Wife Outdoor Sex In The Woods…. A Walk I Will Never Forget.

wife outdoor sex

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I’m gonna try and keep this short. My wife loves having sex in different, semi public places. The woods are one of her favourites. Whenever we know we’re gonna have some alone time in the woods, we always plan for a quick romp in the great outdoors.

To prepare, she wore a sundress that would allow easy access. My wife is around 5 feet tall, with long blonde hair and green eyes. She has the most perfect B cup tits with big, round nipples. Her pussy is nice and tight, with a trimmed bush of reddish-blonde hair. I’m a pretty average looking guy with dark hair.

As soon as we got to our usual spot, she immediately pulled her black panties off and stuffed them in my pocket. I was so rock hard from anticipation that I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. I leaned into her ear and whispered “suck on me.” She got down on her knees and started to lick the head. At this point the teasing was too much, so I grabbed my dick in one hand and guided it into her mouth. My wife gives an almost unrealistically good blowjob. She can get me from soft to cumming in under 30 seconds. She rhythmically bobbed her head while using a hand for added help, swirling her tongue around while I authoritatively grabbed a handful of her soft blonde hair. She didn’t look up, fully engrossed in her work. After about 20 seconds, she knew she had to stop soon if this was gonna last any longer. As she stood up, I knelt down to return the favour.

As I knelt down, she lifted her dress to reveal her beautiful pussy. Spreading her legs slightly, I came in and ran a finger from back to front. Thick, clear juices ran out. As I reached her clit, my face dove in to go to town with my mouth. Tongue along her clit, I fingered her and licked as fast as I could. I felt her legs tense and her hand grab the back of my head and push it in deeper. I love the taste of her pussy, and the rough feel of her bush.

After a few minutes, she pulled me up and laid me down on the forest floor. Grabbing my cock in her left hand, she straddled me and guided it into her soaked pussy. She lowered herself down and gave the tips of her fingers a sloppy lick. She started bouncing her hips on my cock while rubbing her clit. I knew she was working her way towards an orgasm. My hands grabbed her hips and moved her entire body as she rode me. Before long, I felt her pussy tighten around me, and her hand was circling faster on her clit. She leaned back and let out a slight sigh as her entire body convulsed over the orgasm. As her orgasm subsided, she climbed off and started to give me a handjob with her right hand. “How do you want to finish?” she asked while rapidly stroking my cock. “I want you to blow me” I asked. Like I said, her blowjobs are amazing.

She stopped jerking me long enough to lower her dress and get her tits out. Her tits are amazing. Just big enough to fill your hand, with nice, big round nipples. I grabbed the right one in my hand and started running my thumb over her nipple as she took me deeply in her mouth. She went as deep as she could on each stroke, guiding me ever closer to cumming. When her mouth would get tired, she’d use the wetness of her saliva on my dick to stroke it and give me that “I want you to cum” look.

After a minute or so, I felt the orgasm welling up inside me. I lightly tapped her on the head (our signal that I’m about to cum, she doesn’t like it in her mouth). She gives it two more strokes for good measure and immediately takes her mouth off and starts jerking it as fast as she can. After a few seconds I feel a hard orgasm come over me. I have one hand on her thigh as I watch her tits jiggle from the force of the handjob. She has a very satisfied look on her face, and without realizing it I’m running the tip of my index finger through her slit while looking her in the eyes. I zip my pants up, and we make out a bit before walking back.


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