Wife Foursome Sex Story: Me and my wife agreed on a hot foursome with another couple

wife foursome sex story

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I didn’t expect this to be so long but there’s really no short way to tell the story. And partly I just want to document this for myself.

We’re both around 40, have been together since our late teens. Good sex life, nothing terribly out of the ordinary. We’d watch porn occasionally, and play with toys, but that’s about it. We’re fairly open minded people but we’ve never really had a deep conversation about our fantasies and unexplored sexual desires.

A couple months ago I saw a message on here about mojoupgrade so I checked it out and we ended up taking it. The first time we took it, we both held back a little in our responses. Once we saw the results I think we realized that we were onto something, so we decided we should take it again and go all-in, not hold anything back. The results were…interesting. The entire “Group and Public Fun” section was in play.

So we started talking about doing stuff with others. That led to us texting dirty pictures to each other. “What would you do to this cock”, “how do you like these tits”, that kind of thing. That then led to some mind blowing sex where we talked through everything we’d do with another person or people. Then I went out of town on business for 2 nights and both nights, we kept texting each other dirty pictures and my wife unleashed the most graphic, sluttiest language I’ve ever heard from her to describe in great detail everything she’d do to another guy and it drove me fucking crazy. She was at home and I was in my hotel room and the text message conversations were unbelievable and they went on for a long time until we both came. I kept re-reading our conversation while at work the next day and it was impossible to concentrate.

When I returned from my trip we loaded up a bunch of porn on the TV in our bedroom and again, more graphic conversation about what we would like to watch each other do to other people which led to more mind blowing sex. It was as if the mojoupgrade survey started a chain of events that unleashed carnal urges in us that had been bottled up for years and now absolutely everything that we ever thought and fantasized about was coming out. We weren’t holding anything back. “What about this”, “I’ve always wanted to do this”, “have you ever thought about this” etc etc. We were just rolling off fantasies and fetishes with no inhibition at all, we were getting everything out on the table. And as luck would have it, we had the same fantasies.

Eventually we searched for and located a swingers club in our area and decided we should see what it was all about. Side note – apparently swinger sex clubs are all over the place, you just have to search for them. I called the general manager of the place and he was very helpful to answer my questions and put us at ease about going. We made ground rules – the first visit would be to watch only, but if we happened to end up dancing with someone of the opposite sex than any amount of over the clothes groping and grinding was fair game. Our thought was, we didn’t want to go so far that we’d feel like we made a terrible mistake if we completely regretted it the next day, but on the other hand we had to start somewhere. We had absolutely no idea what to expect and no frame of reference so we figured we’d just see what it was like, and then afterwards we could discuss whether we’d be comfortable going back and participating. Seemed like a good plan.

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

We arrived at the club, got the tour, and sat at a table by ourselves with our drinks (the place was BYOB). We felt like we were fresh fish, new blood that everyone was checking out. Didn’t take long for another couple around our age, and attractive, to come over and introduce themselves and sit with us. We explained our situation, they were very chill and told us everything about the lifestyle, the club, and their experiences.

The guy was clearly very into my wife, and my wife clearly enjoyed his attention and complements. He wasn’t pushy or aggressive or anything, but the other couple were obviously down for taking things however far we wanted to go. They both complemented my wife on her boobs (she has a great rack) so she took them out. He asked if he could touch them. She looked at me and I was like, they’re your boobs, up to you. She said yes, so he did, then his wife did. Instant erection for me. Then his wife’s tits came out and my wife and I took turns playing with them.

After awhile my wife and the guy got up and went to the dance floor. There was a lot of groping and grinding and it was turning me on to watch. Meanwhile the guys wife moved to the other side of the table to sit by me and started rubbing my leg. She asked me how I felt about watching my wife grinding on her husband on the dance floor. She told me she was attracted to me, and pretty much said point blank that she’d fuck me if my wife and I wanted to take things that far but that we could set whatever boundaries we wanted and her and her husband would respect them.

My head was exploding. It was hot as hell watching my wife groping the guy on the dance floor. I could see the bulge of his erection through his pants and I could see my wife’s hand wrapped around it. I wanted to see more. Meanwhile his wife is groping my cock through my pants telling me she’d fuck me. There was so much to process. It felt like our ground rules were about to go out the window.

After a few songs my wife and the guy came back to our table, and the guy told his wife “lets leave them alone for a few minutes so they can talk and decide how far they want to go”. I looked at her and was like, what do you want to do? She shrugged her shoulders and said, when in Rome. I knew ahead of time that in the heat of the moment I’d likely want to go all the way with another couple, should the situation arise. The ground rules existed as a backstop to prevent going too far and regretting it the next day after the adrenaline and testosterone wore off. So the question was, how likely were we to regret anything? I had seen enough tonight of her dancing with and groping the guy to know that I was turned the fuck on, and my wife was pretty emphatic that she wanted to watch me fuck the other girl. I was a little hesitant about going so far so soon but to be honest I was more nervous than anything else. Call it performance anxiety. It seemed like a lot of pressure to have to fuck another woman that I’d never met before, with my wife watching. I didn’t truly think I’d regret it, it was just my own self conscience and wondering if I’d be able to please her in such a new situation? So we decided, lets go as far as oral, but no PIV.

