I hooked up with a college student at a bar on Valentine’s day

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There’s a bit of preface in this, it’s still very fresh as it happened two nights ago, feel free to jump to the action further down (if you must)
Day before yesterday was Valentine’s Day and being a fifty-year-old, newly single male living in a college town, I did what all in my situation would do. I went to a dark bar to drown my sorrow in overpriced G&T’s.

So I’m a few drinks in and I hear some loud laughter from across the bar, a group of four younger females are drinking, having a good time and in general making a ruckus. They seemed to be having a really good time, and to be honest, that didn’t help my already dark mood too much.

Realizing I had already had three nine dollar G&T’s I switched to seltzer and lime, which sadly was still five dollars. Time passed and the group of girls dwindled down to just two, and for so unknown reason they walked around the bar and they had their next round two feet from me.

Without much else to do I turned towards them and tried my best to subtlety get a better look at them without appearing too pervy.

I guess I failed at being subtle because after they finished their drinks (they were drinking something red that looked pretty syrupy) They moved closer and each took a spot on either side of me, trying to be polite I wished them both a happy Valentine’s Day, which they both smiled and chuckled at, and a conversation ensued.

So I learned the short curvy brunette was Laura and her slightly thicker blonde friend was Barb – both where dressed in vintage looking short print skirts and tops, that combined with their makeup and hairstyle gave them both a 1950s vibe, each had a bunch of tattoos that looked like maybe they got them for free (too snarky?).

I bought them their next round, and then another, and then another, they kept the conversation light but they did learn that I was newly separated and Barb (who insisted I call her Babs) commented on my car keys that were on the bar (when I got separated I bought myself a BMW Z4, a cliche, I know!) shortly thereafter Laura wanted to go, Babs assured her I would drive her home (pressing her warm body against me as she said it), so Laura left, leaving us alone.

The conversation took a turn, everything out of Babs mouth at that point was about how expensive school was and how hard it was to afford nice things and tuition. Anyone could have seen were she was steering the conversation, I went with it.

Two more rounds of drinks and Babs asks me if I could drive her home – her conversation was honestly, tiring, so I readily agreed.

So we’re in the car, lots of fawning over how nice the car is, and that I must be rich, and have a nice house, yadda yadda yadda –

I was exhausted with Babs but didn’t want to be rude. So she lived 30 minutes from the bar, nowhere near the University, I would have noticed that but the whole ride she was rubbing my leg and thigh, while her already short skirt magically rode up higher, while she whispered to me how handsome I was (I’m not, 5”6 short dark hair, glasses, 150 pounds).

So we get to her place and I park out front at which point Babs pulls me to her and starts to suck on my neck (which I love) this was the point when my brain shut off, she’s running her hands across my back pulling me towards her more and more, I kind of pull back and try to actually kiss her on the lips which she kind of half-lipped, I slide my hand up her body and lightly cup her left breasts – at which point she made a statement like, Oh you wanna play? we can play…

Before I can realize her shirt is coming off, her bright red bra also came off (oh my god more bad ink!!) and she pulled me into her breasts HARD, begging me to bite them, meanwhile I felt her foot sliding in my crotch, which surprisingly I liked, I lightly nibbled her nipples, but it was not to her liking because she barked ‘Harder!’ at me, I tried, I guess I’m just not a biter.

I’m basically horizontal across both seats when she not so gently directs my face downward, while her skirt makes the short trip upward, she very deftly pulls her red panties aside and using the handful of my hair as a handle directs my face into her pussy, stating ‘Baby, make me feel good’ –

I like to eat pussy and it had been a while so I did my best (Wow, the Z4 is not designed for this particular task) So I dive in and she’s vocal as hell, she eventually cums, like a fountain, and I’m a little upset at the state of my leather seats (but I let that pass, because I’m looking forward to the reciprication), she’s got that sweaty ‘I just came look’ that is just so sexy.

I start looking for the glasses that I tossed off during the kissing and as I turn to look behind me.. I hear the car door slam, and she was gone.

That’s why I hate Valentine’s Day.


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