye open to look around the room. I find Amber on the couch, straddling her friend, running her hands through his hair as the kiss heavily. She’s naked except for a little thong, and her hand is between them, jerking his cock as she tries to work his pants down with her other hand. His hands run up and down her back, clutching at her ass and pulling her hair. She moves to the floor, going to her knees as she kisses her way down his chest and takes his cock in her mouth.

Neither one of them have noticed that I’m awake at this point, and as I was enjoying watching them I felt no need to interrupt. She sucked him hard and fast, the way she does when she’s really turned on and just wants to fuck. She slides her panties off, and climbs back on top of him, taking his cock in hand and rubbing the tip against her pussy before sliding down on him, taking him all the way inside in one go. He grabs her ass as she starts grinding down on him, spanking her and leaving red handprints. She was getting loud at this point, moaning in his ear and telling him to fuck her harder.

He grabs her by the waist and starts lifting her up and down on his cock, thrusting up into her as he pulls her back down. He’s groaning loudly with the exertion, telling her he’s going to cum soon. She’s almost screaming at this point, and she starts begging for his cum, telling him to cum inside her and fill her up, telling him that she loves his cock and wants to feel his cum dripping out of her.

The sound of their breathing and their skin slapping together fills the room, getting louder and faster until finally her friend slams into her one last time, pulling her in tight wrapping her up in his arms as he pumps his cum deep inside her, gasping and groaning with his orgasm.

They lay like that for a moment, Amber straddling him on the couch with his softening cock still buried inside her, sweating and breathing heavily as they both struggle to catch their breath. Amber slowly gets off of him, cum dripping down the inside of her thigh as his cock slides out of her and flops back onto his belly. Only now does she notice me watching them, and we all fall out laughing.

“How long have you been awake?” She asks, still giggling. “The whole time,” I reply, as I stand up and walk over to them. “Sorry to wake you,” her friend chuckles, eliciting more laughter. “You’re fine,” I tell him. “You, however,” looking at Amber “are in trouble. Come here.”

I grab her and pull her in for a tight kiss. Watching the two of them had turned me on so much it was almost painful, and I needed her right now. She laughs and kisses me back, then gasps as I slap her ass and pick her up, carrying her and roughly throwing her on the bed. She starts to sit up, but I put my hand on her throat and push her back down, and reach down with my other hand to finger her.

She’s already warmed up and wet, so I rub my cock and against her entrance and slide in. I brace my hands on her hips and pound her hard, her pussy feels loose and wet in the best way possible as her arousal and her friend’s cum mix. She grabs a pillow and pulls it over her face to muffle her screams, clutching at her bedsheets, balling the up and involuntarily pulling them off the mattress.

I flip her over onto her stomach, pushing her down into the mattress as I roughly fuck her from behind, pounding her hard and fast, slapping her ass as I feel my own orgasm approaching. I lean foreword and whisper in her ear, telling her that I’m getting close, that I’m going to fill her up with her second load. Her breathless cries are muffled by the pillow as I start to cum, pumping deep inside her.


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