Unfaithful Wife Stories: My married co-worker gave me a public blowjob at the store

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unfaithful wife stories

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I used to work in a furniture store, and we just hired a new girl. She was covered in tattoos and had a shit ton of piercings which isn’t usually my type but she was also really cute and seemed to have a thing for me. After a few weeks of flirting but doing nothing because she had a husband, the two of us were closing up the store after everyone had gone home. Our conversation turned to the subject of sex, and she told me she hadn’t had any in nearly two months with her bf. I half joking replied something like “I can help with that” and her answer was to put her hand on my groin and squeeze my cock, which was hard in no time.

Without any further words we started making out and she pulled my cock out of my zipper and started giving me a handjob. I lifted her shirt off and took off her bra, then started playing with and licking her little perky tits. Eventually I lifted her up onto the counter, took off her pants and went down on her until she decided she wanted to get on her knees and suck my cock. Obviously I was okay with that.

Just as she stood up and I’d turned her around about to fuck her from behind, I noticed a couple walking across the parking lot to the door and realized I hand’t locked it. I got my cock back in my pants asap as this middle aged couple walked in, a good 10 minutes after we were closed by the way. My co-worker was completely naked and didn’t have time to get dressed before they walked in, so after getting her shirt on she just ducked behind the counter before they saw her.

The couple approached the counter and started asking about some order they’d placed that hadn’t been delivered yet, so I’m on the computer looking up their details when I feel co-workers hand rubbing my cock through my pants. I try to keep a straight face while talking to this couple and looking up their details, but it’s hard (as was my cock).

I get really talkative with this couple, trying to hide the fact that I’m getting a handjob right in front of them, so we’re talking and laughing when I feel my zipper being pulled down very slowly. I can’t fucking believe this happened, but co-worker starts sucking me off right there. I chance a look down for a moment and see this cute, petite girl with tattoos on her hands looking up at me with my dick in her mouth. It’s too much for me and I cum, all the while this couple are sitting on stools talking about a holiday somewhere or something while I’m unloading cum into someones mouth.

Eventually they leave, and co-worker gets dressed and leaves too, looking extremely pleased with herself.


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