The couple came back and we told them the deal. Then we got up and headed to the back where the play areas were. There was one long hallway. On one side of the hallway was private rooms with locking doors. On the other side of the hallway were these cabana like things. Basically mattresses surrounded by a sheer curtain so you could play and fuck in public with people watching, but the curtain provided a zone of personal space. People could easily see through the curtain, but the club rules were that you couldn’t go beyond the curtain into someone else’s cabana without permission.

Anyway, we got to the hallway and all the private rooms were taken and there was a lot of people standing around waiting for private rooms while watching people fuck in the cabanas, so we basically got in line. While we were standing there waiting for a room, things started heating up. My wife and the guy started making out, so me and his wife started making out. Soon both girls tits were out and both me and the other guy were going back and forth sucking on them. Occasionally we’d both land on the same girl, so each of us would be sucking a tit from the same person. Whenever there was a break with the tit sucking we’d start making out again. Me with my wife, then me with the other girl, then both wives together. It was kinda of a free for all. And mind you, we’re literally standing in a hallway surrounded by other people. All the cabanas were full of people having sex, but we were the only ones going this far out in the open in the hallway so we were attracting our own audience.

Then a cabana opened up. We all looked at each other like, “keep waiting for a private room or just grab the cabana?”. Side note – when we first got to the club and the manager was giving us the “tour” and showed us the cabanas, my wife and I were like, there’s no way in hell we could have sex in one of these cabana’s for anyone to come by and watch. Yet here we stood. We had been standing there in the hallway messing around for long enough that we were all worked up and ready to get it on. We decided, fuck it, lets take the cabana.

The actual sex is all kind of a blur. We got in, pulled the sheer curtain closed, and our clothes started coming off. My wife and the guy were naked first and it seemed like she was sucking his cock in no time flat. Holy fuck it was as hot to see as I hoped it would be. Then me and the other chick got naked and she sucked my cock. This is when things get hazy but basically we kept switching up who was doing oral on whom. At one point my wife was on her back and the other chick was eating out her pussy, and me the guy were kneeling on either side of my wife and she was switching between who’s cock she was sucking. Then the girls switched and my wife was eating out the other girl while she went back and forth on our cocks. There was no awkwardness or weirdness at all, we just got right into it and everything flowed very naturally. I looked up a few times and noticed we had an audience pretty much through the whole thing. At one point there must have been 7 or 8 people watching. We ended with my wife on her back sucking the other guys cock and I heard him cumming so I looked over and realized he was cumming in her mouth and she was swallowing. Meanwhile I was laying on my back and the other chick was blowing me and I was really close to cumming. My wife and the guy finished up first and my wife crawled over to watch me finish and she said something to the other girl like “I want you make him cum in your mouth and swallow it all”. I came instantly at hearing that. As I was cumming I could hear my wife saying “oh god oh fuck oh Jesus thats so hot to watch you cum in her mouth, oh fuck oh god“. When I finished cumming my wife made room for herself between my legs and sucked my cock and balls while the other girl was still down there. If you haven’t experienced 2 girls sucking your cock, I highly recommend it.

That was pretty much it. We got dressed and talked and walked around the club together for a bit longer. It didn’t take long for both girls tits to come out again, and we were all making out again rather quickly as we were saying our goodbyes. After we got home my wife and I fucked again and it was amazing. After that we were pretty much drained.

The next day was weird because of how normal everything was. We made sure that we were both OK, which we were. I don’t really know how I expected to feel but I guess I would have assumed that the day after watching my wife be with another guy, that I’d have some level of anxiety or insecurity or regret or something. But there was none of that, it was just…normal, for lack of a better word. And obviously we were both still really worked up. I jerked off once in the middle of the day thinking about everything that happened, and then later that night we had great sex again while recalling all the details and telling each other how much it had turned us on to watch the other person with someone else. We both felt that the thrill of the experience seemed to be pretty evenly split between the thrill of being with someone new, and the thrill of watching our partner be with someone else.

I’ve already messaged the guy and we’ve made plans to meet at the club next weekend, only this time we’re going all the way. My wife and I are all in. He also told me that we made quite an impression on him and his wife even though they’ve been swinging for 5 or 6 years and have been with many couples. He said they’ve been replaying the experience a lot even to themselves and were really impressed with how comfortable and into it my wife and I were, and especially for doing it in the cabana with an audience. We’re complete newbies and we jumped into the deep end of the pool.

The elephant in the room that my wife and I are now grappling with is whether this means we want to become swingers. We feel pretty weird about using that label because as recently as a few months ago this wasn’t on the radar in any way, shape, or form and we both would have said you’re crazy at even the slightest hint of becoming swingers. But now that we’ve had a taste of it, and the more we talk about it, the more we want to continue fucking other couples. And there are a handful of other swinger clubs within a reasonable vicinity of us that we’ve been researching and would like check out. I’m not exactly sure where this will lead but I think it’s amazing that her and I are on the same page. We’re communicating a ton and we don’t appear to have any hangups or hints of jealousy. We want each other to experience new things with new people. Everyone’s chemistry will mesh differently and everyone we hookup with will bring something new to the table. That’s the whole point of this, to experience everything else that’s out there but do it together, as a team. It also seems kind of ironic that we feel closer to each other now than we ever have at any point in our marriage, and it took opening our sex lives up to other people for us to get this close.


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